Best Luxury Apartment Buildings Upper West Side

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 30th 2023
Manhattan’s Upper West Side is well known for offering an artsy, free-spirited side of luxury. But what kind of apartments can you snag on the UWS? Here's where you'll find the best luxury apartments for rent on the Upper West Side.

hash-mark8 Best Upper West Side Luxury Buildings

  1. The Aldyn 
  2. 180 Riverside Boulevard
  3. Aire West 67th Street
  4. The Concerto
  5. The Harrison
  6. 15 Central Park West
  7. The Melar
  8. 101 West End Avenue

hash-mark1. The Aldyn 

The best Upper West Side luxury apartments are at The Aldyn. Touted as one of the most well-run and amenity-filled apartment buildings in the area, The Aldyn gives residents a desirable and luxurious lifestyle. This is one of several upscale buildings owned by Windsor Properties—the most awarded apartment company in the area.

Getting an apartment at the Aldyn is a bragging right in its own right. A small studio starts at $4,000 a month. Four-bedroom apartments can quickly soar past the $10,000 monthly rent mark. For luxury apartments, that’s not bad. Even so, it’s way out of other people’s price range.

hash-mark2. 180 Riverside Boulevard

180 Riverside is one of the newer luxury buildings on the Upper West Side. Gorgeous views of the Hudson River, an in-apartment grocery store, a 24-hour concierge, and free shuttles to 72nd street make this an excellent pick for people who want it all. 

Apartments here are pretty reasonable in terms of luxury rentals, with studios starting at $3,800 or so. Larger apartments can easily run higher than $6,000 or more. With that said, being a person who lives in 180 Riverside comes with a community advantage that makes it way better than other options on the market.

hash-mark3. AIRE West 67th Street

AIRE is a luxury apartment that is built for the elite in music and entertainment. This upscale apartment has two different soundproof rehearsal rooms, an entertainment area, a library inside the apartment, and close proximity to Whole Foods. 

If you want to live it up in the style that AIRE can offer, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of money to do so. Apartments here start at approximately $3700 for a studio but easily climb up to $12,300 per month for larger apartments. 

hash-mark4. The Concerto 

The Concerto is an old-school Upper West Side building with a modern twist. This building features a modern layout and architecture with a classic exterior. Inside, you get a sundeck, security features, a rec room, a health club, and the concierge service that has become classic among luxe features. 

Are you looking to get a home here? If so, you’ll have to consider spending at least $3,700 monthly for a studio apartment. Thankfully, prices are fairly reasonable (relatively speaking) for a two-bedroom at $6,000 per month. 

hash-mark5. The Harrison 

Are you looking for the type of luxury that’s only affordable to the hyper-wealthy? Then the Harrison is for you. This shockingly priced building has a health club, a landscaped interior courtyard, marble finishes, a doorman, an entertainment lounge, and a parking garage for residents. 

This is one condo/apartment hybrid that tends to be expensive due to its close proximity to the Met as well as its reputation alone. A single apartment here can run as much as $23,000 a month. However, the sheer look of the apartments alone makes this a good choice for people who insist on having the finer things in life.

hash-mark6. 15 Central Park West

15CPW stands for (you guessed it!) “15 Central Park West,” and that makes it one of the most coveted buildings in the city. This apartment building is known for hosting a massive span of amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness area, a full-sized pool, and a private wine cellar. 

You can’t really say that you live in Central Park West without sounding like you’re bragging. It’s easy to see why since a duplex apartment can cost $135,000 a month. Needless to say, you might end up having a billionaire neighbor if you live here.

hash-mark7. The Melar 

Though it’s one of the newer apartment buildings to earn the luxury title on the Upper West Side, the Melar has a beautifully modern layout with all the amenities that make life in the Big Apple good. Here’s the tip of the iceberg: a 24-hour doorman, gym, concierge, and complimentary storage space.

Most people who are fans of floor-to-ceiling windows will love this building, if only for the style that it boasts. However, the price tag can be a bit of an eye-popper. A one-bedroom apartment here costs $4,700 per month, and prices only go up from there.

hash-mark8. 101 West End Avenue 

101 West End is considered to be one of the most coveted places to live, at least as far as the Upper West Side goes. This massive building offers excellent views of the city, a prime location, an expansive private sports club, an interior terrace, and a playroom for kids. 

As one can imagine, the price tag tends to fit with the luxe amenities and prime location. A two-bedroom apartment here will cost $8,500 per month or more. Their larger apartments easily top $11,500 per month. 

hash-markLuxury Buildings Upper West Side Bottom Line

New York City’s real estate is always going to be expensive, but living in a luxury apartment on the Upper West Side can be well worth it. A luxury apartment can come with a lot of genuine value for the price you pay—if you can afford it. When you rent a luxury apartment, you’re not just renting a place to sleep and eat. Instead, you are getting a key part of a luxury lifestyle. You’re buying a place that people recognize as a status symbol, a gym, a community, and amenities that make life easier.