Celebrities Who Live In Palm Springs

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 17th 2023
It’s no secret that California has been a celebrity hotspot since the early part of the last century. Some parts are more celebrity-friendly than others. When it comes to traditionally plush celebrity hangouts, it’s hard to beat Palm Springs. 

Saying that you live in Palm Springs always sounds like you’re bragging. Maybe that’s why it’s still a great place to be if you want to schmooze with the rich and famous. But who are the most famous celebrities that live in Palm Springs? 

hash-markMost Famous Celebrities Who Live in Palm Springs

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Suzanne Somers
  4. Robert Downey Jr. 
  5. Brad Pitt
  6. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack
  7. Elvis Presley
  8. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
  9. Sia

hash-markBarack Obama

The Obama family remains one of America’s most popular presidential families, and it’s obvious that they would have multiple homes to enjoy. When they want to enjoy the islands, they go to Hawaii. When they want to enjoy mainland beaches, it’s Palm Springs they go to.

After completing his eight-year presidency, Obama flew to Palm Springs and enjoyed a couple rounds of golf. He occasionally still drops by there—or at least, that’s what locals claim.

hash-markKim Kardashian

Okay, so this is actually the entire Kardashian clan’s place of living, like most other A-list celebrity dynasties. The Kardashians may be famous for their love of Tinseltown, but even they need to get away from Hollywood from time to time. That’s why they have a vacation home in Palm Springs. 

The massive, modern-styled Palm Beach compound was bought for $12 million, features seven bedrooms, and has been the site of several major shoots. Kris Jenner is the official person on the deed.

hash-markSuzanne Somers

Back in the 90s, Suzanne Somers was a major “it” girl who wowed people with her sandy blonde hair and gorgeous physique. She went from actress to model to fitness expert famous for the “Somersizing” fandom of the late 90s and early aughts. 

With her empire built up so high, it’s unsurprising that she would choose Palm Springs as her home of choice. It’s summery, which is perfect for a lady who is as beachy as her. Her home is Southwestern-themed and features a pool and palm trees. How delightfully Cali!

hash-markRobert Downey Jr. 

So, Robert Downey Jr. is a bit of an unusual case as far as celebrities who live in Palm Springs go. He does not officially own a house or a mansion, according to sources, but he does hang out there a lot. As in, he rents a room in The Parker to just soak in the culture. 

He first made headlines in the area after he got arrested on drug charges at the Parker. These days, he’s stayed clean and sober, and it looks good on him.

hash-markBrad Pitt

Back when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were still together, they would often need time to get away from Hollywood. So, they would hit up the classic hotspot of Palm Springs for a beautiful desert getaway. 

The two had a home here that they would use for family get-togethers, romantic getaways, and just taking a breather. They have since divorced, but Pitt himself has still been spotted in the area. Perhaps they didn’t give up this family home?

hash-markFrank Sinatra and the Rat Pack

Due to the sheer fame that this area has as being an old-school Hollywood dig, we are also going to include former residents. One of the most famous fans of Palm Springs had to be Frank Sinatra. The mafioso crooner was famous for his love of the plush lifestyle and desert scenes.

The Rat Pack regularly hung out in Palm Springs. More specifically, they were found at the Ingleside Inn. Imagine being able to say that you talked to the Rat Pack back then! Funny enough, the inn is purported to be haunted by a man who matches Sinatra’s description. Could he be haunting his favorite hideaway?

hash-markElvis Presley

Both Elvis and Priscilla Presley are also former residents and fans of Palm Springs—to the point that their presence made the area somewhat iconic. The King of Rock and Roll loved to lounge in the Palm Springs area when he wanted to have some alone time with his wife. 

His home is famously nicknamed “the House of Tomorrow” thanks to its elegant midcentury modern look. It became a major tourist hotspot after the king passed. It’s easy to see why a man like Elvis would like this hideaway. It’s 50s glamour at its finest. 

The house recently sold to famous musician Frankie Valli, so it seems like it’s a hotspot for musical people regardless of the era.

hash-markLucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Another major location (or two) associated with old-world Hollywood is the Racquet Club, which Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz used to regularly visit. After one too many vacations, the OG Hollywood power couple decided to buy a property in the area. 

With that said, everyone’s favorite redheaded comedienne was not particularly famous for her Palm Springs residence. She still had one, though, and it still happens to be a tourist stop. 


Before we round out this list, we’re going to go back to the present era with a name that’s been making headlines: Sia. The singer, famous for hiding her face, has become a regular resident of the Palm Springs area. 

Sia and her husband bought a home for $4.7 million in the exclusive and private Los Feliz area. She’s occasionally spotted in local restaurants when she’s not touring the world.