Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 4th 2023
With amazing weather, a strong economy, and plenty of world-famous attractions, Los Angeles is one of the most exciting places to live in the United States. But like any major city, it has good and bad areas, so if you're considering moving to LA, here is a list of the ten best neighborhoods in Los Angeles. 

hash-mark10 Best Neighborhoods in LA

  1. Echo Park
  2. Bel Air
  3. Venice
  4. Silver Lake
  5. Los Feliz
  6. West Hollywood
  7. Westwood
  8. Beverlywood
  9. Brentwood
  10. Studio City

hash-mark1. Echo Park

The best neighborhood in LA is Echo Park. This vibrant neighborhood is located in east-central Los Angeles, just northwest of downtown. It's a very hip, diverse community that is home to many artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians.

Echo Park Lake, a man-made body of water and surrounding park, lies at the center of the neighborhood and hosts frequent community events, such as an annual Lotus Festival in July. It's also full of trendy bars, restaurants, and live music venues offering plenty of action and entertainment. Being so close to downtown, the crime rate is somewhat higher than in the rest of the city, but most residents report that it's a safe area as long as you pay attention to your surroundings.

hash-mark2. Bel Air

Bel Air is another one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Bel Air is an affluent neighborhood in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains that offers prime real estate and low crime. With a total crime rate that is 52% lower than the national average and a violent crime rate that's 67% lower, Bel Air is one of the safest communities in Los Angeles. It's a popular enclave for celebrities and has been featured in numerous television shows and movies.

The neighborhood borders USC and the Getty Museum, offering culture and educational opportunities. Getty View Park is also in the neighborhood and offers hiking trails and breathtaking views of the city skyline. It's certainly not for those on a budget, as the median home price is over $2.5 million. But for those who can afford the price tag, Bel Air is one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

hash-mark3. Venice

Another one of the best neighborhoods to live in LA is Venice. Located on the Pacific Ocean in West Los Angeles, Venice is a hip beach community offering chic restaurants, bohemian boutiques, and quaint cafes. It's often considered one of LA's trendiest neighborhoods, with plenty of gorgeous wall murals and street performers lining the areas around the boardwalk.

Residents can enjoy the sandy beaches, bike paths, and palm trees that fill the neighborhood. You can also check out the legendary skate park or outdoor gym where Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to work out. Home shoppers will also find plenty of quaint modern residents along the neighborhood's picturesque canals, making Venice one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

hash-mark4. Silver Lake

Located adjacent to Echo Park is the bustling neighborhood of Silver Lake, a community known for its artisanal coffee shops, trendy vegan cafes, and live music venues. Known for being a hub for artists and creatives, Silver Lake is full of hip boutiques and delicious restaurants. The community surrounds the Silver Lake Reservoir, which also features an adjacent meadow and dog park.

Despite being so close to downtown, Silver Lake is very safe for an urban neighborhood with a violent crime rate 10% below the national average. You'll also see plenty of stunning examples of modern architecture and housing prices that are slightly more affordable than other nearby neighborhoods.

hash-mark5. Los Feliz

Situated to the northwest of Silver Lake is Los Feliz, a gorgeous hillside enclave full of actors and musicians. The community is adjacent to the sprawling Griffith Park, a massive urban green space with hiking trails, golf courses, a merry-go-round, a Greek Theatre, and a Zoo.

Los Feliz is a historic neighborhood rich in culture that offers a laid-back ambiance. It's in a very central location close to Hollywood and downtown, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars at your fingertips. Plus, it's also a fairly safe neighborhood with a violent crime rate that is 20% below the national average.

hash-mark6. West Hollywood

West Hollywood is one of LA's most iconic neighborhoods and home to some of the city's most notable attractions. From the famous Sunset Strip to the legendary Chateau Marmont, West Hollywood is teaming with culture and history. It's a very walkable neighborhood with plenty of happening clubs, bars, restaurants, and attractions all over. It's also in a very central location close to downtown Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

West Hollywood Park is a community hotspot with sports fields, a swimming pool, and a playground. Plus, you'll find plenty of legendary establishments, including the Comedy Store, Whiskey a Go-Go, and the Roxy Theater.

hash-mark7. Westwood

Westwood is also one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles. This bustling neighborhood is located at the intersection of the 405 and California State Route 2. Home to the massive UCLA campus, Westwood is popular among students, young professionals, and growing families, with plenty of parks, restaurants, and shopping plazas.

Westwood Village is the neighborhood's primary commercial center and offers shopping, as well as notable attractions like the Hammer Museum and Geffen Playhouse. Plus, Westwood has a crime rate that is 47% lower than the national average and a violent crime rate that is 67% lower than the US overall, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

hash-mark8. Beverlywood

Beverlywood is a quiet residential enclave in West Los Angeles that offers gorgeous homes and tree-lined blocks. Once a part of Beverly Hills, Beverly Wood offers a similar character to the iconic suburb, although it's considered part of the city of Los Angeles. It's a peaceful, family-friendly neighborhood with excellent schools and great community parks.

The community is also adjacent to the Chariot Hills Park and Recreation Center, which features sports complexes, a golf academy, an archery range, and more. Although housing prices tend to be in the 7-figure range, for those with the budget, Beverlywood is one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

hash-mark9. Brentwood

Brentwood is a peaceful, affluent neighborhood in West Los Angeles, offering low crime, great schools, and prime real estate. The community offers spacious homes in various architectural styles, from contemporary to mid-century modern, on gorgeous, well-maintained blocks. You'll find plenty of upscale restaurants, open-air cafes, and trendy boutiques along San Vincente Boulevard, the main commercial strip in the community.

The neighborhood also borders the hills, offering easy access to outdoor recreation at Sullivan Canyon Park and Will Rogers State Historic Park. So, with a mix of residential bliss and natural beauty, Brentwood is one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

hash-mark10. Studio City

On the opposite side of the hill from Hollywood and Brentwood is Studio City, a peaceful community with clean streets and plenty of delicious dining options. The main commercial thoroughfare in the neighborhood is Ventura Boulevard, which is bustling with lively bars, trendy sushi and tapas restaurants, hip boutiques, and other attractions. It's a great neighborhood for young professionals with affordable rents, quiet blocks, and something to do every night of the week. It's also a fairly safe neighborhood with a violent crime rate that's 33% lower than the national average.