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Best Chelsea Luxury Apartment Buildings

This list of the best apartment buildings in Chelsea will feature the top luxury rental properties, where you’ll find luxurious apartments with incredible amenities.

The Most Expensive Zip Codes in America Post-Covid-19

How is coronavirus impacting the US luxury real estate market? We’ve taken a look at the most expensive zip codes in the nation. Here’s what we found.

The 50 Most Expensive Streets and Neighborhoods in NYC

New York City is notoriously expensive, and for many people, living here is out of reach. But some parts of the city are truly off-limits for most of us. Take Billionaires’ Row, for example, a nickname given to the area of 57th Street directly south of Central Park. We’ve combed through the data to extract a list of the 50 most expensive streets and neighborhoods in New York City, based on home sales closed so far in 2019.

The 100 Most Expensive NYC Zip Codes of H1 2019

Certain areas of a city can be a lot more desirable to homebuyers than others, and NYC is no exception. When it comes to choosing a place to live, plenty of factors come into play, like the availability of high-paying jobs, transportation options, walkability, good schools, excellent shopping and dining options, safety, low taxes, green spaces, and so on. Prospective homebuyers are willing to pay top dollar to have these aspects covered, and most of the time, they do, especially in NYC.

Top 20 Homes Sales of Q2 in NYC - Goodbye Amazon, Hello Jeff Bezos!

A few months have passed since Ken Griffin’s jaw-dropping, $240 million purchase of a Midtown Manhattan condo, and the presses have had some time to cool down. A sale of this magnitude is unlikely to occur again, at least for a while, but that doesn’t mean that the NYC sales market is losing its luster. Quite the contrary; multi-million-dollar home sales continue to close every month. We once again combed through the data to round up the 20 most significant home sales of the year’s second quarter. Read on to see the best-selling locations in New York City and which buyers they attracted.

Luxury Report: The Most Expensive Homes for Sale in NYC Right Now

New York City is no stranger to jaw-dropping home sales. In fact, over the years, Manhattan has become synonymous with record-breaking property sales, of any kind. But it’s one thing to pay $80 million for a high-rise office building and another to pay that same amount on an apartment. However, some buyers are willing to pay the price, but they’re getting harder and harder to come by.

The Top 20 NYC Residential Sales of Q1 - Priciest US Home Sale Ever Closes on Billionaires’ Row

For most of us, living in a penthouse in Manhattan overlooking Central Park is an impossible dream, something that happens only in movies and fairy tales, not in real life. But for some, it’s not an impossible dream at all, but quite an achievable milestone, or something to check off a bucket list. How else would New York City end up with something called ‘Billionaires’ Row,’ a cluster of supertall residential skyscrapers lining 57th Street next to Central Park?

The Evolution of NYC Luxury Sales: $1M+ Home Sales in Each Borough, a 15 Year Analysis

With year-end reports, that look back at 2018 and compare it to the year that came before, starting to roll in we've decided to make things a little more interesting by taking a look at the evolution of the million dollar sales market across New York City over the past 15 years. We'll highlight how homes priced over $1 million have become the norm in Manhattan, and how this price segment is showing steady growth rates in Brooklyn and Queens.