How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In Florida?

By PropertyClub Team
May 17th 2024
On average, it costs between $265,000 to $380,000 to build a home in Florida. Those closer to popular metro areas can expect to pay more than those building in less popular locales. This cost includes materials, labor, and other costs associated with home construction. Read on to learn more about the price tag of building a house in Florida. 

Several items factor into the cost of building a house in Florida, including labor, materials, and land costs. Each of these is critical to consider before determining the price point for your particular construction project. You can make a rough estimate of each cost and determine what your build will cost you.

hash-markCost To Build A House In Florida Breakdown

  1. Labor
  2. Materials
  3. Authorizations
  4. Land
  5. Interior Furnishings
  6. Extra Additions

1. Labor 

Labor is one of the costs of building a house in Florida. Unless you plan to do the construction yourself, you will need to pay people to come and help you. This price includes architects, builders to construct the skeleton, electricians to wire the space, and more.

You can expect to pay around $35 per square foot for labor. The cost depends on who you hire and what you need for the space.

2. Materials 

To build the home, you need materials. This component is the priciest part of home construction in Florida. You will need to pay for materials to build the walls, floors, ceiling, and more. Without materials, you can’t have a home.

The average cost of materials is about half of what you’ll pay. If you anticipate a $300,000 build, materials might cost you $150,000. Workers should communicate with you upfront and be clear about the price point.

3. Authorizations 

You will need building permits and regulations to complete construction on the home. Your contractor should help you contact local offices to find the forms. For each, you will need to pay a fee to gain permission to build items on the land you’ve purchased.

Some of the most common authorizations you’ll deal with when building a home in Florida include building permits, basement permits, plumbing permits, and more. These will total up to a few thousand dollars.

4. Land

You need land to build a home. Without a plot, there is no area for your space to come to life. Land costs in Florida vary wildly between different towns and cities, with locations in and near popular cities like Miami often being far pricier than those further away.

The average cost of land in Florida is $6,100 an acre. Of course, this will vary depending on where you are. Do your research ahead of time to ensure you’re getting a fair price for the area.

5. Interior Furnishings

Although you can live in a home without furnishings, it’s not ideal. Once the place is built, you will need to pay for decorations and practicalities for the inside. This cost includes furniture, appliances, cabinets, and more.

The average cost to furnish a home is about $16,000. However, if you purchase items used or at a discount, you can pay less to make the space gorgeous.

6. Extra Additions

There might be some extra additions you want outside your home. From a pool to a two-story garage, you may need to fund additional construction fees. You might need to contract new people to complete this portion of construction for you.

Some extra additions are included in the construction. It’s critical to communicate with your team to see what they have in mind, what you can ask them to do, and much more. Communication is key, as in all things.

hash-markCost To Build A House In Florida by City

1. Jacksonville: $265,000 

It costs about $265,000 to build a house in Jacksonville. The city is large, so there is plenty of room to work with. Jacksonville is one of the cheapest places to build a home in Florida for those who want to save money.

2. Miami: $420,000 

Miami is one of the most expensive places to build a home in Florida at $420,000. It’s a popular location right by the water, filled with plenty of luxurious homes and things to do. It will take a pretty penny to build here.

3. Orlando: $320,000 

Orlando is a popular place to build due to its proximity to Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. It costs around $320,000 to build a house in Orlando, which is on the higher end of the spectrum for Florida building costs.

4. St. Petersburg: $306,500 

It costs about $306,500 to build a home in St. Petersburg. The town offers plenty of shopping, eating, and entertainment, and its climate is incredible, with tons of sunny days. It’s cheaper to build in St. Petersburg than in many Florida towns. Those who want to save should take advantage of the price.

5. Tampa: $320,500 

Tampa is another popular place to build homes in Florida, with an average price of $320,500. It costs a little more to build here due to the boom the Tampa metro area has experienced. Besides the bustling downtown area, building a house in Tampa means you’ll also enjoy the sunny weather and gorgeous beaches. It’s one of the best places to live in Florida.

hash-markBuilding vs. Buying a Home in Florida

There is always a debate between building and buying a home. In many states, it’s cheaper to build a home rather than buy one. However, in others, it makes more sense to purchase a home instead of taking the time to build one. What does this comparison look like in Florida?

In general, it’s cheaper and more convenient to buy a house in Florida. You won’t get to customize it to your liking, but you won’t need to deal with the management of dozens of people. You can also move in right away, rather than being forced to wait for your home to finish.

Even though buying a house in Florida is more convenient, it comes with certain limitations. If you have the budget to customize a home and want it to match your specific tastes, building a house can be a better choice.

hash-markFinancing the Construction of a Home in Florida 

If you have the money, you can pay upfront for the cost of constructing a home in Florida. However, not everyone has this luxury. If you don’t have enough cash on hand to pay up-front, there are construction loans available for those who want to build a home in Florida but can’t pay for everything right away. You’ll typically need an excellent credit score and enough to pay for a 10% down payment at the end of construction.

hash-markCost to Build a House in Florida Bottom Line

Building a house in Florida is the best way to get the perfect home, but it's an expensive and time consuming process. Since it typically costs more to build a house in Florida than to buy one, you should consider if you won't be better of purchasing than building. 

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