Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cleveland

Oct 30th 2023
Located along Lake Erie, Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio and one of the state’s largest economic hubs. Unfortunately, the city is also known for its high crime rates. Read on to discover the ten worst places to live in Cleveland. 

Cleveland is home to attractions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Garfield Memorial, and the Cleveland Arcade. Even though Cleveland has a lot to offer, there are many areas that suffer from high crime rates and give the city a bad reputation. 

hash-mark10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cleveland

  1. Saint Claire-Superior 
  2. Industrial Valley
  3. North Broadway
  4. Kinsman
  5. Union-Miles Park
  6. Central 
  7. Stockyards
  8. Buckeye-Shaker
  9. Fairfax
  10. South Broadway

hash-mark1. Saint Claire-Superior 

The most dangerous neighborhood in Cleveland is Saint Claire-Superior, which is located along Lake Erie, near downtown Cleveland. Saint Claire-Superior has a violent crime rate that is 451% above the national average, with a lot of gang activity being present. Crimes like homicide, drug trafficking, prostitution, and robbery are common in Saint Claire-Superior. Many incidents of property occur regularly in the area as well. 

hash-mark2. Industrial Valley

As the name implies, Industrial Valley is an area near downtown that was once a manufacturing hub. Industrial Valley has a population of just over 1,000 people, but the total crime rate is 291% above the national average, making it one of the worst neighborhoods in Cleveland to live in. Violent crime rates are exorbitantly high in the area, with the murder rate being almost five times the national average. Employment options in Industrial Valley are scarce, with the area suffering from urban decay. 

hash-mark3. North Broadway

North Broadway is located in southeast Cleveland and is noted for at one time being a cultural hub for Eastern European immigrants. With a population of around 4,800, North Broadway’s crime rate is 264% above the national average. Violent crime is a major concern in the area, with murders, assaults, shootings, and robberies being common. Many residents live below the poverty line, with crimes such as theft being common. 

hash-mark4. Kinsman 

Kinsman is an area just southeast of downtown Cleveland. This area of town has a high violent crime rate, with gang activity being present. Out of a population of about 3,270, Kinsman has a crime rate that is 251% above the national average. As with much of East Cleveland, Kinsman has a high violent crime rate that is mainly linked to neighborhood-based gang conflict. Along with a high violent crime rate, Kinsman also has high rates of drug trafficking, theft, and prostitution. 

hash-mark5. Union-Miles Park

Union-Miles Park is located on the Southeast side of Cleveland and is known for its historic Victorian-style houses. With a population of 8,776, Union-Miles Park has a crime rate that is 228% above the national average. The violent crime rate is extremely high, with shootings and homicides being part and parcel of the area. Residents often experience stolen items from their homes and vehicles as well. The average household income in Union-Miles Park is 40% below the national average.

hash-mark6. Central 

Central, also known as Cedar-Central, is a neighborhood located on Cleveland’s East Side. Central struggles with high unemployment and poverty rates, with residents earning 35% below the national average. Central struggles with gang activity, which results in many types of crime, including homicides, shootings, drug trafficking, theft, and prostitution. Despite having a high crime rate, Central is an important African-American cultural center in Cleveland. 

hash-mark7. Stockyards

Also known as the Yards, Stockyards is a neighborhood on the West Side of Cleveland. Like many neighborhoods in West Cleveland, Stockyards has a high violent crime rate and struggles with gang activity. Stockyards has a population of 5,485 and a crime rate that is 40% above the Cleveland average. The Stockyards area suffers from a high poverty rate as well, with the average family earning 55% below the national average. 

hash-mark8. Buckeye-Shaker

Buckeye-Shaker refers to two historic neighborhoods located on Cleveland’s East Side. With a population of around 10,900, Buckeye-Shaker’s total crime rate is 125% above the national average. Buckeye-Shaker struggles with both violent and property crime, with robbery, homicide, robbery, and burglary being common. Employment options in the area are limited, with the average household income being 36% below the national average. Despite having a high crime rate, the area is home to tourist sites such as Shaker Square Historic District. 

hash-mark9. Fairfax

Fairfax is an area on Cleveland’s East Side that is home to several historic sites, such as the Karamu House. Out of a population of roughly 3,900, Fairfax has a crime rate that is 39% above the Cleveland average. Fairfax struggles with poverty, crime, and poorly rated-schools. Both violent and property crimes are rampant in the area, with robbery, assault, burglary, homicide, and theft being common. Fairfax also has a gang presence, often engaging in violent activity and drug trafficking. 

hash-mark10. South Broadway

South Broadway is also one of the worst areas in Cleveland for crime. This neighborhood is located between downtown and Garfield Heights. With a population of 13,588, South Broadway has a crime rate that is 26% above the Cleveland average. South Broadway is an area with longstanding problems with gangs, poverty, and urban decay. There was a total of 7,234 criminal incidents in 2022, including murder, theft, gun violence, and robberies.