Best Dallas Suburbs for Families

By PropertyClub Team
Mar 25th 2023
Known for its iconic combination of food, football, and cowboy attitude, Dallas has always been a premier choice among Texas families. This list of the best Dallas suburbs for families will help you choose the best place to live outside the city.

hash-mark7 Best Dallas Suburbs for Families

  1. Coppell
  2. Southlake
  3. University Park
  4. Frisco
  5. Flower Mound
  6. Murphy
  7. Colleyville

hash-mark1. Coppell

The best Dallas suburb for families is Coppell. Situated about 22 miles northwest of downtown Dallas, this suburb is popular for its exceptional schools, convenient location, and the active local community. About 42,000 people live in Coppell, all of whom appreciate the area’s variety of natural parks, shopping centers, and family-friendly events.

Favorite things to do in Coppell include visiting the Coppell Farmers Market and hiking at Andrew Brown Park East. Additionally, the city’s thriving downtown district features an entertaining assortment of local businesses, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. With an average per capita income of $63k, Coppell is the premier choice for suburban Dallas families. 

hash-mark2. Southlake

Southlake is another great Dallas suburb for families. Located about 27 miles northwest of downtown Dallas, this city is home to roughly 31,000 people and is best for those who prefer a more upscale lifestyle. The area is particularly known for its high quality of life and affluent resident base, whose per capita income rate falls close to $99k. This is primarily due to the area’s influx of large corporations, such as Sabre Corporation and Verizon Wireless, who keep the local economy strong.

Apart from its wealth, Southlake is also popular for its excellent school systems, numerous recreational parks, and convenient access to Dallas. All this and more make Southlake the second-most desirable suburb for Dallas families. 

hash-mark3. University Park

University Park is one of the best Dallas suburbs for families that want to have quick access to the city. Located only 9 miles north of downtown Dallas, this area provides its 25,000 residents with the most convenient commute of any suburb on this list. But, in addition to this ideal location, University Park is also known for its highly-rated school systems, manicured neighborhoods, and well-maintained natural parks – all of which are additional draws for local families.

The crown jewel of this city is its namesake, Southern Methodist University (SMU), a private research university that is consistently ranked among the top universities in the state. The city’s downtown area is also worth a visit; residents and visitors alike can enjoy its variety of locally-owned businesses, which include restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and more. With high per capita income and some of the safest streets in Texas, it’s no wonder University Park is considered one of Dallas’s best suburbs. 

hash-mark4. Frisco

Frisco is one of the best Dallas suburbs for families who are interested in a fast-growing area. Located about 30 miles from the Dallas city center, this city is home to about 210,000 people and is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. This influx in residents is likely due to the area’s abundance of amenities, which include highly-rated school systems, sports facilities, safe neighborhoods, and high-end shopping centers.

Another thing that sets this suburb apart is its bustling local economy. Residents here will find a thriving job market, particularly when it comes to the technology, healthcare, and sports industries. Major employers in this area include Toyota, JPMorgan Chase, and Liberty Mutual – all of which help maintain a stable local economy. With so much to offer, Frisco is easily one of the best Dallas suburbs.  

hash-mark5. Flower Mound

In addition to being one of Dallas’s best suburbs, Flower Mound is also one of the safest. Named after the 12.5-acre flower mound located in the center of town, this city is ideally situated between Grapevine Lake and Lake Lewisville and is home to about 77,000 people.

Residents prefer the area for its abundance of greenspaces, walking trails, biking paths, and equestrian centers, as well as its wide range of local events and activities. The community here is both active and well-organized, with local neighborhood watch programs that keep the local crime rate 73% below the state average. Offering a variety of concerts, arts festivals, 5k races, and more, it’s no wonder Flower Mound was recently ranked the nation’s fourth “Best Place to Live” for 2021-2022 by Money magazine. 

hash-mark6. Murphy

A relatively small community located about 25 miles northeast of downtown Dallas, Hinsdale is universally considered one of the city’s best suburbs. This area is home to just over 21,000 people, all of whom appreciate the area’s acclaimed school systems, low crime rates, and family-friendly atmosphere. Residents here will find everything needed for a high quality of life, including several parks and recreation centers, community events, and a thriving local economy.

Favorite attractions in this area include Murphy Central Park, the Murphy Marketplace Trail, and the Sounds at Sundown concert series. With its picturesque living situation, Murphy is not to be overlooked when considering the best suburbs to raise a family near Dallas. 

hash-mark7. Colleyville

Colleyville is another one of the best Dallas suburbs for families. Situated about 28 miles from the heart of Dallas, this city is home to about 26,000 people who are known for their affluence and upscale lifestyle. Families primarily come to Colleyville for its stunning neighborhoods, high-quality education, and the strong local job market.

Additionally, those who move to Colleyville can take advantage of its active local community, which hosts several events throughout the year. Favorites of these events include the Colleyville Farmers Market and the Red, White, & Sousa Festival. Overall, Colleyville is a well-rounded option for wealthy Dallas families.