Richest Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 26th 2023
Known for its prevalent role throughout America’s steel industry, Pittsburgh is thoroughly beloved for its iconic bridges and towering skyscrapers. This list of the ten wealthiest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh will be your guide to the most affluent areas around the city.

hash-markTop 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

  1. Strip District
  2. Oakland
  3. Point Breeze
  4. Squirrel Hill
  5. Aspinwall
  6. Shadyside
  7. Downton
  8. Lawrenceville
  9. North Shore
  10. South Side Flats

hash-mark1. Strip District

The richest neighborhood in Pittsburgh is the Strip District. Located only 1.5 miles from downtown, Strip District offers a vibrant urban experience with historic charm, eclectic shops, and a bustling food scene. The area’s mix of local markets, art galleries, unique industrial atmosphere, and close proximity to downtown make it an exciting and convenient place to call home. The average home price in the Strip District is $650k, making it the most expensive neighborhood in Pittsburgh. 

hash-mark2. Oakland

The second wealthiest neighborhood in Pittsburgh is Oakland. Best for those who prefer a more academic setting, this area is located about 3.0 miles from the city center and is particularly known for its proximity to universities, cultural institutions, and diverse dining options. Fueled by its student population and intellectual energy, this neighborhood possesses a unique blend of academia and city living, complete with green spaces, cultural events, and educational resources. The average home price in Oakland is $575k, making it a premier choice for wealthy Pittsburgh citizens.

hash-mark3. Point Breeze 

In addition to being one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Point Breeze is also one of the most charming. Located about 9.2 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, this neighborhood is equipped with historic homes, tree-lined streets, and a tranquil residential atmosphere. The neighborhood’s proximity to Frick Park and its upscale shopping and dining options contribute to a sense of refinement and convenience for local residents. Point Breeze’s blend of green spaces, urban amenities, and average home price of $564k makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a sophisticated and peaceful living environment.

hash-mark4. Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill is one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for those who prefer a culturally rich living environment. Located about 5.5 miles from downtown, Squirrel Hill is perfect for commuters who like traveling into the city for work. The area has a diverse community with a mix of local shops, international cuisines, parks, and cultural events. With an average home price of $428k and monthly rent of $1,000.00, Squirrel Hill is not to be overlooked when considering Pittsburgh’s richest neighborhoods. 

hash-mark5. Aspinwall 

Aspinwall is one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for those who prefer to live further from the city center. Located about 8 miles from downtown, this area is popular among commuters. A charming suburban living experience, Aspinwall is particularly beloved for its scenic riverfront views, local boutiques, and tight-knit community feel. The neighborhood’s proximity to the Allegheny River and parks creates a serene and nature-inspired atmosphere for residents, and local home prices average close to $425k.

hash-mark6. Shadyside

Shadyside is both one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and one of the best. Living in Shadyside offers an upscale urban experience, with tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a mix of boutique shopping and dining options. Located about 4.7 miles from the city center, the neighborhood’s charming atmosphere, sense of community, and proximity to cultural venues create a refined yet lively living environment. Residents enjoy a balance of residential tranquility and urban amenities, which help keep local home prices close to $423k.

hash-mark7. Downtown 

Downtown is another one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for those who want to live in the center of it all. A bustling neighborhood right in the middle of the city, Downtown is characterized by its central location, iconic skyscrapers, and a mix of cultural and recreational attractions. The neighborhood’s proximity to theaters, museums, and dining options creates a vibrant cultural scene while also providing a balance between work, leisure, and accessibility to public transportation. Home prices in Downtown Pittsburgh average at $405k, keeping it an essential destination for the city’s elite. 

hash-mark8. Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville is one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for true city living. Only 3.2 miles from the city center, Lawrenceville has a dynamic urban lifestyle, complete with a trendy arts scene, a vibrant nightlife, and a tight-knit community spirit. The area also possesses an abundance of historic architecture, local boutiques, and diverse dining options, creating a unique blend of modern amenities and old-world charm. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that the average home price in Lawrenceville is $400k.

hash-mark9. North Shore 

North Shore is another one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Located 2.2 miles from downtown, this area provides its residents with an entertaining urban lifestyle. Boasting close proximity to major sports venues, cultural attractions, and scenic riverfront views, there is something for everyone in Lawrenceville. Its accessibility and natural beauty make it one of the most highly sought-after neighborhoods in the city, keeping the average home price close to $328k. 

hash-mark10. South Side Flats

South Side Flats is one of the richest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for lively city living. An energetic community full of urban amenities, South Side Flats is one of the best choices when it comes to entertainment, diverse dining, and historic architecture. The area’s numerous bars, shops and proximity to the Monongahela River create a vibrant atmosphere for residents seeking a dynamic social environment. With its blend of modern amenities and historical charm, along with ample opportunity for outdoor activities, it’s no wonder the average home price in Southside Flats is $325k.