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NYC Rent Relief Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

With April 1st right around the corner, many renters have no choice but to withhold their rent this month to pay for food, medications, or other bills amid the coronavirus pandemic. As such, calls for lawmakers to cancel rent payments are mounting. Some tenants are considering rent strikes or planning protests to send a message to elected officials.

The Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Many folks who are thinking of moving to NYC ask themselves, what are the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn? Today, we’ll look at some of the best places to live in New York City’s most populous borough.

The Best NYC Luxury Rental Buildings. And They're All No-Fee!

For many, living in a New York City penthouse is the ultimate dream. Here's our list of the best luxury rental buildings in NYC. To top it off, they're all no-fee apartments. So if you're looking for a luxurious apartment in the Big Apple and can afford it, read on to discover the best properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

The Best Luxury Condominium Buildings in New York City in 2020

Are you in the market for a luxury condo in NYC? We're taking a look at the best condominiums in New York City, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and Queens, check out the best buildings the city has to offer.

A Guide to Aztech Recognition Agreements (aka Aztec Forms)

Shareholders who have purchased a cooperative apartment (“co-op”) in New York City have probably heard of the Aztech Recognition Agreement (or “Aztec form”). It is a form/agreement that is required by the lender/bank to finalize a loan for a co-op. However, most co-op owners do not understand the agreement. Below, we will explain the legalities of an Aztech agreement.  

A Guide to NYC Heating Season and Heat Laws

NYC heating season runs from October 1st through May 31st. This guide will give you the rundown on heat laws in New York City as well as your rights as a tenant.

The Ultimate Guide to NYC Residential Starchitecture

The New York City skyline is the ultimate embodiment of ‘starchitecture,’ and for many industry professionals, designing a skyscraper in Manhattan is a significant and coveted milestone. Some of the world’s most influential architects have left their mark on NYC, by designing office towers, museums and event centers, fabulous hotels or supertall residential skyscrapers.

Here’s How Apartment Rents in the Country’s Top 20 Metros Changed During Obama, Trump Administrations

The U.S. housing market can be impacted by a variety of different things, including economic shifts, global trends, and of course, politics. The country’s political climate has a significant influence on prices across all sectors, but in the U.S., housing prices are a sensitive topic. We wanted to see how the political scene of the past years has reflected in housing prices across the country’s biggest metro areas.

A guide to Classic Six Apartments

A classic six or “classic 6” apartment is located in a prewar building and features large rooms, high ceilings, and wood floors. Specifically, these types of homes are commonly found on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Call 311: These Are the Noisiest Streets in NYC, According to New Yorkers

Living in NYC can be loud, very loud at times. There’s traffic, loads and loads of people, tourists everywhere, and a very busy nightlife. So, if you’re planning on moving to the city that never sleeps, you should know which are the noisiest streets in the city, based on complaints filed with the 311 services.

Save Money Buying a NYC Apartment with a Broker Commission Rebate

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with some of New York City’s best real estate brokers to offer PropertyClub users buyer commission rebates. That means the average NYC buyer will now be able to receive around a 2% cash-back rebate on any property they purchase through our partner brokers.

Manhattan Had the Priciest Zip Codes in NYC in 2010; A Decade Later, Brooklyn Breaks Into the Top 10

Back in 2010, Manhattan was home to the 10 most expensive zip codes in the city. Today, that top 10 is split with Brooklyn. What’s more, 6 of the 10 fastest-growing zip codes in the past decade belong to Brooklyners, with one Bronx zip code also making the list.