Safest Cities in Minnesota

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 17th 2024
Minnesota offers everything from big-city attractions in Minneapolis to outdoor adventures in the North Woods. With so many great options, choosing the right place to call home can be difficult. To help you find your perfect home, we've compiled a list of the ten safest places to live in Minnesota. 

hash-mark10 Safest Cities in Minnesota

  1. Orono
  2. Hibbing
  3. Big Lake
  4. Minnetrista
  5. Northfield
  6. La Crescent
  7. Corcoran
  8. Rochester
  9. Montevideo
  10. Worthington

hash-mark1. Orono

The safest city in Minnesota is Orono, which is located west of Minneapolis and Lake Minnetonka. The town has a population of 8,315 and a crime rate that is 72% below the national average. This charming small town offers a quiet lakefront lifestyle with the convenience of being just outside of Minneapolis. Orono is known for being one of the most upscale and wealthy areas in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. The town's median home price is listed at $1,019,639. 

hash-mark2. Hibbing

Known for being the hometown of legendary singer Bob Dylan, Hibbing is a piece of small-town life. Hibbing has a population of 16,214 and a crime rate that is 66% below the national average. Much of Hibbing's economy was once based around iron mining, with the largest open-pit iron mine located just outside of the town. The median home price in Hibbing is listed at $143,298. 

hash-mark3. Big Lake

Big Lake is a city in Sherburne County in central Minnesota. With a population of 11,686, Big Lake's crime rate is 87% below the national average. The town hosts the annual summer "Spud Fest," which celebrates local produce and features a large softball tournament. As the name implies, the town is located on two large lakes which offer a variety of camping and water sports activities. Big Lake has a median home price of $354,370. 

hash-mark4. Minnetrista 

Minnetrista is a rural town located 23 miles west of Minnetrista. Minnetrista has a population of 8,262 and a crime rate that is 69% below the national average. Outdoor adventures around Minnetrista are abundant, as the town is located near some of Minnesota's largest lakes. Much of the local economy revolves around agriculture, such as corn and soybean farms. The median home price in Minnetrista is $665,022. 

hash-mark5. Northfield

Northfield is also one of the safest cities in Minnesota. Northfield is a small, historic city located 40 miles south of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Out of a population of 20,790, Northfield has a crime rate that is 63% below the national average. Northfield has a scenic downtown that was originally built along the Cannon River Mill but is now home to many shops and restaurants. Northfield hosts the Defeat of Jesse James Days Celebration, which commemorates the town defending itself against one of America's most notorious gangs. The median home price in Northfield is $367,433. 

hash-mark6. La Crescent 

La Crescent is a town located in southern Minnesota in Houston and Winona counties. La Crescent has a population of 5,276 and a crime rate that is 90% below the national average. La Crescent is known for its local scenery, including apple orchards, expansive forests, and lakes. The area is known for having some of the best hunting and fishing grounds in the state. The median home price in La Crescent is $309,577. 

hash-mark7. Corcoran

Corcoran is a safe, rural town located west of Minneapolis. Out of a population of 6,185, Corcoran's crime rate is 84% below the national average. Corcoran offers a slower, relaxed pace of life while still being within driving distance of larger cities. Corcoran is close to plenty of hunting and fishing land, including Lake Minnetonka. The median home price in Corcoran is currently listed at $562,064.

hash-mark8. Rochester 

Rochester is another one of the safest cities in Minnesota. It's also Minnesota's third-largest city and is located in Olmstead County. With a population of 121,395, Rochester has a crime rate that is 84% below the national average. Rochester has an extensive park system with over 100 sites and four public golf courses. Rochester is home to several higher educational institutions, including several Mayo Clinic schools. The median home price in Rochester is $309,298.

hash-mark9. Montevideo

Montevideo is a small rural town located in southwestern Minnesota. The town offers a true small-town feel, being surrounded almost entirely by farms and prairies. Despite being a small town, Montevideo has a great sense of local pride, hosting annual parades, music festivals, and culinary gatherings. Montevideo has a crime rate that is 98% below the national average and a median home price of $194,133. 

hash-mark10. Worthington

Worthington is also one of the safest places to live in Minnesota. This small city is the county seat of Nobles County in southern Minnesota. Out of a population of 13,093, Worthington has a crime rate that is 51% below the national average. Worthington hosts annual events such as the Windsurfing Regatta and Music Festival and King Turkey Day, among several others. The median home price in Worthington is $209,518.