Celebrities Who Live In Michigan

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 17th 2023
Michigan is not a state that people commonly associate with fame and fortune. In fact, if there was ever a populous state that seemed to get passed over for glamour, it’d be this one. However, that might be why many celebrities live in this state. Read on to discover the most famous celebrities who live in Michigan.

Michigan’s attractions are not as well-known as places like New Jersey or New York, but it still boasts a lot for the right person. Let’s take a closer look at the celebrities who chose to live in Michigan—and what their lives are like. 

hash-markMost Famous Celebrities That Live in Michigan

  1. Eminem
  2. Danny Brown
  3. Bob Seger
  4. Dax Shepherd and Kristin Bell
  5. Tony Hawk
  6. Bruce Campbell
  7. Violent J
  8. Anita Baker
  9. Michael Moore
  10. Wes Borland and Carré Callaway


Perhaps one of the most famous names to be associated with Detroit is Eminem. While he had the opportunity to call almost anywhere else in the world home, the truth is that he’s still a Michigander at heart. 

Though he no longer lives in a trailer like in 8 Mile, the truth is that he still prefers Michigan living. He still has a home in Clinton Township, which is a little far away from the rough-shod area he originally came from. 

hash-markDanny Brown

Another major name in the Detroit rap game is Danny Brown. Much like Marshall Mathers himself, Brown didn’t really want to leave Michigan. (Though, to his credit, he did leave Detroit.) He still stays in the area. 

He explained in an interview that he now lives in Farmington Hills. He’s proud to say that he sees wildlife in his backyard, though he often seems heartbroken at the current state of Detroit. 

hash-markBob Seger

Seger has been a mainstay in the world of Michigan music since time immemorial. His music has become famous for its bluesy Americana, so it makes sense that he’d choose a state in Middle America. 

Seger’s work is incredible, and so is his home. The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer still lives in a large home on La Playa Lane near Orchard Lake. He’s apparently spotted fairly frequently in his neighborhood, too. 

hash-markDax Shepherd and Kristin Bell

It’s true. This Hollywood dream duo have been happily together for years, and their favorite place to kick back is right in the heart of Michigan. Dax Shepherd was actually born in Milford. Meanwhile, his wife grew up in the state, too. 

It’s unsurprising that the two of them would choose to get a home in their home state after they raked it in through Hollywood. The adorable duo currently live in Commerce, close to where Dax grew up. 

hash-markTony Hawk

Tony Hawk always seemed like a California person, but that doesn’t mean that he’s always on the West Coast. In fact, one of the properties that he’s most commonly associated with is in the heart of Detroit. 

Hawk bought up a gorgeous and fairly large home in the Woodbridge part of Detroit. With that said, he doesn’t live in the house. According to locals, he’s more or less just interested in putting a “stamp” on it. 

hash-markBruce Campbell

Are you a fan of Burn Notice or Evil Dead? If so, you already are probably a fan of Bruce Campbell. The notice Hollywood actor has been in many different action and horror flicks throughout his illustrious career in Tinseltown. 

Unlike Tony Hawk, Bruce Campbell does spend serious time in Michigan. His home is located in the Detroit area. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. He grew up in the area and still wants to have some ties to his hometown. 

hash-markViolent J

With a name like Violent J, you might expect this guy to be a little crazy. The truth is? He’s one half of the famous rap act known as Insane Clown Posse and the founder of Psychopathic Records. The horrorcore legend grew up in Detroit alongside Shaggy 2 Dope and Eminem. 

In fact, they actually got into beef with Eminem while they were still up-and-comers in the Detroit rap scene. Though he is usually spotted touring with his best friend Shaggy, Violent J is also regularly seen throughout Michigan. He loves his home state and still continues to live there!

Violent J lives about 40 miles away from Detroit city limits, in an oddly country part of the state. Surprised? Us too.

hash-markAnita Baker

Chanteuse Anita Baker is famous for being one of the best singers in recent decades, and fans of old-school crooning can vouch for it. She still occasionally performs in private, smaller crowds. However, she’s mostly a homebody. 

Baker has been a proud Grosse Point resident for over 20 years. She bought her home in the area back in the 1990s. She’s still there, so it’s clear that she loves her home. 

hash-markMichael Moore

If you remember his smash hit movie Bowling for Columbine, then you already know what Moore is famous for. He offers a ton of great movies, clips, and books about the state of American politics, society, and capitalism. 

Moore actually got his start while working in a factory in Detroit. Unsurprisingly, the blue-collar reporter decided to stay close to home for at least half the year. He splits his time between Detroit-area Torch Lake and a place in New York. 

hash-markWes Borland and Carré Callaway

Rounding out our list is Wes Borland and his wife, Carré Callaway. The Limp Bizkit guitarist and Kween Kong musician married after time in the spotlight and decided to settle down. While they have their fair selection of homes to choose from, they decided to stick to Detroit. 

Detroit’s rock-heavy scene makes sense for them. So does having a three-story home, which is exactly what they bought when they chose to move to Detroit. Somehow, it’s safe to say that they probably have a great jam session studio inside.