11 Richest Cities in Florida

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 9th 2024
Florida has long been a desirable place to move to for wealthy Americans due to its sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, and low tax rates. But where exactly do the Sunshine State's richest residents live? Read on to discover the ten wealthiest cities in Florida.

hash-mark11 Richest Cities in Florida (2024)

  1. Palm Beach 
  2. Key Biscayne 
  3. Pinecrest
  4. Parkland 
  5. Southwest Ranches 
  6. Coral Gables
  7. Miami Shores 
  8. Palmetto Bay 
  9. Naples 
  10. Weston 
  11. Longboat Key 

hash-mark1. Palm Beach

The richest city in Florida is Palm Beach. The median household income in Palm Beach is $190,800. It's also the Florida city with the most billionaires, with an estimated 30 billionaires living in Palm Beach as of 2024. Palm Beach has a population of 14,780, and the city is well-known for its wealthy residents and incredible beachfront mansions. The median sales price for a Palm Beach home is approximately $2,475,000. 

hash-mark2. Pinecrest 

Pinecrest is a wealthy suburb of Miami located about a 25-minute drive from the city. The median household income in Pinecrest is $178,100 and has been steadily rising in recent years. The city has approximately 19,225 residents and is well-known for its many parks, including Pinecrest Gardens, which has over 1,000 different species of plants and animals. 

Home prices in Pinecrest have risen dramatically since 2020, almost doubling. As a result, the median sales price in Pinecrest has skyrocketed to $1,980,000 in 2023, up from around $1,150,000 in early 2020. 

hash-mark3. Key Biscayne

With a median household income of $173,500, Key Biscayne is another one of the wealthiest cities in Florida. Key Biscayne has 14,450 residents and is located just outside Miami on a barrier island. The city offers residents beautiful beaches with unparalleled access to the ocean while still being just a short drive from Downtown Miami. The islands around Key Biscayne are also home to some of the wealthiest areas in Florida, including Star Island and Fisher Island. Since it is one of the trendiest suburbs of Miami, real estate in Key Biscayne is very pricey, with the median price of homes being $1,655,000 in 2023.  

hash-mark4. Parkland 

Parkland is also one of the richest cities in Florida. This city of 34,760 people has a median household income of $188,500 and is located about 45 minutes North of Miami. Parkland is near the Everglades and, as its moniker suggests, is home to many parks, which residents are sure to enjoy. It's also a fast-growing city, with the population having doubled in the past 20 years. 

The median sales price for homes in Parkland was $1,075,000 between January 2023 and January 2024. 

hash-mark5. Southwest Ranches 

Another one of the richest cities in Florida is Southwest Ranches. The median household income in Southwest Ranches is $165,600. This wealthy town has a population of 7,605 people and is located about a 45-minute drive Northwest of Miami, on the eastern border of the Everglades National Park. Although the area is suburban now, it used to be rural, with numerous horse ranches, hence its name. 

In recent years, real estate prices in Southwest Ranches have increased a lot, and the median home price is currently $1,260,000. 

hash-mark6. Coral Gables

Coral Gables is also one of the wealthiest cities in Florida. This affluent city of 49,200 people is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and is renowned for its elegant Mediterranean Revival architecture, lush greenery, and vibrant cultural scene. With its charm and proximity to Miami, the real estate market in Coral Gables has been on fire in recent years, with the average home costing $1,364,500. 

The median household income in Coral Gables is also quite high at $118,200 as of 2023. 

hash-mark7. Longboat Key 

Longboat Key is another one of the wealthiest cities in Florida. It's located on the state's gulf coast, just outside Sarasota. Longboat Key has a population of 7,682 people and a median household income of $141,250. 

The city is known for its incredible beaches and attracts a massive number of tourists and snowbirds during the winter months. The median selling price of homes in Longboat Key is $1,105,000. 

hash-mark8. Palmetto Bay 

Palmetto Bay is located just south of Pinecrest, the third-wealthiest city in Florida. Palmetto Bay has a population of 23,410 people and a median household income of $145,000. The city is surrounded by nature and is well-known for its many pristine beaches and incredible diving. 

The median sale price on homes in Palmetto Bay is $992,500. So although it will cost you around a cool $1 million to purchase a home in Palmetto Bay, it's far more affordable than its northern neighbor, Pinecrest. 

hash-mark9. Miami Shores 

Miami Shores is a wealthy suburb located just north of Miami. The population in the city is 11,417, and the median household income is $120,750. Miami Shores is a great place to live as it has numerous parks, recreational facilities, and plenty of fantastic restaurants. Everything you could want is nearby, from beaches to nightlife, and commuting to Miami is also a breeze. But, of course, this means high real estate prices, as the median selling price for homes in Miami Shores is $960,000 in 2023. 

hash-mark10. Weston

Besides being one of the richest cities in the state, Weston is also one of the safest cities in Florida. Weston is a calm and tranquil city with 67,305 residents and a median household income of $132,900 in 2023. 

The city is located in South Florida, near the everglades, and many residents enjoy playing golf and taking part in other outdoor activities. It's also a great place for families, as the public schools are some of the best in the state. The real estate market in Weston is still strong, with lots of demand, and the median house price is $721,000. 

hash-mark11. Naples 

Not all of Florida's richest cities are in the Miami metro area. With a median household income of $135,700, Naples, located on the western side of the state, is also one of the wealthiest cities in Florida. Naples is home to 19,412 people and is well known for its sandy beaches, world-class golf courses, luxurious shopping boutiques, and wonderful restaurants. It's also home to a high concentration of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and billionaires.

With a great climate and so much to do in the city, Naples is also one of the best places to retire in Florida. Luckily, it's also more affordable to buy a home in Naples as the city has many condominiums, and the median selling price of homes is only $604,500. 

hash-markRichest Cities in Florida Methodology

To determine the richest cities in Florida, we used median household and per capita income averages. Data sources include Census ACS 5-year estimates up to 2020 and local and state reports and estimates from 2021, 2022, and 2023. We also excluded communities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. This means that some extremely wealthy Florida areas, including Fisher Island, Manalapan, Golf, and Golden Beach, have been excluded, even though the median household income was over $200,000 in each place.