Celebrities That Live In Texas

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 17th 2023
Texas might not have the glitzy, chintzy, and star-studded reputation of California, but it does have a good reputation. It’s a rising star as far as celebrity home states go. Read on for the latest scoop on the biggest celebrities that live in Texas. 

hash-markFamous Celebrities Who Live in Texas

  1. Matthew McConaughey
  2. 50 Cent
  3. Joe Rogan
  4. George Strait
  5. Kyle Chandler
  6. James Vanderbeek
  7. James Marsden
  8. George Foreman
  9. Erykah Badu
  10. Chris Harrison

hash-markMatthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey might be one of the most famous Texan celebrities to make the A-list. He is a legendary fan of Austin—though he originally hails from Uvalde. When he isn’t acting, he is living on his homestead in Texas. 

McConaughey’s stunts in the major cities of Texas have made him a favorite among everyone who calls themselves a Texan. He’s active in the community and also loves his homestead. Oh, and he’s also a Longhorns fan to the core. 

hash-mark50 Cent

Perhaps one of the more shocking names to go “all in” on Texas is 50 Cent. The “dirty South” rapper has been setting up business after business in the state. More specifically, he’s gone bonkers for Houston. 

Along with several investment properties and a home, 50 invested in the local sports teams. In fact, the Houston Texans announced 50 Cent’s Branson Cognac as their official cognac fairly recently. People have even spotted him wearing a cowboy hat!

hash-markJoe Rogan

UFC commentator, comedian, and toxic masculinity show host Joe Rogan has been a staple in the Texas area for ages. His extreme wealth and success gave him a massive real estate budget to work with. 

Though he used to be a fan of Los Angeles, he left for Texas. He is now able to enjoy living in a $14.4 million dollar home, citing his desire to live in the middle of the country. Wish granted!

hash-markGeorge Strait

Expect to see a lot of country stars who call this state home. One of the most notable is George Strait, the singer of “All My Ex’s Live In Texas.” It makes sense, considering that he still owns property in the state, too. 

Whether or not he runs into his exes remains to be seen. He currently owns the 2,200-acre “Less Ranch,” right outside of Boerne. When he’s not there, you can spot him at his Spanish-style adobe mansion in San Antonio. 

hash-markKyle Chandler

If you are curious about what happened to Coach Taylor, then we have some news for you. His time filming Friday Night Lights had a real impact on him. He fell in love with the state during filming and never actually left. 

Chandler decided to stay in Texas full-time, at least when he’s not filming new stuff. He and his family live in a beautiful ranch right near Dripping Springs, along with a number of miniature donkeys. 

hash-markJames Vanderbeek

Do you remember Dawson’s Creek? If you do, then you remember 90s heartthrob James Vanderbeek. Vanderbeek still occasionally does work in Hollywood, but he absolutely doesn't want to stay there. He’s a country boy at heart. 

James and his family of eight live in Spicewood, in a sprawling 36-acre estate. They love their lives down there, which is why they tend to post happy family content on Instagram. Vanderbeek made it very clear that he wants to live a life with a big backyard and tons of down-home fun.

hash-markJames Marsden

It’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t had a crush on a character that James Marsden played. James Marsden was in The Best of MeThe Notebook, as well as plenty of others. Most people would assume that he is a Hollywood hottie, but he’s not. 

Marsden has been living in Texas since 2021, when he bought a home in Commons Ford, Austin. 

hash-markGeorge Foreman

Did you know that George Foreman is native to Texas? He is, and it seems like he can’t shake his love of the Lone Star State. An avid griller and sportsman, he fits in with the surroundings. Foreman is famous for having a sprawling 300-acre home in Texas. 

Unlike many other celebrities, he’s not just relaxing at a pool in his area. He has a full menagerie of animals. He owns ostriches, goats, horses, and so much more. What an awesome personal zoo. 

hash-markErykah Badu

The “Queen of Soul” is one of the greatest acts in modern music history—not to mention one of the most talented. She still tours from time to time, but the truth is that she is a fan of staying at home in Texas whenever she can. 

Badu’s hone is unlike other celebrity choices. Rather than a range home, she has a large 3,200-square-foot pad in South Dallas. She’s a city girl at heart, it seems.

hash-markChris Harrison

This TV presenter has a rustic side to him, and part of that is because he is a Texas native. After he finished up his major contracts in Hollywood, Harrison returned back to his home state. The money he raked in quickly became a boon. 

He lives in Barton Creek so that he can be closer to his son as he attends college. He also is a partial owner of a local brewing company. Does he still hang out with his former colleagues from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? We don’t know, but we hope he’ll bring the beer if he does!