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Skyline of Long Island City Queens, New York

Long Island City


Located on the westernmost end of Queens, just across from Midtown Manhattan and Roosevelt Island, Long Island City (often shortened to LIC) has long been considered to be one of New York City’s most exciting up-and-coming neighborhoods. Those days are over as we can confidently say that Long Island City has already arrived, and can now be considered to be amongst NYC’s most desirable residential neighborhoods. Long Island City provides residents easy access to Manhattan and a convenient commute while also offering a great cultural and entertainment scene. A fantastic array of locally owned boutiques, art galleries, and shops as well as many hip bars, lounges and restaurants can be found throughout LIC. The neighborhood’s incredible riverfront location combined with stunning views of the midtown skyline, and attractive real estate prices at its many luxurious, new development apartment buildings and condos are what helped Long Island City boom, but nowadays the neighborhood’s hip, artistic vibe is just as responsible for charming residents and visitors alike.