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The Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment rental market has been booming for quite a while. Rents have been consistently on the rise, with new high-rise developments opening their doors each year. A cycle that started with a hip crowd moving to Williamsburg after being driven out of Manhattan neighborhoods like Soho due to rising apartment rents has come full circle with many Williamsburg residents now being driven out due to higher and higher rents. While this has been a disappointment for many who feel the neighborhood has gentrified too quickly, and in result lost some of its charm, there are those who benefit from the changes, particularly renters looking for no fee apartments and luxury apartments in Williamsburg as inventory has increased thanks to the many new ultra-luxe buildings. Some of the most notable new luxury developments in the neighborhood are Level at 2 North 6th Place and 420 Kent Avenue, which recently opened its doors. For those looking for more affordable housing, the one saving grace is that there are plenty of walk-ups in the neighborhood, and deals can still be found, especially on larger apartments. This might not work for everyone as a single person or couple might not need a two bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, but it has made it popular amongst roommates and those looking to share a space to lower their living expenses.
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