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Can a Seller Credit a Buyer for Repairs?

This comprehensive guide will explore what a seller credit for repairs is, how to get one, and answer common questions like if a buyer can get cash at closing or other concessions.

How To Rent Out Your House Guide

Renting out your house and becoming a landlord can be very profitable. It’s a great way to make passive income, but as with any business, you must know what you’re doing. Read on to learn how to rent your house for the first time. 

What Can Cause You to Lose Your Section 8 Voucher?

For low-income families and other protected groups struggling to afford housing, the Section 8 program can be a blessing. However, you must adhere to the rules and responsibilities set by the FHA to continue receiving assistance. Here is a look at the most common ways you can lose your Section 8 voucher.

Best Floor To Live On In an Apartment

There are three options for floors to live on in an apartment building - top, middle, and bottom. Some pros and cons come with all three levels. The best floor to live on is usually the top floor, but different people might have varying preferences. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of living on each floor.

Safest Places to Live in Florida

The waterfront hamlets of Satellite Beach and Marco Island top our list of the safest places to live in Florida in 2023, while the safest large cities in Florida are Cape Coral and Port St. Lucie.

What Can Disqualify You From Renting an Apartment? 

Applying for an apartment can be stressful, so it helps to be prepared and understand what the landlord will be looking for. Before you waste your time applying all over town, knowing what you need to qualify and what can work against you is essential. Here are ten reasons ways that can disqualify you from renting an apartment.

Cheapest Places to Live in Pennsylvania

With inflation high and rents and home prices soaring, affordable housing is a hot topic. Read on to discover the ten cheapest places to live in Pennsylvania so that you can find the most affordable places to live in the state.  

How Long Does It Take to Move Into a House or Apartment?

If you’ve recently invested in a new place, the anticipation of making it yours can be brutal. You might want the move-in process to happen immediately. The truth is that moving into a new place can take a significant amount of time.

Best FSBO Websites 

Many home sellers who want to avoid paying a commission opt for listing their home as a FSBO or “for sale by owner.” However, if you decide against hiring an agent, you’ll be responsible for marketing the property on your own. Here is a look at the eight best websites for listing FSBOs.

Should You Move to NYC?

While it may seem like any time is a good time to move to New York City, without good planning and knowledge, you’re bound to make common mistakes that could’ve been avoided. So before you move, keep reading to find out if you should move to NYC. 

Tenants Rights When Landlord Sells Property

If your landlord is selling the property, it's important to know what rights you have as a tenant. Here is a look at the important things you should know if your landlord decides to sell the building you’re renting. 

Cheapest Places to Live in California

California is known for its high real estate prices, but there are also plenty of more affordable cities and towns in the state. Read on to discover the cheapest places to live in California in 2023.