Safest Neighborhoods in Memphis

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 18th 2024
Memphis, a city with a rich cultural heritage and vibrant history, is home to various neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and character. Since safety is a top priority for residents and visitors to Bluff City, let's explore the ten safest neighborhoods in the Memphis metropolitan area.

hash-mark9 Safest Neighborhoods in Memphis

  1. Collierville
  2. Germantown
  3. Bartlett
  4. Windyke-Southwind
  5. Eads-Fisherville
  6. Cooper-Young
  7. Cordova
  8. Evergreen
  9. East Memphis


Collierville is the safest suburb of Memphis. With a population of 51,343, it embraces a sense of security that is hard to match. The town boasts the Carriage Crossing shopping mall, a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. 

Collierville takes pride in its safety record, with violent crimes being 60% lower than the national average. Living here, your chance of becoming a victim of crime is just 1 in 75, making it a peaceful and welcoming community for all.


Nestled near the Mississippi River along the historic trails of the Chickasaw Indians, Germantown is another one of the safest neighborhoods in Memphis' metropolitan area. Germantown has 54% fewer violent crimes than the national average. The chances of becoming a crime victim in Germantown are 1 in 59, making it an even more appealing choice for residents seeking a secure environment. 

This suburb of Memphis, with a population of 41,034, not only boasts a low crime rate but also offers a unique blend of safety, attractiveness, and energy. Germantown is known for hosting various horse shows and competitions throughout the year, including the Germantown Charity Horse Show in June. 


Bartlett is another one of the safest suburbs of Memphis. Originally named "Union Depot," it served as the last major train station in Tennessee. With a population of 57,318, Bartlett has a low crime rate, with violent crimes being 35% lower than the national average. Living in Bartlett gives you a 1 in 46 chance of becoming a victim of crime, making it a secure community for residents.


Windyke-Southwind is the safest neighborhood located within the city of Memphis. It has a population of 42,717. It's a safer community, with violent crimes being 27% lower than the national average. Living here means you have a 1 in 80 chance of becoming a victim of crime. 

The average household income in Windyke-Southwind is $88,936. Additionally, the average rent for a residence in this area is $1,458 per month, making it a reasonably affordable option. The community has a median age of 33.9, reflecting a diverse and vibrant population.


Eads-Fisherville is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Memphis. Eads-Fisherville stands out with a low violent crime rate that is 20% below the national average. With a population of 14,121, this area offers a 1 in 60 chance of becoming a crime victim. 

Notably, Eads and Fisherville are two unincorporated communities joined together for zoning purposes, contributing to the neighborhood's secure and welcoming atmosphere.


Cooper-Young, sitting at number six on our list of safest neighborhoods in Memphis, is a unique and historic area in the Midtown part of the city. With a population of 2,858, it stands out for its eclectic vibe and charming atmosphere. 

Every autumn, locals and visitors alike gather for the lively Cooper-Young Festival. Notably, the neighborhood boasts safety, with violent crimes being 11% lower than the national average, making it a secure and welcoming community.


Cordova, a city in the Memphis metropolitan area, is known for its safety record and low crime. With a population of 60,762, this Memphis suburb boasts a violent crime rate that is below the national average, making it a secure place to live. 

Additionally, Cordova is home to a branch of the Memphis Public Library system, providing residents with access to educational resources and a welcoming community space.


Evergreen, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Memphis, stands as the penultimate neighborhood on our list of safest places to live in Memphis. With a 1 in 37 chance of becoming a victim of crime, it offers a sense of security to its residents. 

The violent crime rate is almost the same as the national average, making it a relatively safe community. What sets Evergreen apart is its distinctive blend of old and new homes, creating a unique character that reflects the neighborhood's rich history.

hash-markEast Memphis

East Memphis, known for being one of the safest places to live in Memphis, wraps up our list. It's a strong mix of homes and businesses. The area boasts some of Memphis's biggest houses. Big shopping spots like Eastgate Shopping Center and Poplar Plaza Shopping Center attract locals.