10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Chicago

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 15th 2024
Like in other major cities, the cost of living in Chicago can be difficult to withstand. But this list of the ten cheapest neighborhoods in Chicago will help you become an expert on the most affordable places to live in the city.

hash-mark10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Chicago (2024)

  1. Englewood
  2. West Garfield Park
  3. Rogers Park
  4. Bridgeport
  5. Bronzeville
  6. Humboldt Park
  7. Uptown
  8. Albany Park
  9. Portage Park
  10. Pilsen

hash-mark1. Englewood

The cheapest neighborhood in Chicago is Englewood, which has a median home price of $95,000. Although Englewood is very affordable, it is a neighborhood that has faced economic challenges. Englewood is also known for its crime problem, as it's one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. Efforts for community revitalization are evident as residents work together to create positive changes, and affordable housing options contribute to the area's ongoing transformation. 

hash-mark2. West Garfield Park

With a median home price of $151,000, West Garfield Park is also one of the most affordable places to live in Chicago. Located on the West Side of Chicago, West Garfield Park is an evolving neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage. The housing market in the area is as diverse as its residents and offers a mix of housing styles with something for everyone. The area is best described as up-and-coming, with the community making a strong effort to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood for residents.

hash-mark3. Rogers Park

Another one of the most cheapest neighborhoods in Chicago is Rogers Park. Situated on the far North Side of Chicago, Rogers Park is an affordable area for those who prefer living a little further from the bustle of downtown. This neighborhood is located about 11 miles from the city center and offers its residents both an affordable living environment and a diverse community. Featured amenities within this area include quick access to the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan, year-round cultural events, and a varied housing landscape. Home values in Rogers Park average $210k, making the neighborhood the cheapest place to live in Chicago. 

hash-mark4. Bridgeport 

Bridgeport is also one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago. Situated about 4 miles south of downtown, Bridgeport is a historic neighborhood known for its working-class roots and rich baseball history. It is home to the Chicago White Sox, one of the oldest Major League franchises in the country, making it the perfect living situation for sports fans. Outside of this, residents of Bridgeport can also enjoy a wealth of local parks, restaurants, easy access to downtown, and a strong sense of community. With some of the city’s most affordable single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, Bridgeport is universally considered the second most affordable place to live in Chicago.

hash-mark5. Bronzeville

Located on Chicago’s South Side, Bronzeville is another one of Chicago’s cheapest neighborhoods. A historically significant area with a rich African American cultural heritage, Bronzeville is a great location for those interested in diversity. This affordable neighborhood showcases beautiful architecture, including Victorian-style houses and greystones, and offers a range of affordable housing options, such as apartments, condos, and some single-family homes. It also provides convenient access to both downtown and Lake Michigan, making it ideal for commuters. With home values averaging close to $266k, Bronzeville is another great budget-friendly option for Chicago living. 

hash-mark6. Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park is an affordable Chicago neighborhood roughly seven miles northwest of downtown. Home to about 55,000 people, this neighborhood is popular for its affordability and diverse community. The neighborhood’s namesake, Humboldt Park, is a sprawling green oasis that hosts numerous cultural events and helps foster a sense of community within its residents. The area features a mix of living situations, including apartments, condominiums, and some single-family homes — all of which are much more affordably priced than the homes of downtown. 

hash-mark7. Uptown

Situated on Chicago’s North Side, Uptown provides affordable living in close proximity to downtown. Only eight miles from the heart of Chicago, this neighborhood is popular among commuters and offers a wide selection of housing options. From vintage apartments to condos and some single-family homes, Uptown provides enough variation to suit a variety of residents. This array of architecture helps maintain a diverse community, as do other local venues like the historic Riviera Theatre. With bustling entertainment options and easy access to Lake Michigan, it’s surprising that home values in Uptown average at only $282k.

hash-mark8. Albany Park

Albany Park, a multicultural neighborhood located on Chicago’s Northwest side, is well-known for its affordable living. Situated about 9 miles from downtown, this area is home to roughly 50,000 people who appreciate its varied housing options. In addition to a vibrant, multicultural dining scene, festivals, and convenient transportation options, residents of Albany Park will also find an abundance of apartments, rental units, and some single-family homes at relatively low prices. With so much to offer, Albany Park is not to be overlooked when it comes to the cheapest neighborhoods in Chicago. 

hash-mark9. Portage Park

Also located on the Northwest Side, Portage Park is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Chicago for families. Considered a highly family-friendly neighborhood, Portage Park features well-maintained parks, abundant local businesses, and a vibrant commercial district along Irving Park Road. All of this, plus the area’s active local community, keep it a popular choice among Chicago families. The area also offers a variety of housing options, such as single-family homes, bungalows, and condominiums, at an overall average price of $335k. This makes Portage Park a family-friendly addition to the cheapest neighborhoods in Chicago. 

hash-mark10. Pilsen

Another one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Chicago is Pilsen. Located roughly three miles southwest of downtown, Pilsen is a culturally rich and artistic neighborhood with about 34,000 residents. Known for its vibrant street art, Mexican heritage, and bustling community, this area features a mix of affordable apartments, historic buildings, and artist lofts. Favorite amenities include diverse dining options, unique shopping districts, and a vibrant cultural scene. With home values averaging $361k, Pilsen is a great affordable place to live in Chicago.