NYC Real Estate - All You Need to Know

Renting Versus Buying in NYC: Full Guide

The main advantage of buying in NYC is that you can build equity and the property can appreciate in value. However, the costs of purchasing are much higher than renting. When you consider that NYC is notoriously expensive for renters and home buyers alike, making the wrong decision can end up costing you a small fortune.

NYC Local Law 11 Guide

If you've ever tried to rent or buy a NYC apartment in a building surrounded by scaffolding you might have come across the term Local Law 11 when inquiring about the scaffolding and when it might come down.

11 Best Sustainable Green Buildings in NYC

Environmentally friendly building techniques have been around for decades, but they’ve only recently gone mainstream. The development of green building standards like BREEAM and LEED certified has created incentives for developers and has raised awareness of the importance of constructing sustainable buildings. Today we'll look at 11 green residential buildings in NYC.

Flex Wall Installation and Price Guide

A flex wall, also known as a a temporary wall can be a great way to partition your apartment. Flex walls aren't very expensive, but they can be tricky to install as you do need landlord approval to put one up in your apartment.

Manhattan vs Brooklyn

In recent years, Brooklyn has reportedly become the hottest place to be in New York City, and it has grown and flourished at a much faster pace than any other borough. Many would argue that the borough is now even hotter than Manhattan, although that's up for debate. Read on to discover which borough wins in our Manhattan vs Brooklyn comparison.

Certificate of Occupancy NYC Guide

A Certificate of Occupancy, also abbreviated to C of O or CO, is a real estate document used by the Department of Buildings to indicate a building’s legal use as well as the type of permitted occupancy. For example, a CO will state whether a building is a residential, commercial, or mixed-use property. A certificate of occupancy will also indicate the number of residences or units that are allowed in the building.

Pied-à-terre Meaning

A pied-à-terre is a small residence or apartment used as a secondary residence. Typically a pied-à-terre will be located in a city and used for occasional use, much like a vacation home.

The Ultimate Guide to NYC Residential Starchitecture

The New York City skyline is the ultimate embodiment of ‘starchitecture,’ and for many industry professionals, designing a skyscraper in Manhattan is a significant and coveted milestone. Some of the world’s most influential architects have left their mark on NYC, by designing office towers, museums and event centers, fabulous hotels or supertall residential skyscrapers.