Best Things to Do in NYC

Your guide to the NYC real estate market

Here Are The Best Coffee Shops to Work or Study in NYC

From Midtown to Union Square to Williamsburg Brooklyn, our guide to the best coffee shops to work or study in NYC will help you find plenty of cool and cozy spots to get your caffeine fix while being productive.

The Best Comedy Clubs and Shows in NYC

Check out our guide of the best comedy clubs and shows in NYC. Whether you're looking for a laugh in Midtown Manhattan, Williamsburg Brooklyn, or Queens, we've got you covered.

Where to Find the Best Sushi in NYC

New Yorkers love sushi and are always looking for the best new Omakase bar. NYC offers a multitude of restaurants where master "Itamae" work hard to satisfy their insatiable customers, who are enamored with this staple of Japanese cuisine, so we've compiled a list of our favorite sushi restaurants in the city.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City

In recent years, people have become much more interested in preserving the environment, protecting wildlife, and living a cleaner, healthier life. Vegetarianism and veganism have become increasingly popular, for both those who want to look after their health and those who stand against animal cruelty. Luckily, there are plenty of vegan establishments in New York City, and we’re here to give you a round-up of our favorite spots.

The Best Jazz Clubs in New York City

The Roaring Twenties were, according to many, the best years in New York City’s history. It was a time of changing rules and fashions, the era of automobiles, opulent parties, and innovative music. Not even prohibition could stop people going to jazz clubs in those days, and aspiring jazz musicians had to prove themselves on the NYC club scene before hitting the big stages. That last part is still valid today, and the Big Apple jazz scene is alive and kicking. Today we’re showcasing some of the best jazz clubs in NYC - if you’re in town, you might want to check some of them out.