10 Richest Cities in Tennessee

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 2nd 2024
Tennessee is a state known for its stunning natural beauty and expansive musical history. The following list of the ten richest cities in Tennessee will help you decide which upscale living destination is right for you and your family.

hash-markRichest Cities in Tennessee 

  1. Brentwood
  2. Nolensville
  3. Germantown
  4. Farragut
  5. Collierville
  6. Franklin
  7. Mount Juliet
  8. Spring Hill
  9. Hendersonville
  10. La Vergne

hash-mark1. Brentwood

The richest city in Tennessee is Brentwood. A suburb of Nashville, this city is home to about 45,000 people and is beloved for its picturesque neighborhoods, well-maintained parks, and quick access to local entertainment. Brentwood is also one of the safest places to live in Tennessee. The city’s excellent school systems, safe streets, and strong local community make it a popular settling place for Tennessee families. 

With a median household income of roughly $166k, Brentwood is universally considered the wealthiest city in Tennessee.

hash-mark2. Nolensville

Nolensville is the second-richest city in Tennessee. A charming and close-knit community located south of Nashville, this town is ideal for those interested in a small-town atmosphere. Residents here can enjoy a peaceful suburban lifestyle while still remaining close to big-city amenities. With top-rated schools, beautiful parks, a quaint downtown area, and a median household income of nearly $153k, it’s no wonder Nolensville is the second-richest city in Tennessee. 

hash-mark3. Germantown

Germantown is one of the richest neighborhoods in Nashville. Located within Nashville, this area offers a vibrant community that is known for its outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle. It is home to several stunning parks, green spaces, and recreational facilities, all of which attract a health-conscious resident base. With a rich history, thriving economy, and median household income of roughly $133k, Germantown is a well-rounded option for Tennessee’s elite. 

hash-mark4. Farragut

Farragut, a suburb of Knoxville, is another one of the most expensive places to live in Tennessee. Home to about 25,000 people, this mid-size city offers its residents a serene and upscale living experience. The town is particularly known for its strong sense of community, top-rated schools, and its abundance of parks, trails, and outdoor recreational activities, such as the Turkey Creek Greenway. Boasting a median household income of $119k, Farragut is another popular choice among wealthy Tennessee families.

hash-mark5. Collierville

In addition to being one of the wealthiest cities in Tennessee, Collierville is also one of the most desirable. A picturesque living destination, this town is known for its thriving Main Street. Lined with quaint shops, boutiques, and delicious eateries, this Main Street creates a vibrant and inviting downtown area that is popular among both tourists and residents alike. Collierville also boasts a high quality of life, complete with excellent schools, well-maintained parks, and an active local community. The median household income in Collierville is $119k. 

hash-mark6. Franklin

Franklin is also one of the richest cities in Tennessee and offers a unique blend of small-town charm and modern conveniences. Located just south of Nashville, this city features a historic downtown area that draws attention to its vibrant collection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Franklin also harbors a beautiful array of natural landscapes, which include a wide range of parks, trails, and outdoor preserves. With a median household income of $103K, Franklin is certain to impress those who prefer a relaxed lifestyle.

hash-mark7. Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet is another one of the richest cities in TN. Beloved for its welcoming and family-friendly community, this town is popular among families who seek a great place to raise children. Its convenient location just outside of Nashville provides commuters ample economic opportunities and access to urban entertainment while the city maintains a distinctly suburban atmosphere. With quality schools, beautiful local parks, and an average household income of $99k, Mount Juliet is another exceptional choice for Tennessee’s upper echelon. 

hash-mark8. Spring Hill

Spring Hill is also one of the wealthiest cities in Tennessee. It’s a great place to live for those interested in a balanced lifestyle. Located just south of Franklin, this area seamlessly balances historical small-town charm and modern amenities. In addition to its friendly atmosphere, welcoming local community, and tranquil suburban living, Spring Hill is also popular for its attractive assortment of shopping centers and eateries. The median household income in Spring Hill sits at roughly $93k, keeping it an essential part of Tennessee’s richest cities. 

hash-mark9. Hendersonville

Hendersonville is a wealthy Tennessee city with a waterfront view. Home to about 63,000 people, Hendersonville is also one of the largest cities in Tennessee. Hendersonville is popular due to its beautiful lakeside location. The town sits on Old Hickory Lake, which provides ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water activities. Additionally, Hendersonville is home to many parks, recreational facilities, and shopping centers, making it a pleasant living experience for residents of all ages. With a median household income of $88k, Hendersonville is not to be overlooked when it comes to Tennessee’s poshest cities.

hash-mark10. La Vergne 

La Vergne is one of Tennessee’s richest cities and also one of the most diverse. Located close to Nashville, this city offers a vibrant and diverse local community with convenient access to urban amenities. La Vergne residents can enjoy outdoor activities at nearby parks, such as Veterans Memorial Park and Hurricane Creek Recreation Area. The city also hosts various community events and festivals throughout the year, which helps to foster a strong sense of camaraderie among its residents. The median household income in La Vergne is $84k.