Richest Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 22nd 2023
Los Angeles has long been known for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and affluent local communities. This list of the nine richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles will guide you to the most expensive and luxurious places to live in LA county.

hash-markTop 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Los Angeles (2023)

  1. Bel-Air
  2. Pacific Palisades
  3. Beverly Hills
  4. Malibu
  5. Beverly Crest 
  6. Windsor Square
  7. Brentwood
  8. University Park
  9. Holmby Hills
  10. Hancock Park 

hash-mark1. Bel-Air 

The richest neighborhood in Los Angeles is Bel-Air. Making its claim to fame on the popular series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, this neighborhood is located directly across from Sunset Boulevard and is considered one of the most exclusive residential areas in Los Angeles. It is one of three distinct neighborhoods that make up the Platinum Triangle and has been home to several prominent Hollywood celebrities and entertainers. Besides its flashy appearance in the film industry, Bel-Air is a relatively quiet neighborhood with a tranquil, secluded setting. It also has a gated perimeter and a stunning assortment of residences. Bel-Air is the most expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles, with real estate prices averaging $4.27 Million. 

hash-mark2. Pacific Palisades 

The second most expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles is Pacific Palisades. Located on the city’s southern bluffs, this affluent neighborhood is known for its beautiful canyons and stunning beaches. Residences here are polished and well-maintained and offer residents spectacular ocean views. Locals can also enjoy the area’s “downtown” center, locally known as The Village, where they will find amenities such as coffee shops, boutiques, and independent restaurants. And, of course, Malibu and Santa Monica are never far away for those who like to get out of town. Home values in the Pacific Palisades average $3.8 Million, making it another frontrunner for the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. 

hash-mark3. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is also one of the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles county. Beverly Hills is known worldwide for being the home to many celebrities and movie stars as well as having some of the most expensive real estate on the planet. The neighborhood is also famous for being the home of Rodeo Drive, one of the trendiest and priciest shopping districts on the planet. The median home price in Beverly Hills was $3.65 million in 2023.  

hash-mark4. Malibu

Malibu is a wealthy beachfront city located in Western LA County. It is a popular hotspot for celebrities and millionaires, and it known for its stunning mansions overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Jay-Z and Beyonce made history in early 2023 when they purcahsed a $200 million estate in Malibu's Paradise Cove neighborhood. Some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles county are lcoated in Malibu, as the median home price in the area is $3.4 million. 

hash-mark5. Beverly Crest 

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains is Beverly Crest, another one of the richest Los Angeles neighborhoods. Situated between Bel-Air and Hollywood Hills, this neighborhood is home to North Beverly Park, South Beverly Park, and Beverly Glen, all known as peaceful residential living areas. Though it is not a central location as far as nightlife is concerned, the inhabitants of Beverly Crest have a wealth of amenities at their fingertips. These include opportunities for outdoor recreation, picturesque views, and everything that Sunset Strip has to offer. Homes for sale in Beverly Crest average $2.7 Million, making this one of the hottest spots in all of Los Angeles.

hash-mark6. Windsor Square

Windsor Square is also one of the most expensive places to live in Los Angeles. From its conception in 1911, Windsor Square was intended to be one of the most exclusive residential subdivisions in Los Angeles and Southern California. This wealthy, historic neighborhood is roughly five miles from the city center and was built to be Los Angeles’s largest upper-class neighborhood ever marketed. Today, it maintains that intention and its homes are among the most coveted in the entire city. Homebuyers here will find a vast assortment of different architectural styles – Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, Tudor, and English, to name a few. With such beautiful architecture and meticulously maintained streets, it’s no surprise that these home values generally average around $2.62 Million. 

hash-mark7. Brentwood

Brentwood is another rich neighborhood located on the Los Angeles Westside. This area is known for its quiet, tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes, all of which are built in various architectural styles. Its streets have housed several prominent movie stars, celebrities, and world-class residents, all of whom prefer the area for its active local community, stunning landscape, and serene atmosphere. Luxury amenities in Brentwood include several high-end boutiques, trendy restaurants, the Getty, and picturesque views of the Santa Monica mountains. Home values in Brentwood average $2.5 Million, making this another popular choice among the Los Angeles elite. 

hash-mark8. University Park

University Park is one of the wealthiest areas in the South Los Angeles region. This neighborhood stretches over 1.17 square miles and is the home of the University of Southern California (USC), Mount St. Mary’s College, and Hebrew Union College. This local wealth of educational opportunities makes it a popular destination for students and young professionals, as well as visitors and tourists. Residents of this area can enjoy a wide variety of local amenities, including museums, galleries, theaters, sports venues, gardens, and libraries. With home values averaging at $2.3 Million, University Park is certain to impress those who prefer an upscale area with plenty of entertainment. 

hash-mark9. Holmby Hills 

Located on the west side of Los Angeles is Holmby Hills, another one of the city’s wealthiest and most expensive areas. Though this is the smallest neighborhood in the Platinum Triangle, it is also the most exclusive. It features enormous mansions and is home to some of Los Angeles’s most famous estates, such as the Playboy Mansion. Other local amenities include stunning local scenery, manicured landscapes, public parks, elegant architecture, and a sense of privacy. Residents can also enjoy the surrounding area’s abundance of dining, shopping, and entertainment. Home values in this area average $2.11 Million, making it a beautiful addition to the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. 

hash-mark10. Hancock Park 

Hancock Park is both rich and beautiful. Located just below Paramount Studios, this stunning neighborhood is a stunning preservation of 1920s Los Angeles architecture. Its homes contain a wide variety of architectural designs, which include Tudor, Spanish Colonial, and even Châteaus. Due to its unique style and local culture, Hancock Park tends to draw artists, bohemians, and cultural sophisticates. Local amenities in the area include fun shopping experiences, museums, eateries, and a highly-walkable layout. Home prices in this area average $1.74 Million, making it perfect for those who prioritize luxury and culture.