Celebrities Who Live In New Orleans

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 17th 2023
It’s easy to see how New Orleans could attract a specific type of person. There’s culture, flair, and style galore. With the allure of New Orleans increasingly gaining attention, it’s not surprising that celebrities have snapped up properties in the area. Here’s the scoop on the biggest A-listers and celebrities that live in New Orleans. 

hash-markMost Famous Celebrities That Live in New Orleans

  1. Lil’ Wayne
  2. Solange Knowles
  3. Trent Reznor
  4. Master P
  5. Jennifer Coolidge
  6. Sandra Bullock
  7. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
  8. John Goodman
  9. Nicholas Cage

hash-markLil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne is the most famous celebrity who lives in New Orleans. He's also originally from New Orleans. Lil’ Wayne is one of the most successful rappers of the 2010s and later aughts. You might know him for his “YEAH!” track or just for being a favorite among DJs. What you might not know is that Lil Wayne was actually born in New Orleans. 

He has since chosen to have his primary residence in the city’s limits. His home is jaw-droppingly massive, with its own recording studio and skate park. The home remains something of a legend among rappers. 

hash-markSolange Knowles

Another major name in rap and pop is Solange Knowles, who was a major member of Destiny’s Child during the 90s and early aughts. (Yes, she’s also Beyonce’s sister, but let’s give her some credit for her own accomplishments.) 

Ever since the 2010s, Solange has been a part-time resident of New Orleans. Whether it’s because of the great food or the beautiful sights remains to be seen. However, it’s clear she likes it in the city, considering how long she’s lived there. 

hash-markTrent Reznor

With his edgy vocals and major imprint on industrial metal, it’s hard to believe that Trent Reznor would choose to live anywhere but Los Angeles. However, that’s the reality of the matter. Reznor loves New Orleans far more than most people would ever expect him to. 

Along with buying a house in the city, Reznor also established a recording studio in the area. The Big Easy has been very, very good to NIN as a whole. It’s not unusual for the band to meet up in the area just so they can jam out or record a new track.

hash-markMaster P

One of the bigger names in rap history is Master P. Known for helping usher in the wave of rap that took over radio airwaves during the 90s, and it’s hard to find a person who can spit rhymes better than Master P. 

Master P, much like Lil’ Wayne, is a New Orleans native who decided to return home. He made a point of investing back in the community by buying up a local sports team—the New Orleans Gators. 

hash-markJennifer Coolidge

Actress Jennifer Coolidge got her start with American Pie, and since then, she’s been acting fairly frequently. It’s safe to say that she does spend time in Hollywood or New York from time to time. However, her main home is not on either “glittery” coast. It’s in New Orleans. 

The actress makes no qualms about showing her love for New Orleans and even participates in the Mardi Gras parade from time to time. She was actually given a top honor by the city when she rode on a shoe-shaped float during the 2020 celebration. 

hash-markSandra Bullock

Another A-list name to fall in love with the Big Easy is Sandra Bullock. She snapped up a gorgeous Victorian gothic home in the city back in 2009, and it has remained its own ever since then. 

Most people underestimate how much Bullock loves jazz. Her son was named after famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong. Being around Louisiana must make it so easy for her to take in that jazz culture!

hash-markBrad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

Is it us, or does Brad Pitt seem to own a house in every state? Regardless, the former power couple snapped up a massive three-story home in the heart of the French Quarter back in 2009. It’s one of their many properties. 

According to local sources, they spotted the house while they were on the move, shooting one of the many films they got. It just so happens that they fell in love with the area and chose to get a place nearby. 

hash-markJohn Goodman

Between being Fred Flintstone and being the TV spouse of Rosanne, John Goodman made a killing for himself in Hollywood. Everyone knows who he is, and he has the paychecks to prove it, too. So, you might wonder what got Goodman to live down in the Big Easy…

As it turns out, it was because he fell in love. Goodman found his wife in New Orleans. His wife, Annabeth Hartzog, was living in NOLA when the two met up in 1988. He married her, moved there, and so far, it’s looking like he’s living happily ever after. That’s the magic of the Bayou!

hash-markNicholas Cage

Everyone’s favorite internet meme and all-around good guy, Nicholas Cage, is a major fan of Louisiana. In fact, he didn’t just buy a home here. It’s his primary residence when he’s not filming yet another epic blockbuster.

Cage puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to his love of New Orleans. He even bought a cemetery plot that will house a pyramid-shaped tomb as his final resting place within the city’s limits. Somehow, this really tracks, considering his fame from his Wicker Man days.