Celebrities That Live in Pittsburgh

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 28th 2024
Pittsburgh, known for its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and a strong sense of community, has attracted several celebrities who have chosen to call the city home. Here are a few notable celebrities who have ties to Pittsburgh or live in the area.

hash-markTop 11 Celebrities That Live in Pittsburgh

  1. Heather Abraham
  2. Sidney Crosby
  3. Wiz Khalifa
  4. Kenny Pickett
  5. Kurt Angle
  6. Gillian Jacobs
  7. Jodi Applegate
  8. Ming-Na Wen
  9. Wayne Coyne
  10. Zachary Quinto
  11. Anthony Jeselnik

hash-markHeather Abraham

Heather Abraham is a well-known television personality in Pittsburgh. She co-hosts "Pittsburgh Today Live" on KDKA-TV and has been a staple in local news for years. Heather's charm and approachable style make her a beloved figure in the community. Her dedication to journalism and storytelling has earned her several awards, including an Emmy. 

Heather owns a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home on Mount Washington. Built in 1935, the home was listed for $419,000. Outside of her professional life, Heather is a mother of three and often shares insights into her family life on social media.

hash-markSidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby is a celebrated ice hockey player, often regarded as one of the greatest in the sport. He plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins and has been with the team since he was drafted first overall in 2005. Crosby has led the Penguins to multiple Stanley Cup victories and is known for his leadership both on and off the ice. His impact on the sport and the city of Pittsburgh is profound, making him a local hero and an international icon.

hash-markWiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter from Pittsburgh. He gained major recognition with his hit single "Black and Yellow," which became an anthem for the city. Wiz Khalifa's unique style and charismatic personality have made him a prominent figure in the music industry. 

He often references Pittsburgh in his music, showing his strong connection to his hometown. He owns a 3,800-square foot contemporary home in Washington County, just outside Pittsburgh. The house has three bedrooms and 2 ½ baths in a suburban setting, and its expected price is $900,000.

hash-markKenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett is a rising star in the world of football. As the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has quickly become a fan favorite. Pickett played college football at the University of Pittsburgh, where he set numerous records and earned a reputation for his skill and determination. 

He owns a $2.7M 8,700 square feet home in Butler County. The home has six bedrooms and six full bathrooms and sits on 0.42 acres. His transition to the NFL has been closely followed by fans, who are excited to see him develop and lead the Steelers in future seasons.

hash-markKurt Angle

Kurt Angle is a retired professional wrestler and Olympic gold medalist from Pittsburgh. He won the gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Olympics and later transitioned to a successful career in professional wrestling with WWE. 

Angle is known for his incredible athleticism and charismatic persona. His achievements in both amateur and professional wrestling have earned him a place in the annals of sports history. Additionally, he paid $1.2 million for a 3,900 square foot home in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.

hash-markGillian Jacobs

Gillian Jacobs is an actress known for her roles in popular television series and films. She gained fame for her portrayal of Britta Perry on the comedy series "Community." Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she grew up in Mt. Lebanon, where her mother still lives. 

Gillian attended the Pittsburgh Playhouse, which sparked her interest in acting. She later studied at Juilliard School in New York City. Her career has since expanded to include roles in Netflix's "Love" and various independent films.

hash-markJodi Applegate

Jodi Applegate, a well-known television news anchor and journalist, has built her career with major networks like NBC and Fox. She anchored programs and reported on important news events. 

Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, a suburb nearby, she graduated from New York University. Her broadcasting career is noted for its versatility and professionalism, making her a respected figure in the industry. Growing up in Moon Township played a pivotal role in guiding her towards journalism.

hash-markMing-Na Wen

Ming-Na Wen, a renowned actress in both TV and film, gained fame for portraying Mulan in Disney's animated classic. Her notable roles include appearances in "ER" and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." 

Born in Macau, she was raised in Mt. Lebanon, and her parents owned Pittsburgh's Chinatown Inn restaurant. Growing up in Pittsburgh profoundly influenced her acting career. Ming-Na Wen remains cherished in Hollywood and among fans in Pittsburgh, where her early life left a lasting impact.

hash-markWayne Coyne

Wayne Coyne, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the lead singer of the alternative rock band The Flaming Lips. Although originally from Oklahoma, Coyne has strong ties to Pittsburgh through his music career. The Flaming Lips are famous for their experimental sound and elaborate live performances, which have earned them a dedicated fan base. 

Wayne Coyne is known for his creativity and innovative approach to music, making him a prominent figure in rock. Fans eagerly anticipate The Flaming Lips' performances in Pittsburgh due to their unforgettable live shows.

hash-markZachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto, born and raised in Pittsburgh, is an actor famous for his roles in TV and movies, especially in sci-fi. He became well-known as Spock in the revamped "Star Trek" films and for his part in "Heroes." 

He attended Central Catholic High School and Carnegie Mellon University. Quinto's ties to Pittsburgh are cherished by both him and his local supporters, serving as a source of pride.

hash-markAnthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a comedian and writer celebrated for his dark humor and sharp wit. His comedy frequently delves into controversial and edgy subjects, distinguishing him within the stand-up comedy realm. 

Jeselnik has produced numerous successful comedy specials and contributed as a writer for "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." His daring comedic style and fearless approach have earned him a devoted audience, with his Pittsburgh origins playing a pivotal role in shaping his identity and comedic perspective.