Richest Neighborhoods in New Orleans

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 6th 2024
From historic mansions to modern estates, the Crescent City is home to a variety of upscale communities that attract the elite. In this article, we'll delve into the opulence of the eleven richest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

hash-markRichest Neighborhoods in New Orleans

  1. Lake Vista
  2. Audubon
  3. Garden District
  4. Uptown
  5. French Quarter
  6. Lakeview
  7. Irish Channel
  8. Touro
  9. Black Pearl
  10. East Riverside
  11. West Riverside

Lake Vista

Lake Vista is the richest neighborhood in New Orleans. Lake Vista is known for its diverse architectural styles and open lawns that grace the fronts of homes. A remarkable 36.1% of residents hold a graduate or professional degree, reflecting the neighborhood's commitment to education. 

The median household income stands at $123,649, showcasing the prosperity of its inhabitants, while the median home price is $974,500, highlighting the upscale real estate market that defines Lake Vista's residential landscape.


Audubon is also one of the richest neighborhoods in New Orleans. This area gets its name from the nearby Audubon Park, a large green space in the city. This area is also called the "University District" because it's home to Tulane and Loyola Universities. The average rent in Audubon is around $2500, and if you're looking to buy a home, the median price is approximately $795,625. 

Garden District

The Garden District, the richest neighborhood in New Orleans, is famous for its grand mansions. The median home price here is $624,170, while the average rent is $2205. Residents enjoy a median household income of $122,458. With its elegant homes and tree-lined streets, the Garden District stands out as a symbol of wealth and luxury in the heart of the city.


Uptown, another fancy neighborhood in New Orleans, has a mix of homes and small shops, showing off lots of old-fashioned buildings from the 1800s. The average rent here is around $2991. If you want to buy a house, a single-family home costs about $984k, and a condo is around $313k, making Uptown one of the most expensive neighborhoods in New Orleans. Living in Uptown means being surrounded by charming history and enjoying the mix of homes and local businesses.

French Quarter

The French Quarter, also called the Vieux Carré, is the 4th richest neighborhood in New Orleans. It's a famous place for tourists, with Jackson Square telling stories from the past and Bourbon Street offering lots of fun. People often visit for its rich history and vibrant atmosphere. If you want to live here, the rent is about $2365 per month, and the homes usually cost around $545,000.


Lakeview, one of the richest neighborhoods in New Orleans, is known for its fancy living. It's quick and easy to get downtown from here. When you call Lakeview home, you're near Metairie on one side and City Park on the other. 

The average rent is $2665, and the median home price is $517,911. Living in Lakeview means enjoying a wealthy lifestyle with convenient access to both the city and nearby attractions.

Irish Channel

Irish Channel, an affluent neighborhood in New Orleans, is famous for its small cottages and shotgun homes. With a median home price of $461,333 and a median household income of $80,785, it's a neighborhood that combines affordability with a touch of luxury. 

What makes Irish Channel stand out is its eclectic vibe, making it one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city. Amidst the small homes and vibrant community life, the beautiful serenity of St. Mary's Assumption Church adds to the neighborhood's unique charm, making it an appealing destination for those seeking a blend of affordability, character, and a sense of community.


Touro, the 8th richest neighborhood in New Orleans, got its name from Touro Infirmary Hospital in the heart of the community. The median home price in Touro is $618,989, and it ranks as the 4th most walkable place to live in New Orleans. With a median household income of $80,672, Touro attracts residents with its upscale living, thanks to its proximity to the hospital and its pleasant walkable environment.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl, also known as the Uptown Triangle, stands out as another wealthy neighborhood in New Orleans. With a median home price of $529,500 and a median rent of $2,005, it offers an upscale living experience. 

The area is surrounded by notable institutions like Loyola University and Tulane University, providing residents with educational and cultural opportunities. Additionally, locals can unwind at the nearby Cooter Brown's Tavern, adding a social flair to the neighborhood's charm.

East Riverside

East Riverside, another of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New Orleans, offers an upscale living experience. The average price for a single-family home here is $749,000, while condos are around $461,000. 

Located close to the mighty Mississippi River and Magazine Street, residents enjoy the scenic views and convenient access to shopping and dining. Moreover, East Riverside is just a short drive away from downtown New Orleans, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both luxury and proximity to the heart of the city.

West Riverside

West Riverside, the penultimate neighborhood on our list of the richest neighborhoods in New Orleans, is nestled within the larger Uptown area. This upscale community shares borders with Audubon Park and the mighty Mississippi River. 

With a median home price of $565,613 and a median rent of $1,800, West Riverside attracts residents seeking an affluent lifestyle within a picturesque setting. The neighborhood's proximity to Audubon Park offers residents access to green spaces and recreational activities, adding to its appeal as a desirable residential destination.