Celebrities That Live In North Carolina

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 8th 2023
North Carolina is a state that most people don’t really consider to be part of the “glamorous set” of the American Southeast. It’s not Georgia, which is now the “Hollywood of the South,” nor is it nightclub-heavy Florida. And yet, there are plenty of celebrities that live in North Carolina. 

The Tar Heel state is quickly becoming a low-key hotspot for people who want to meet celebrities in a way that’s casual and happenstance. You may be stunned, but these celebrities below call North Carolina home. 

hash-mark10 Biggest Celebrities That Live in North Carolina

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Luke Combe
  3. Gladys Knight
  4. David Holt
  5. Adam Copeland
  6. Steve Martin
  7. Ric Flair
  8. Ashley Christensen
  9. Nicholas Sparks
  10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

hash-mark1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the most famous celebrity living in North Carolina. Whether you’re a long-time NBA fan, a sneakerhead, or a fan of Space Jam, you know that Michael Jordan is a talented entrepreneur, a DJ, a basketball star, and so much more. He is extremely wealthy as a result of his efforts. 

He chose to live in North Carolina. Why? Well, it seems like he doesn’t want to deal with too much city life or celebrity drama. He’s also from here originally. We can’t blame him for it. Regardless, he has a home in the area alongside others in different states.

hash-mark2. Luke Combs

Another one of the most famous celebrities that lives in North Carolina is Luke Combs. To a point, we all knew that we were bound to see some kind of country music star on this list. North Carolina does have its Southern side. Combs is one such country star. “Hurricane,” his breakout hit, made the Billboard charts in 2016. 

While he still tours around the country, it’s clear that he wants to keep it country. While he currently holds a residence in Nashville, it’s rumored that he also bought property in North Carolina. (It’s his home state.)

hash-mark3. Gladys Knight

If you are a fan of soul, this is a name you already recognize. She’s called “the Empress of Soul” for a reason—it’s her incredible voice. Gladys Knight had a stellar career in her days, and nowadays, she’s also iconic in North Carolina.

An active member of the community, she currently resides in Fairview when she isn’t acting, signing autographs, or just being her fabulous self. We hear that Gladys is very friendly. So, it’s safe to say that she fits in with the local scene here. Southern hospitality isn’t just a phrase. It’s a way of life. 

hash-mark4. David Holt

Four-time Grammy winner David Holt makes sense as a North Carolina resident. His entire life’s work was dedicated to protecting and preserving banjo music, traditional Appalachian music, and old-world American stories. 

Contrary to popular belief, Holt is not originally from the Carolinas. He’s originally Texan but has called North Carolina and has been here since the 1960s. He still occasionally performs in the area.

hash-mark5. Adam Copeland

You might not recognize this name at first, but you may know him by his wrestling moniker: Edge. When he isn’t on tour signing autographs or performing, you might find him living in the Asheville area in a sprawling mansion. 

Copeland noted that he fell in love with North Carolina when he visited for a match at the Harrah’s Cherokee Center. He couldn’t see himself leaving once he saw all the attractions and artsy areas. Besides, who can hate that North Carolina weather?

hash-mark6. Steve Martin

Steve Martin is one of the most famous comedians of his time. You may have seen him light up the stage during a Saturday Night Live skit, or you may have watched him in movies like Bowfinger. Either way, he’s not a fan of New York or California.

Instead of the stereotypical places you’d expect a guy like him, he chose to buy a beautiful house in Brevard. As it turns out, he’s a huge fan of the banjo as well. (Does anyone else want to see Holt and Martin play dueling banjos together?)

hash-mark7. Ric Flair

Another famous North Carolina celebrity is Richard Morgan Fliehr. If you’re a wrestling fan, you certainly know this towering and jacked dude as Ric Flair. His pro-wrestling career is storied by many, and the truth is that he had plenty of opportunities to live in other states. 

He prefers North Carolina despite being a Tennessee transplant. Right now, he lives in the heart of Charlotte—a perfect blend of city and Appalachian style. We can’t blame him for his choice. It’s great there.

hash-mark8. Ashley Christensen

A little “non-secret” about North Carolina is that the state is a culinary hotspot. Along with having an entire culture centered around BBQ, the state has one of the best fine dining scenes in the South. Proof? Ashley Christensen lives here in a superb home. 

The James Beard award-winning chef, online personality, and event aficionado has gained major accolades from critics in every corner of the United States. Having her present in North Carolina is a testament to the place’s culinary fare.

hash-mark9. Nicholas Sparks

There are few authors who are as famous and successful as Nicholas Sparks. The esteemed novelist has plenty of books under his belt, as well as several major recognitions from The New York Times. 

With books translated into over 50 languages, Sparks has a very cushy lifestyle as an author. It’s no surprise to hear that he resides in New Bern. Several of his novels have been set in the town itself. In fact, you might notice a certain famous bridge mentioned in his smash hit, The Notebook.

hash-mark10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock, is also one of the most famous celebrities from North Carolina. It was his home state during his wrestling career, and he still maintains a home here, even though he’s moved around the country from North Carolina to Hollywood due to his acting career. Now, it’s also said he has multiple properties in the Northeast.

Don’t be too upset, though. Even though The Rock isn't living in North Carolina full-time, people still see him visit the area often. It’s that type of state where you just can’t help but want to visit again and again and again.