Celebrities That Live In Colorado

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 9th 2023
Colorado is one of the most rapidly-growing states in the US due to the high quality of life you get here. This state features fantastic ski resorts, an incredible arts scene, and some of the most highly-ranked schools in the nation. With so much going for it, the state has its fair share of famous residents. Here are the biggest celebrities that live in Colorado. 

hash-markFamous Celebrities That Live in Colorado

  1. Tom Cruise
  2. Lindsey Vonn
  3. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
  4. Ringo Starr
  5. Trey Parker And Matt Stone
  6. Oprah Winfrey
  7. Kevin Costner
  8. James Hetfield
  9. Kelly Ripa

hash-markTom Cruise

The most famous celebrity that lives in Colorado is Tom Cruise. Like many other Hollywood A-listers, Tom Cruise has multiple properties that he visits from time to time. So although he owns a home in Colorado, it’s not entirely certain whether his Colorado home is his primary residence. 

However, it’s confirmed that Cruise does own property in the state. The famous actor has a sprawling mansion in Telluride and has been fairly active in a wide range of causes during his stay there.

hash-markLindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is another famous celebrity that lives in Colorado. To a point, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who watches winter sports. Lindsey Vonn is one of the most famous names in alpine skiing, and everyone knows that Colorado is a massively popular spot for ski resorts. 

Vonn seems to be pretty pleased with the skiing opportunities. That’s why she lives in a gorgeous home in Vail. 

hash-markGoldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Not all movie star power couples are going to be located in California. In the case of Kurt Russell and his boo, Goldie Hawn, you might run into them in Colorado. Both A-list stars have been proud residents of Aspen for ages. 

Unsurprisingly, their two kids, Oliver and Kate Hudson, often visit them. For this glitzy family, life in Aspen is a family affair. 

hash-markRingo Starr

Perhaps the most legendary resident of Colorado in rock n’ roll history is Beatles member Ringo Starr. Though he spends his time in a wide range of different properties, he still owns a massive 15-acre horse ranch right outside of Aspen. 

Known as the “Shoot n’ Starr,” Ringo’s ranch has become a uniquely iconic sight to see in the Alpine area. You might be surprised to hear that he has horses. Apparently, he’s more Western than you’d expect.

hash-markTrey Parker And Matt Stone

To a point, it’d be shocking if South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn’t have a home in the state. After all, their show takes place in Colorado and is supposed to be based on a small rural town named South Park. 

However, they don’t live in South Park. Rather, they live in a large mansion they bought together in a luxury town called Steamboat Springs. It’s worth noting that they also have their own separate residences. It’s just that they really still love hanging out with each other. 

hash-markOprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey seems to enjoy collecting real estate like most people collect bottle caps. Though she has several properties in Florida and elsewhere, she also recently purchased a property in Colorado for a total of $10.8 million. 

The property will include a sprawling mansion and guest house on 60 acres of land. With that much land, it’s clear the media mogul will have plenty of privacy when she’s living it up. To date, it’s uncertain whether she’s actually moved in.

hash-markKevin Costner

If there is one person who has become famous for making Colorado his home, it’s Kevin Costner. He’s been outspoken about his love of Colorado, especially when it comes to his stunning (and massive) $20 million mansion. 

He’s openly said that he wants to be buried in his “Field of Dreams” onsite of his home. Occasionally, he does open up his 160-acre home to guests. The trouble? Well, it’s a $30,000 per night price tag. 

hash-markJames Hetfield

Metal fans might recognize this name as one of the members of Metallica. When he’s not recording music or chatting with Lars Ulrich, Hetfield enjoys hanging out in the great outdoors. Surprise! That means Colorado was a perfect pick for him. 

Like many other outdoorsy celebrities, he’s drawn to the Vail Valley part of Colorado. According to sources, he’s been living there for the past 15 years. So, yeah, Colorado has the official Metallica seal of approval. (That’s so metal, right?)

hash-markKelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is one of many celebrities that spends part of her time in Telluride and part of her time elsewhere. When she isn’t shooting news bites or similar media, she has several places she likes to live. 

Her Colorado home is a beautiful mansion that’s mostly meant for winter festivities. Rumor has it that she loves the snowy weather and breathtaking views that Colorado offers. Perhaps that’s why she regularly spends the holidays with her friends and family members in the state.