Celebrities That Live In Malibu

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 9th 2023
Very few locations seem to have as glamorous an image as Malibu. Malibu is the type of place that people aspire to live in. It’s elegant, decadent, and of course, a place where people go when they want to mingle with the rich and famous. 

Unsurprisingly, the allure of Malibu’s luxe lifestyle has gotten the attention of many A-listers. Here are some of the most well-known celebrities that live in Malibu. 

hash-mark8 Famous Celebrities That Live In Malibu

  1. Kanye West
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Sergey Brin
  4. Barbara Millicent Roberts
  5. Paris Hilton
  6. Jonah Hill
  7. Betsey Johnson
  8. Mindy Kaling

hash-markKanye West

The most famous celebrity that lives in Malibu is Kanye West. He’s also a guy who doesn’t mess around when it comes to real estate. As one of the many celebrities who live in Malibu, West chose to have some beachfront property made by Tadao Ando. His property is one of the very few Ando designed in the United States. 

This property did not come cheap. He had to shell out a cool $57 million to get this property. It’s a four-bed, four-bath property that occasionally finds itself back on the market. To date, it’s believed that Kanye still owns the property. 

hash-markLady Gaga

The “Bad Romance” singer has no qualms about telling people that she wants to live in the lap of luxury. Obviously, that means that her home in Malibu is going to be extra glamorous. Clocking in at a jaw-dropping 10,000 square feet, Lady Gaga’s home became nicknamed the “Gypsy Palace” because it’s the only place she’ll settle down. 

What’s not to love? It’s modern and chic and also has plenty of space to entertain. She purchased it in 2014 when it sold for $22.4 million. Today, it’s certain that the home’s value has ballooned to a much higher amount. With that said, it’s unlikely she’ll sell anytime soon.

hash-markSergey Brin

You might not know Brin by name, but we’re willing to bet that you know the product that he helped found. Brin is the co-founder of Google. As a major tech name, he chose to live the high life in Malibu, California. 

Pop star Pink previously owned Brin’s luxurious five-bed, seven-bath home. Now, it’s his home, and he gets to party like a rockstar. It even has a Balinese pool cabana. What a life!

hash-markBarbara Millicent Roberts

Everyone knows the world’s most famous resident of Malibu: Malibu Barbie. While it’s true that the fictional character never actually owned real estate in the city, her name has become inextricable from the city’s veneer of luxury. 

If anything, it’s a testament to how popular Malibu is. 

hash-markParis Hilton

Paris Hilton is often likened to Malibu Barbie, and as it turns out, they could be neighbors. Hilton has been a fan of this city for ages, and by 2021, she snapped up a home for $8.4 million. Today, she lives there with her beau. 

Curious about what Paris Hilton’s home might look like? You might have already seen it if you watch Netflix. Her show, Cooking With Paris, is actually shot inside her house!

hash-markJonah Hill

Actor-comedian Jonah Hill is such a huge fan of Malibu that he didn’t just go on record for buying one home. He bought two! His first home was purchased for $9 million, and he immediately fell in love with the luxury seaside vibes the city offers. 

Jonah liked living in Malibu so much that he decided to unload the first home in favor of a larger oceanside property. He spent a whopping $15 million on it. It features actual views of the ocean and over 3,000 square feet of space to enjoy. 

hash-markBetsey Johnson

While most A-list celebrities that live in Malibu make a point of buying bigger, Betsey Johnson doesn’t bother with that. The famously counterculture fashion designer does have a house in Malibu, but it doesn’t give that Malibu vibe. 

Why? It’s actually a rather petite, pink-colored mobile home with a lush garden. The two-bed, two-bath house still cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Rumor has it that she paid over $1.5 million for this petite home. 

hash-markMindy Kaling

Everyone loves Mindy Kaling and her amazing sense of humor. The comedienne seemed to struggle to find a place that she wanted to live in, especially when it came to the Cali lifestyle. She sold several homes in the Los Angeles area before she bought a place in Malibu. 

One thing that truly stands out about Kaling’s home is its history. It’s not just any home. Her house was the former home of the legendary crooner Frank Sinatra. She still lives there with her two kids.

With seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the best way to describe this historic home is “palatial.” One can hope that she kept the Sinatra house true to its historic appearance. Somehow, we think she did right by ol’ Blue Eyes.