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About Long Island City

Long Island City has become a bit of a victim of its own success as the rental market has been so hot and in demand that rental prices now rival some parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Long gone are the days when you could score cheap Long Island City luxury apartments. Even with new developments continuously popping up and grazing the skyline, the best deal you can hope for nowadays is to find Long Island City no fee apartments in the neighborhood's newer buildings. The skyrocketing rental prices have started to create a new, growing market for rooms and roommates in the neighborhood as even affording a basic studio can be tough for most and converting and sharing a larger apartment is the best way to live in the area on a budget. The one saving grace for residents is that the original plans for Amazon HQ 2 to come to LIC fell through, resulting in prices stabilizing a bit since the news of Amazon's pullout broke. While this is good news for tenants, developers are not happy as they stand to lose big money, and there remain a slew of new buildings planned or already under construction, many of which were meant to cater to the potential new residents Amazon would have attracted.
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