Richest Towns on Long Island

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 5th 2023
In addition to its exceptional beaches and picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island is also home to an abundance of wealthy neighborhoods and communities. This list of the nine richest towns on Long Island will help you find the best luxury areas on the island. 

hash-mark9 Richest Towns on Long Island

  1. Sapaponack
  2. Water Mill
  3. Bridgehampton
  4. Amagansett
  5. Wainscott
  6. Quogue
  7. Old Westbury
  8. Brookville
  9. Muttontown

hash-mark1. Sagaponack

The richest town on Long Island is Sagaponack. This area spans roughly 4.56 square miles between Wainscott and Bridgehampton and is home to approximately 736 people, only half of whom are full-time residents. The small resident base and secluded location make this town an ideal spot for those who prefer a tranquil area with a sense of privacy. Additionally, residents of this neighborhood will find picturesque outdoor appeal, a serene atmosphere, and a truly intimate community. With home prices averaging at $6.18 Million, Sagaponack is the wealthiest town in Long Island and one of the most expensive places to live in the entire United States. 

hash-mark2. Water Mill 

The second richest town on Long Island is Water Mill, a small hamlet neighboring Southampton. Water Mill is a charming town with a rich history, a quiet atmosphere, and an abundance of wealthy residents. In addition to its iconic waterfront, Water Mill also provides residents with other living environments, such as farm fields and woodlands, and locals are drawn to its abundance of traditional-style mansions. Local amenities in this area include visual and performing arts centers, museums, beaches, and everything the island has to offer. With home prices averaging at $4.13 Million, Water Mill is the second-most expensive area to live in Long Island. 

hash-mark3. Bridgehampton

Located within Southampton is Bridgehampton, another one of Long Island’s wealthiest towns. This area is known for its assortment of traditional farmhouse homes, beautiful villas, and towering estates. According to Forbes’ list of the most expensive homes in the world, Bridgehampton’s homes are highly coveted and considered some of the most desirable real estate in the world. This is likely due to the area’s stunning beaches, vibrant sunsets, and grande oceanic views, which emanate an unmatched luxury. Home prices in this area average $3.93 Million, making Bridgehampton a beautiful addition to Long Island’s wealthiest towns. 

hash-mark4. Amagansett 

Amagansett is an affluent Long Island town with something for everyone. Located in East Hampton, this area is known for attracting a variety of celebrities and A-list vacationers to its quiet shores. Locals can enjoy a number of small-town amenities in Amagansett, which include fresh produce, farm stands, boutiques, and restaurants. Additionally, the area has a generous section of oceanfront, a rich history, and an easy, slow-paced atmosphere. Homes in Amagansett average $3.77 Million, keeping it an affluent part of Long Island’s landscape. 

hash-mark5. Wainscott 

Located on the East End of Long Island is Wainscott, a charming addition to the island’s richest towns. This small area is home to only 342 people, all of whom appreciate the local array of pristine beaches and southern views of the Atlantic Ocean. Other amenities in this area include a variety of local retailers, surf shops, and seafood restaurants. Additionally, Wainscott is home to several famous individuals, which include Award-winning directors, business tycoons, and other celebrities. Home values in Wainscott average $3.18 Million, making it a rich area for those who prefer small-town living close to the big city. 

hash-mark6. Quogue 

The town of Quogue stretches over five square miles of shoreline and is considered one of the most prestigious areas along the South Fork. This area is beloved by a diverse array of residents, which include surfers, literary enthusiasts, and history buffs, all of whom appreciate the town for its historic architecture, stunning beaches, and endless waterfront. The town is also a welcome respite for those who prefer a quiet place away from the bustle of the city and offers residents much-needed peace and quiet. Homes in this area average $2.8 Million, making it a rich area for those who prefer serene living. 

hash-mark7. Old Westbury 

Old Westbury is one of the richest towns along Long Island’s North Shore. This village is part of the towns of North Hampstead and Oyster Bay and is home to roughly 4,219 people. While the town was originally settled by the Quakers, it is currently known for its diverse culture and rich history, and one-of-a-kind charm. Locals can enjoy a show at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury, take in the local scenery at the Old Westbury Gardens, or stop for a cup of tea at one of the several cafes nearby. Home values in Old Westbury average $2.56 Million, making it one of the most expensive areas on the island. 

hash-mark8. Brookville 

Brookville is another rich area located on the island’s North Shore. Situated in the Town of Oyster Bay, Brookville has a population of about 2,847 and is considered one of the best places to live in New York. The town has a highly affluent resident base, which previously helped it earn the title of “Wealthiest Town in America” in BusinessWeek 2009. Residents will find an abundance of natural amenities here, which include equine centers, bicycling paths, and Bethpage State Park. Home values here average $2.35 Million, making it an ideal location for wealthy families. 

hash-mark9. Muttontown 

In addition to being one of Long Island’s richest towns, Muttontown is also one of the friendliest. Home to roughly 3,500 people, this area has often been hailed as a family-friendly community due to its abundance of handsome estates, beautiful nature preserves, and a welcoming atmosphere. Residents here can also enjoy the town’s variety of greenspaces, golf courses, and short commute into Manhattan. Additionally, the local community is tightly knit, which helps keep local crime rates roughly 81% below the island’s average. Homes in Muttontown have an average sales price of $2.16 Million, maintaining the area’s reputation as one of the wealthiest and friendliest areas on the island.