Richest Cities in Alabama

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 27th 2023
In addition to successful sports teams and a rich history, Alabama is also home to many wealthy communities. This list of the ten richest cities in Alabama will guide you to the most affluent areas in the state.

hash-mark10 Richest Cities in Alabama

  1. Mountain Brook
  2. Vestavia Hills
  3. Trussville
  4. Madison
  5. Hoover
  6. Helena
  7. Spanish Fort
  8. Homewood
  9. Alabaster
  10. Fairhope

hash-mark1. Mountain Brook

The richest city in Alabama is Mountain Brook. Home to about 22,000 people, Mountain Brook offers an exclusive living experience nestled within the lush landscapes of the Appalachian foothills. Renowned for its elegant homes and well-manicured neighborhoods, the city exudes a refined charm accented by top-notch schools, boutique shopping, and close proximity to natural amenities. With a median household income of $150k, Mountain Brook is the wealthiest city in Alabama by a solid margin. 

hash-mark2. Vestavia Hills

The second-richest city in Alabama is Vestavia Hills. Living in Vestavia Hills provides residents with a sophisticated suburban experience that is surrounded by the picturesque setting of the Appalachian mountains. Recognized for its well-established neighborhoods and strong community spirit, Vestavia Hills offers a blend of comfort and charm. Residents benefit from excellent schools, diverse amenities, and convenient access to Birmingham's cultural scene. With its blend of upscale living, serene landscapes, and a median household income of $119k, Vestavia Hills is another top choice for Alabama's wealthiest residents.

hash-mark3. Trussville

Another one of the richest cities in Alabama is Trussville. A predominantly suburban area, this city is known for its friendly neighborhoods and strong community ties. With only 26,000 residents, Trussville provides a comfortable yet vibrant atmosphere, complete with exceptional schools and proximity to everything Birmingham has to offer. The city's combination of picturesque living, community spirit, accessibility, and a median household income of $108k keeps it among Alabama's wealthiest cities.

hash-mark4. Madison

In addition to being one of the richest cities in Alabama, Madison is also becoming one of the most popular. A modern area nestled within a growing community, this city is often recognized for its welcoming neighborhoods and family-friendly environment. The city offers a harmonious blend of convenience and comfort, and residents can benefit from top amenities such as quality schools and easy access to Huntsville's technological and cultural hubs. With a mix of contemporary living, community engagement, and a median household income of $105k, Madison is a truly exclusive place to live. 

hash-mark5. Hoover

Hoover is one of the richest suburbs in Alabama. Located just outside of Birmingham, this city offers a dynamic living experience within a diverse and thriving community. Known for its manicured neighborhoods and active local environment, this city is ideal for those who prefer a well-balanced lifestyle. Excellent schools, shopping districts, and close proximity to Birmingham's cultural attractions all contribute to Hoover's appeal and help keep the local median household income at $96k. 

hash-mark6. Helena

Helena is one of the wealthiest cities in Alabama for families. Living in Helena offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. Renowned for its friendly neighborhoods and active local community, this city provides a serene escape from big-city life. The appealing combination of tranquil living, community closeness, accessibility to Birmingham's urban amenities, and high median household income helps to keep Helena among Alabama's most expensive cities. 

hash-mark7. Spanish Fort

In addition to being one of Alabama's richest cities, Spanish Fort is also one of the most desirable. A charming area along the picturesque Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, this city is beloved for its scenic beauty and close-knit community. Its location and atmosphere are perfect for those interested in a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle within close proximity to Mobile. With an iconic blend of coastal living, community warmth, and convenient access to urban amenities, it's no surprise that the median household income is close to $90k.  

hash-mark8. Homewood

Homewood is another one of the most expensive places to live in Alabama for those who prefer to live close to Birmingham. Hallmarked by its tree-lined streets, welcoming neighborhoods, and a tight-knit community, this city sits only five miles from downtown Birmingham and provides its residents with everything needed for urban living. Outstanding schools, abundant local shops, and a short commute to Birmingham's cultural attractions contribute to the city's appeal. The median household income in Homewood is $89k. 

hash-mark9. Alabaster

Alabaster is one of the richest cities in Alabama for those who prefer a comfortable suburban lifestyle. Home to about 34,000 people, this city is known for its welcoming neighborhoods, community camaraderie, and family-friendly environment. Additionally, residents here will find quality educational facilities, ample urban amenities, and close proximity to all of Birmingham's main attractions. The combination of relaxed living, community connection, and a median household income of $83k all help Alabaster remain on the list of Alabama's richest cities.

hash-mark10. Fairhope

Fairhope is another one of the wealthiest cities in Alabama that is ideal for those who prefer to live close to Mobile. Home to 24,000 people, this city provides an enchanting coastal lifestyle along the shores of Mobile Bay. Known for its picturesque waterfront scenery and artistic community, the city prides itself on a unique blend of tranquility and cultural vibrancy. Charming shops and waterfront activities all contribute to Fairhope's allure. With so much to offer, it's easy to see why the median household income in this city stays close to $83k.