Celebrities Who Live In Martha’s Vineyard

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 17th 2023
When you think about “old money” real estate, it’s hard to ignore Martha’s Vineyard. This beautiful Massachusetts town is steeped in tales of old money and looks like it was torn out of a page from The Great Gatsby and remains a place that the rich and famous “summer” in. That's why many famous celebrities own homes or live in Martha's Vineyard. 

It’s easy to see why the rich and famous would appreciate this Northeastern treasure. It’s great living with a long, rich history of safety, class, and elegance. We all hear about celebrities “summering” in this area, but who actually lives in Martha's Vineyard? Read on to find out.

hash-markBiggest Celebrities That Live in Martha's Vineyard

  1. Barack and Michelle Obama
  2. Bill and Hillary Clinton
  3. Spike Lee
  4. James Lapine and Sarah Kernochan
  5. Cam Neely
  6. Jeffrey Kramer
  7. David Letterman
  8. Steven Tyler 
  9. Diane Sawyer

hash-markBarack and Michelle Obama

The most famous people who live on Martha's Vineyard are Barack and Michele Obama. It’s no secret that presidents have a soft spot for Martha’s Vineyard. Ever since the Kennedys (and before that, even!), Martha’s Vineyard became known as a presidential hangout. Both during and after their stint in the White House, the Obama family has been seen at Martha’s Vineyard. 

Right now, the Obamas are noted as being residents of Martha’s Vineyard. They are often seen whiling away the hotter days of summer here. 

hash-markBill and Hillary Clinton

You didn’t think the Obamas were the only presidential family to make an appearance here these days, did you? Absolutely not! The Clintons are said to be neighbors of the Obamas—or at least, the two families still live in the same town. 

The Clintons, like the Obamas, have been mainstays in the Martha’s Vineyard world since their time in the White House ended. We’re low-key, hoping they all golf together. It seems like a thing they’d do. We *do* know they have a penchant for Mad Martha’s, a local ice cream spot.

hash-markSpike Lee

You don’t have to be a former president to be a fan of Martha’s Vineyard. Actor and producer Spike Lee has been a property owner in Martha’s Vineyard for over a decade. When he’s not in Hollywood doing business, he’s here, chilling out at home. 

A private individual, Lee made a point of being rather private about where he lives. He’s spotted around town all the time, though!

hash-markJames Lapine and Sarah Kernochan

A Tony Award-winner and a screenwriter, both living in Martha’s Vineyard as a married couple? It’s more likely than you think. In fact, that’s exactly what’s going on with these two. The two entertainment moguls have managed to make this place home. 

They snapped up property here for $4.5 million and live right next to the Edgartown Golf Club. What a view they must have! Considering their proximity to the Edgartown Golf Club, it’s safe to say that they are probably avid golfers who spend plenty of time next door. 

hash-markCam Neely

If you’re a fan of hockey, you might already know that Cam Neely is one of the most popular NHL stars of all time. The high-earning hockey player had a lot of money to play with, which is why he made the choice to buy a home in Martha’s Vineyard. 

The home he bought was highly recognized among locals. After all, it used to belong to A-list actor Michael J. Fox. Whether or not Fox comes to visit remains unknown, but it definitely seems like his mansion is a meetup place for many of the rich and famous here.

hash-markJeffrey Kramer

You might recognize Jeffrey Kramer as an A-list producer. However, in Martha’s Vineyard, his fame is a bit more unusual. While locals are aware of his production work, the truth is that they are more enamored with his long family history regarding the area itself. 

You see, Jeffrey Kramer’s grandfather founded Cronig’s Real Estate on Martha’s Vineyard back in the 1910s. This is the famous real estate agency that helped facilitate so many of the purchases, rentals, and move-ins on this list. 

So, it’s not just the fact that he produced Ally McBeal. You will see quite a level of local personal respect for him. 

hash-markDavid Letterman

It’s hard to ignore the sheer impact that David Letterman had on America’s culture. He’s been a news host, a comedian, a TV personality, and just the guy who seemed to talk to everyone in Hollywood. Everyone knows who he is, which is precisely why he moved to Martha’s Vineyard.

A man like Letterman is going to have a hard time getting some peace and quiet in most other places. Buying a home in a celebrity-friendly hideaway like Martha’s Vineyard is a great way to get the privacy he needs to decompress. 

hash-markSteven Tyler

The Aerosmith frontman might be a rockstar, but he also kind of looks like a typical “coastal aunt” these days, thanks to his long hair and oddly feminine attire. All things considered, it could be a sign that Martha’s Vineyard is rubbing off on him. 

He, along with many other major names in music, has been spotted at his own property in the area nearby. (Does the idea of him on a yacht make anyone else laugh a bit? It just seems so unlike his persona.)

hash-markDiane Sawyer

Most people have heard of Diane Sawyer. She’s one of the most iconic names in American broadcasting—to the point that many fictional characters were based on her. (That includes a certain broadcasting woman from Family Guy.)

With a career as stunning as hers, it’s not surprising that she is considered to be part of the upper crust. She is famous for living it up in Martha’s Vineyard, especially during the summer. With that said Sawyer is said to go there even during the winter.