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Richest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

In addition to its vibrant history, world-class entertainment, and diverse local cuisine, Atlanta is also home to an abundance of wealthy communities. Our report on the eight richest neighborhoods in Atlanta will guide you to the city’s most luxurious areas. 

Richest Towns on Long Island

In addition to its exceptional beaches and picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island is also home to an abundance of wealthy neighborhoods and communities. This list of the nine richest towns on Long Island will help you find the best luxury areas on the island. 

NYC Heat Law: 2023 Requirements

NYC heating season begins on October 1st and continues through May 31st. During these colder months, NYC heat laws require your landlord to ensure your apartment is sufficiently warm. Read below for more information about the NYC heat laws and your remedies if you find yourself in a situation where your apartment lacks sufficient heat.

13 Best Neighborhoods in Austin

Austin is one of the best places to live in Texas, filled with plenty of things to do and exciting adventures to experience. If you’re thinking about moving to Austin, you might wonder what some of the best neighborhoods are in the area.

Best Neighborhoods in Tampa

Tampa is one of the most popular locations in Florida, filled with exciting things to do and gorgeous places to live. If you’re looking to move to Tampa, you might wonder what some of the best neighborhoods are in the area.

Types of Bricks for Houses Guide

Bricks remain a classic choice for house construction. They are both affordable and stylish. Although some people associate them with more traditional house design styles, the truth is that bricks can also be a great choice for modern construction styles.

Lawn Irrigation System Costs Guide

How much does an irrigation system for your lawn cost? Here’s what you need to know about sprinkler system installation costs in 2023 so that you can always provide your grass with plenty of water.

How To Cut Down a Tree With a Chainsaw Guide

Whether you need to cut down a tree for firewood or because it’s blocking your view or posing a danger to your house in case of a bad storm, you need to know what you’re doing. Either way, small to medium-sized trees can easily be cut down by regular folks with working chainsaws and the right protective gear. Here’s what you need to know if you plan on cutting down a tree.

Who Can Live With You on Section 8?

A Section 8 housing voucher is an excellent opportunity for many, but the rules and regulations surrounding legal help can be confusing. If you have people you want to live with, you might wonder if they’re allowed to stay with you. Who can you live with when you have Section 8?

How to Apply For an Apartment With a CPN 

Having bad credit or a bankruptcy on your record can make it challenging to do things like find an apartment. But luckily, some alternatives can help you secure a place to live despite your financial history. One of those methods is using what is called a CPN to re-establish your credit. This method can be somewhat risky and won’t be accepted by every landlord. But it can be a way to find housing while you work on your credit. Here is a look at CPNs and how to use them to apply for an apartment.

SoHo Neighborhood Guide

Soho, today, is known for its vibrant art community, ritzy boutiques, luscious loft residences, iron-clast buildings, and charming cobblestones. However, a walk down “Soho Lane” reveals that Soho was not always the affluent and booming neighborhood that it is today. While it is only one neighborhood in New York City, Soho is exemplative of the journey that we all New Yorkers face: one of continuous evolution and transformation.

Escalation Clause Guide

In a competitive real estate market writing an escalation clause into a purchase contract is a great way for a buyer to try to gain a competitive edge. Here's what you should know about how to use one and if it's a good idea.