Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Denver

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 25th 2023
Sitting at the footsteps of the Rocky Mountains, Denver has just about everything to offer, including a robust economy, great food, world-class nightlife, and plenty of safe places to live. However, some neighborhoods are best avoided due to high crime rates. While Denver is far from being the most dangerous city in the country, there are still some dodgy areas. Read on to discover the ten worst neighborhoods in Denver. 

hash-mark10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Denver

  1. Capitol Hill
  2. City Park
  3. Stapleton
  4. Central West Denver
  5. Auraria
  6. Five Points
  7. Baker
  8. Alamo Placita
  9. Montbello
  10. Central Business District

hash-mark1. Capitol Hill

The most dangerous neighborhood in Denver is Capitol Hill. It's an area that attracts many visitors looking to see the best Denver has to offer in art, culture, and history. However, for unsuspecting tourists, there are potential safety risks due to the area's high crime rate. Capitol Hill has a population of 21,726 and a crime rate that is a whopping 431% higher than the national average. Very few hotels in the area are recommended, and property crime is rampant. Violent crime also occurs in the neighborhood, but most of the crimes in the area are burglaries, theft, and vehicle theft. 

hash-mark2. City Park

Another one of the worst neighborhoods in Denver is City Park due to its high crime rate. City Park has a population of 8,202 and a crime rate that is 285% higher than the Colorado state average. 

Despite some safety concerns, City Park is a scenic neighborhood that is home to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Most residents don't complain of crime, and this neighborhood is mostly a risk to unsuspecting tourists. The most common type of crime is property crime, with petty theft being a concern. 

hash-mark3. Stapleton 

Stapleton is also one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Denver. The area has a population of 19,385 and a crime rate that is 277% higher than the national average. Stapleton has a higher violent crime rate than other Denver neighborhoods, with 19 shooting incidents recorded in 2022 and 1,400 other incidents. Despite this, property crime is still the most common type of crime, and residents report feeling overall safe in this neighborhood. Residents don't report feeling unsafe using public transportation or when traveling on foot. 

hash-mark4. Central West Denver

With a population of 50,475, Central West is one of Denver's largest neighborhoods and contains much of the city's cultural life. It's also one of the most dangerous areas in Denver. The total crime rate in Central West is 8,412 per 100,000, which is 158% higher than the Colorado average. The most common types of crime by far are property crimes and petty theft. While violent crimes like assault sometimes occur, the biggest problem residents have to worry about is having their car or home broken into. 

hash-mark5. Auraria

Auraria is a small community near the Central Business District with a population of 799. The crime rate in Auraria is 76% higher than the national average, making it one of the worst Denver neighborhoods for crime. Most of the crime in Auraria occurs after dark. Although violent crime is rare, petty theft and transient loitering are major concerns in this area. Auraria has a decent police presence, which helps monitor much of the crime. 

hash-mark6. Five Points

Five Points is another one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Denver. It is one of Denver's historic neighborhoods with a population of 16,264 residents. Five Points has a crime rate that is 52% higher than the national average. While crime has somewhat calmed down in recent decades, this area remains high-risk, especially for property crime and theft. Residents and visitors are discouraged from leaving cash or valuables in their vehicles or in plain sight. Five Points becomes much more dangerous at night, and violent crimes like assault and robbery should not be ruled out. 

hash-mark7. Baker

Baker is also one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Denver. This suburban neighborhood has a disproportionately high property crime rate. With a population of 5,795, Baker has a crime rate that is 45% higher than the Colorado average. Much of the property crime involves theft, burglaries, and car theft. Residents rarely feel unsafe in Baker, but leaving valuables in plain sight is highly discouraged. 

hash-mark8. Alamo Placita

Far from being the most dangerous neighborhood in Denver, Alamo Placita's crime rate is only 13% higher than the Denver average. The most common types of crime are burglaries, car theft, and other petty crimes. Traveling on foot or public transportation is safe both during the day and at night. When traveling through Alamo Placita, use common sense and don't leave valuable items in the open. 

hash-mark9. Montbello

Montbello is a suburban community near Green Valley Ranch with a population of 30,000. Montbello has a high property and violent crime rate, with 21 violent incidents and 56 property crimes recorded in 2020. Crimes such as assaults, muggings, and theft are the most common. Pickpocketing has been known to happen in congested areas. Hotel safety varies widely in Montbello. 

hash-mark10. Central Business District

With a population of roughly 10,000, the Central Business District is the economic heart of Denver. While violent crime isn't that common, it's one of the worst areas in Denver for property crime, specifically petty theft, with most crimes occurring at night. Taking public transportation, especially at night, can be risky, and many hotels in the area are not recommended.