10 Warmest Beaches in California

By PropertyClub Team
May 3rd 2024
California has miles and miles of gorgeous, golden coastline. Whether it’s the palmy beaches of Los Angeles or the cliffside beaches of Northern California, the Pacific coastline is a sight to behold. However, getting your feet wet in the Pacific can sometimes be a challenge due to the overall cold water temperature.

If you are looking to relax and catch some waves on the West Coast, read on to explore the ten warmest beaches in California. Also, If you are seeking affordable options for settling down here, our article on the cheapest places to live in California is perfect for you.

hash-markTop 10 Warmest Beaches in California

  1. Long Beach
  2. Huntington Beach
  3. Laguna Beach
  4. San Clemente State Beach
  5. Santa Barbara Beach
  6. Drakes Beach
  7. Stinson Beach
  8. Mission Beach
  9. La Jolla Beach
  10. Santa Monica Beach

hash-mark1. Long Beach

With summer water temperatures above 75 degrees and summer air temperatures of 84 degrees, Long Beach is the warmest beach in California. Located in Los Angeles County, Long Beach is also one of California’s most popular tourist destinations. The hot temperatures make Long Beach a top destination for watersports, festivals, and volleyball tournaments. Long Beach also has one of California’s longest paved bike trails that runs along the Pacific coastline. 

hash-mark2. Huntington Beach 

Huntington Beach is also one of the warmest beaches in California. Due to warm weather and water temperatures, Huntington Beach is a top destination for surfers, volleyball players, and any other type of beachgoer. Nicknamed “Surf City,” Hunting Beach has consistent water temperatures year-round. Other points of interest include the Hunting Beach Pier, which is one of the longest public piers on the West Coast. 

hash-mark3. Laguna Beach

Located in Orange County, Laguna Beach is a great natural getaway. Laguna Beach is known for its sunny cliffs overlooking its warm, pristine water. The average summer air temperature in Laguna Beach is 80 degrees, which stays consistent all year long. Laguna Beach is known for having lush trees and foliage along the waterfront, with plenty of walking and biking trails to explore. Downtown Laguna Beach also offers great restaurants, entertainment, and art galleries. 

hash-mark4. San Clemente State Beach

Known for its miles of walking trails and piers, San Clemente is a great spot to catch some sun. San Clemente has an average summer temperature of 79 degrees, which makes it perfect for surfing, volleyball, and watersports. Other great local spots include the San Clemente Pier, beach trails, and the Calafia Cliffs. Downtown San Clemente is a great spot for walking and is known for its picturesque Spanish-style architecture. 

hash-mark5. Santa Barbara Beach

Santa Barbara Beach is also one of the warmest beaches in California. It is located in Santa Barbara, a coastal city in Southern California located just north of Los Angeles. The city is famous for its balmy Mediterranean climate and Spanish-style buildings and streets. Santa Barbara Beach is a perfect spot for summer relaxation, with an average temperature of 77 Fahrenheit. Santa Barbara has plenty of activities on and off the beach, making the area one of the most visited tourist towns in California. 

hash-mark6. Drakes Beach

Located about an hour north of San Francisco, Drakes Beach is the warmest beach in Northern California. It’s also one of the most picturesque beaches in California. White sandstone cliffs overlook this scenic landscape, with water temperatures being above the local average. Not only is Drakes Beach known for its dramatic sandy cliffs, but the area is a favorite spot for local wildlife and seal populations. Visitors can also enjoy nearby nature preserves such as Point Reyes National Seashore. 

hash-mark7. Stinson Beach

Also located an hour north of San Francisco, Stinson Beach is a great place to catch some sun. Stinson Beach has an average summer temperature of 77 Fahrenheit, which is quite warm for northern California. Stinson Beach is a great spot for watersports, sunbathing, and nearby nature preserves and state parks. The town of Stinson Beach is a small, relaxed town that is great for stopping by and getting a bite to eat.  

hash-mark8. Mission Beach

Also located in San Diego, Mission Beach is a favorite destination for surfers. Temperatures in the summer average in the 70s, with consistent sunshine and great weather. The Mission Beach Boardwalk is a popular destination that offers a wide variety of food, shops, and games. Mission Beach is a popular destination for volleyball tournaments and outdoor workout sessions. Average summer temperatures in Mission Beach stay consistently in the mid-70s. 

hash-mark9. La Jolla Beach

Located in San Diego, La Jolla is a stunning beach known for its ocean bluffs and nearby country clubs. La Jolla is filled with a natural coastline, offering sea caves and tide pools filled with marine life. The average temperature in La Jolla ranges in the low to mid-70s during the summer. La Jolla is home to the University of California, San Diego, which conducts a wide array of marine research. Wildlife in the area includes Great White sharks, seals, and dolphins. 

hash-mark10. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach has one of the most iconic coastlines in California. Famous for its ferris wheel and pier, Santa Monica Beach is the perfect spot for surfing, sunbathing, biking, and sightseeing. The beach is just a short walk from the city of Santa Monica, which offers everything from great bars and clubs to diverse restaurants. The Santa Monica Mountains can be seen from the coastline and are just a short drive from the beach. The average summer temperature in Santa Monica Beach is 71 degrees.