Zoom Towns Guide

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 25th 2023
The Great Resignation led to many changes in the business world and at home. Many people have chosen to leave companies or change how they worked and often decided to leave big cities and relocate to smaller towns, many of which have become fast-growing zoom towns.

People no longer have to live where it is convenient because of work. With the ever-increasing popularity of remote work, they have far more options. This realization has led to zoom towns, and with good reason. 

hash-markWhat Is a Zoom Town? 

A zoom town is a smaller town that has experienced or is experiencing a significant increase in population growth. With more people working remotely, many have chosen to relocate to small-town life. Because the increase is happening so rapidly for some of these towns, they are being described as zoom towns. Ultimately, the city sees a zooming rise in its population. 

If you ever heard the term boomtown, a zoom town is ultimately quite similar. It's simply a new name for a different era. Zoom towns are primarily a product of people's changes since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. People have chosen to move into suburbs and rural areas rather than large busy towns. 

hash-mark8 Top Zoom Towns

  1. Bellingham, Washington
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Cary, North Carolina
  4. Carmel, Indiana
  5. Centennial, Colorado
  6. Fremont, California
  7. Olathe, Kansas
  8. Burlington, Vermont

1. Bellingham, Washington

The top zoom town is Bellingham, a small suburban town in Washington that is all about living the coastal life. It's right around the corner from Mount Baker and close to the border with Canada. It's also very close to Seattle, so you can easily commute for shopping and other experiences when you need to. 

This zoom town has all of the best views, and it's less expensive than life in big-town Seattle. Residents of Bellingham live life leisurely, and there are plenty of things to enjoy, from the abundance of nature surrounding you to big city life just a short drive away. 

2. Boise, Idaho

Boise is another one of the top zoom towns in America. Boise is located in Idaho, a Midwest state that often doesn't get the recognition it should. However, Idaho is currently one of the fastest-growing states in the US. Boise is Idaho's capital city and has become a popular zoom town. The city has a lot to offer, and they heavily support local businesses. 

This zoom town is excellent for all types of people and families. Young, old, it doesn't matter. 

Idaho also has a booming economy with numerous growing companies in the city. Many corporate headquarters are centered in Boise. 

3. Cary, North Carolina

This beautiful Southern town of Cary, NC, is growing quickly. If you want to take up this zoom town opportunity, you better hurry as real estate prices have risen incredibly fast! 

Cary enjoys a beautiful location that is close to Raleigh and Chapel Hill. This puts you in a suburban area but leaves you with easy day trips to big city adventures. 

This zoom town is suitable for retirees, young families, and professionals alike. It's such a homey feel with plenty of picturesque streets and a very tight-knit community. You will feel right at home from the moment you arrive. 

4. Carmel, Indiana

Carmel is really great for a family town. If you want the perfect place to settle in as a family, this zoom town might be perfect for you. Carmel has a very low crime rate and an excellent school system. These combined positives have made Carmel one of the fastest-growing zoom towns in the state. 

There are many professional opportunities nearby if you don't have a job that allows remote work. Families are always welcome and supported by the friendly local community in Carmel. It's also quite close to Indianapolis, and there are plenty of enjoyable things to do. 

5. Centennial, Colorado

Colorado is absolutely gorgeous. The views are always phenomenal. If you like snow and mountains, you really can't go wrong. Centennial is located near Denver, so you're not high up in the mountains. This city is only slightly over 20 years old and growing quickly. 

The local economy is excellent, and Centennial has plenty of job opportunities. This zoom town also offers a lot of family fun, particularly on the weekends. You will find plenty of parks, trails, spaces, and even some bike paths. 

The weather in Centennial is also great, and you can expect 300+ days of sunshine each year. 

6. Fremont, California

While Fremont is not necessarily a small town, it's affordable compared to many other California zoom towns. Located near San Francisco, Fremont was the headquarters for Tesla, and they still have 13,000 employees in the region.

Besides a strong economy and fantastic weather, Fremont has a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene. There's plenty to do in town, or if you prefer, you can always explore the beautiful nature surrounding you. 

If you want a quiet and sunny zoom town in California, you will find it here. 

7. Olathe, Kansas

Kansas rarely gets the attention it deserves. It's a quiet Midwestern state known for having tons of rural towns. Olathe is just one of those towns. It's popular because it's right by Kansas City, so you have access to the big city life while living in a calm, rural setting. 

Olathe is a zoom town that folks simply fall in love with. The lifestyle is tranquil yet fulfilling, and most residents choose to stay forever. It's a beautiful place to put down roots and thrive. 

8. Burlington, Vermont

One of the hippest zoom towns in America, Burlington has a lot of young people as it's an important college town. 

Life in Burlington is active and fun, with plenty to do in town as well as fantastic nature surrounding you, thanks to the location right on the banks of Lake Champlain. Burlington is especially popular amongst remote workers who love the outdoors.

hash-markZoom Towns Pros and Cons

Before you decide to uproot and head on out to a zoom town, it's important to know both sides of the story. We've put together some pros and cons to help you out with the details. 

Zoom Town Pros

  1. Remote work and no commuting
  2. Flexibility for workspace with many work center options
  3. Many zoom towns are more affordable
  4. Live where you want to live
  5. Often near large towns still 
  6. Opportunity is out there

Zoom Town Cons

  1. What if your remote options change? 
  2. Because of the increase in population, they may get overrun
  3. Costs are going up everywhere 
  4. It could be challenging to find available housing
  5. You might not enjoy small-town life

hash-markWhat To Look For In a Zoom Town

The most important things to look for in a zoom town are affordability and lifestyle. You want to find a town that you can afford that will be a good fit for you. Make sure it has weather you are ok with, housing available within your budget, and an atmosphere that fits your preferences. 

Choose the zoom town that most appeals to you. You want to be sure you will enjoy living in your new town.