Celebrities That Live In Maryland

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 17th 2023
Maryland is famous for many things—being close to Washington DC, having great seafood, and also being one of the best-paid states in America. Unsurprisingly, that means that celebrities often flock there. Read on to discover some of the biggest celebrities that live in Maryland. 

hash-markFamous Celebrities Who Live in Maryland

  1. Cal Ripken
  2. Jada Pinkett Smith
  3. Michael Phelps
  4. Kevin Spacey
  5. Steve Harvey
  6. Dick Cheney
  7. Dan Snyder
  8. Tony Jefferson
  9. Duff Goldman

hash-markCal Ripken

If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball, then you know the name Cal Ripken. He’s a legendary baseball player who has gained the hearts of millions of sports fans around the world for his amazing talent. Ripken is a recent transplant to Annapolis. 

His home was bought in 2020 for a very impressive $3.9 million. With a sprawling 5,600 square-foot layout, it’s palatial and recognized as a historic estate. Oh, and it’s also located in one of the city’s quietest, most exclusive neighborhoods. He has good taste, for sure. 

hash-markJada Pinkett Smith

Jada Smith, Will Smith’s wife, is originally from Maryland. While she typically lives with the rest of the Smith family in Florida or California, she has no qualms about talking about her love of Maryland. 

In fact, there are rumors that she and Will have their own small hideaway somewhere in the state. Considering their wild wealth, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to find out if that celebrity rumor is true. She does, after all, have family in the area.

hash-markMichael Phelps

Much like Jada Pinkett Smith, Olympian superstar Michael Phelps has his own ties to the Maryland area. He’s most famous for raking it in with all the different medals that he was able to win at the Olympics, but around the Baltimore area, he’s famous for being a local. 

Phelps is said to have multiple properties throughout the United States, including some in Arizona. However, he’s originally from Maryland, and that means that he still visits on a regular basis. He does have a home in this area, too. 

hash-markKevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is also one of the most famous celebrities that lives in Maryland. Admittedly, Baltimore is not exactly known for being a friendly city. Its notoriously high crime rate would make many regular people think twice about moving there, but that’s not always the case. Kevin Spacey, an A-list Hollywood actor, really took a liking to the city. 

As a result of his frequent visits, he snapped up a $5.65 million home in the heart of the city’s Inner Harbor. According to Sothby’s, the home spans an insane 9,000 square feet and comes with some truly out-of-this-world amenities. It even has a theater, billiards room, and elevator!

hash-markSteve Harvey

Steve Harvey is a comedian, game show host, and (perhaps poorly chosen) dating advice expert who penned Think Like A Man. With all his wit and humor, it shouldn’t be surprising that the celebrity was able to get a fairly large home. 

Unlike what many people would expect to hear about this guy, he chose to live in Maryland in a home with tons of rooms, a pool, and a gorgeous Spanish brick facade. Not much is known about the location, but it seems like he enjoys living in the area. 

hash-markDick Cheney

Considering how close Maryland is to Washington, D.C., it shouldn’t be too surprising that many politicians have a second home in the area. Former Vice President Dick Cheney is one such man. He has a second home in St. Michaels—one of the smallest towns in the state. 

The idyllic area has a population of only 1,200, and most of those people are famous for their role in politics, media, and entertainment. 

hash-markDan Snyder

Football team owner Dan Snyder is already famous for his lavish lifestyle, but when he moved to Potomac, he kicked it up a notch. The ridiculously wealthy person was able to buy the home from Queen Noor of Jordan back in the 2010s for $10 million. 

Snyder’s home is a jaw-dropping three stories tall, features a pool, and also acts as its own mini-compound. He did, unfortunately, strike a nerve with environmentalists after he cut down 130 trees to modify the property to his liking. 

hash-markTony Jefferson

Are you a fan of the Baltimore Ravens? You might be happy to know that several of the team members have chosen to live in the area after their retirement. Tony Jefferson still plays for the Ravens, but it doesn’t look like he’ll leave any time soon. 

His sprawling Timonium mansion has 6,600 square feet of space and cost just under $1 million. It has two stories, a gorgeous foyer, and a ton of amenities to choose from. Good for him. He deserves a nice place to live. 

hash-markDuff Goldman

Most people know Duff Goldman from his starring role in Ace of Cakes, and rightfully so. It’s where he truly got his “fame” stripes. However, if you are in the Maryland area, you probably know him as the local resident who makes amazing cakes. 

Yes, it’s true. Goldman is a local to Maryland. More specifically, the celebrity chef works in Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes. He is still local to the area, so if you see him, make sure to tell him that his cakes are truly “ace!”