Celebrities That Live in Hawaii

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 6th 2023
Hawaii is one of the most unique states in America, especially when it comes to its natural environment. There's sun, surf, and one of the most biodiverse regions in the country. With so much natural beauty, it's no surprise that many famous athletes and A-listers choose to live in the state. Read on to discover the most famous celebrities that live in Hawaii. 

Hawaii has become a glamorous place to live, not to mention one of the most expensive in the US. This is one place where you practically have to be famous in order to afford it. So, who loves Hawaii enough to live there? Say mahalo to these famous Hawaii residents. 

hash-mark10 Famous Celebrities That Live in Hawaii

  1. Jeff Bezos
  2. Roseanne Barr
  3. Marc Benioff
  4. Glenn Medeiros 
  5. Kris Kristofferson
  6. Bill Kreutzmann
  7. Jason Momoa
  8. Mick Fleetwood
  9. Matthew McConaughey
  10. Elvis

hash-markJeff Bezos

The most famous celebrity that lives in Hawaii is billionaire Jeff Bezos. Considering how much money Jeff Bezos has, is it really that shocking that he bought a house in the Hawaiian Islands? Though this is not the Amazon founder's primary home, it's fairly common knowledge among locals that he enjoys spending time in Hawaii. 

He spent a jaw-dropping $78 million to buy a home in Maui's elite La Perouse Bay. It became a fairly big news story when he first moved in. 

hash-markRoseanne Barr

Rosanne Barr is another famous celebrity who lives in Hawaii. While Roseanne may have played a Midwestern mom of the 90s with a little blue-collar snark, she's far from that these days. She has multiple residences from what we know, but one of the most famous is in Maui. 

Barr actually bought and runs a macadamia farm as part of her hobbies. Her farm is a massive, sprawling compound that involves tons of nice amenities. 

hash-markMarc Benioff

If you have used Salesforce, then you might (or might not be) aware that Marc Benioff was the one who founded it. The celebrity entrepreneur gained a fair amount of fame for his great work in the startup world. 

When he's not changing the face of corporate commerce, he's living it up on the Big Island, near Hapuna Beach. Not much is known about the actual farm itself, but it's assumed to be absolutely fabulous. (I mean, he's rich enough to afford it.)

hash-markGlenn Medeiros 

In the 80s, the pop-rocker was famous for his crooning hits like "Nothing's Going to Change My Love for You." After his retirement from the music scene, he became a major scholar. He got a doctorate degree from California and now works as the President of the St.Louis School in Hawaii. 

His fortune really paid off big. Medeiros has a very luxurious pad on the Oahu. Whether it was paid by his scholarly pursuits or his musical endeavors, though, remains a little bit of a mystery. 

hash-markKris Kristofferson

Do you remember Kris Kristofferson's work? He was actually credited as the writer for "Me and Bobby McGee," not to mention a colleague of people like Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. When he wasn't acting or singing, he was raising five kids in the beautiful lands of Oahu. 

Kristofferson retired from music and decided to return to the mansion where he raised his kids. He's not doing well now, but he has spent his final days in Hawaii after being an active member of the community for decades.

hash-markBill Kreutzmann

Speaking of 60s icons, did you know that Bill Kreutzmann of Grateful Dead fame is a longtime resident of Kauai? The rockstar legend has a farm on the island with his wife, where they have been spending tons of time retiring from the crazy life of touring. 

With that said, Kreutsmann is still touring from time to time, though he is wrapping up his last tour on the books. Somehow, we feel like Jerry Garcia would be proud if he saw the farm Bill has. 

hash-markJason Momoa

Jason Momoa is one of the most famous celebrities that lives in Hawaii. And guess what? He's originally from Hawaii. In fact, he's part native Hawaiian. While he has properties in other parts of the country, he still primarily lives in the islands of Oahu and Kauai. 

Somehow, this seems perfectly appropriate for him. He's the type of guy who thrives on sun, sand, and surf. Rumors are that he has multiple properties on the islands simply because he's such a huge fan of outdoor fun. 

hash-markMick Fleetwood

The "Fleetwood" part of Fleetwood Mac remains a massive fan of the Hawaiian islands. Though he doesn't tour much anymore, he's still fairly recognizable as a rock icon. That's why he, like many other household names, chose to live in Hawaii as his place of retirement.

Mick is known for wanting his privacy—often to the point of being a little standoffish. That's why he lives in a heavily gated community in Lahaina. It's modest at only 2,500 square feet, but it comes with a pool, and for some reason, we can all probably assume it's as glitzy as he is. 

hash-markMatthew McConaughey

A-list actor Matthew McConaughey makes enough bank to live anywhere he darn well pleases to. Hawaii became his home state of choice after 2020. He bought up a luxurious property in the Kukio Beach and Golf Club in Kona for a very impressive $8 million.

Like most other A-listers, Matthew McConaughey allegedly has other properties. Even so, it's clear he loves the island enough to stay there as a home. 


We can't have a list of celebrities in Hawaii without the King himself—even if he's no longer alive. Elvis Presley is famous for shooting a long series of movies about life in Hawaii, being the Big Kahuna, and also serving in the US Army. 

In fact, he was even featured in a South Park episode as a result of his love of the state. Whether or not he's helping haoles get their chi-chis during his afterlife, though, is up for debate.