Where To Sell Used Appliances

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 1st 2023
One of the biggest obstacles when selling your used appliances is their size. Refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves aren't easy to ship or move. So, what can you do to sell those used appliances and make some extra cash? Read on to discover the best places to sell used appliances and tips to make the process as easy as possible.

hash-markWhere to Sell Used Appliances in 2023

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. eBay
  3. Amazon
  4. Local Appliance Retailers
  5. Offerup
  6. Garage/Yard Sales
  7. Craigslist

hash-mark1. Facebook Marketplace

The best place to sell used appliances is Facebook Marketplace. It is one of the easiest and most effective outlets to reach potential buyers in your area, and you can also post to numerous local Facebook groups as well. Selling items on Facebook is free, and you can reach a broad audience. Facebook profiles add an element of familiarity and visibility, and there's a built-in messenger feature to facilitate conversations. When listing an item on Facebook Marketplace, you can add up to 20 Facebook groups to post the listing at the same time. You can offer local pick-up, shipping, or both, and Facebook will provide estimated shipping costs. If you'd like to accept offers, set the lowest offer amount that you will consider, and you will only see offers at or above that price.

hash-mark2. eBay

Another place to sell used appliances is eBay. Selling your used appliances on eBay allows you to reach a large pool of potential buyers and create detailed listings that thoroughly describe the appliance's capabilities and condition. You can choose between auction-style listings or fixed-price listings, providing flexibility in your selling approach. Through auctions, competitive bidding among buyers can drive up the price, potentially leading to a higher profit, although for appliances, fixed-price listings may be the better option. There are fees for listing and selling on this platform, but eBay offers seller protections to help resolve disputes and ensure fair transactions in return.

hash-mark3. Amazon

Amazon is a trusted and established online marketplace. It offers convenient fulfillment services, handling storage, shipping, and customer service for your listings. This can save you time and effort and make your listings eligible for Amazon Prime, which can attract Prime members looking for fast and reliable shipping options. Amazon has a massive customer base, providing exposure to millions of potential buyers. Though there are fees to use the platform and fulfillment services, Amazon offers customer support for sellers, helping you navigate any challenges you might encounter during the selling process.

hash-mark4. Local Appliance Retailers

Some local appliance retailers or repair shops accept used appliances for trade-in or resale. It's a good option if you're looking to avoid the hassle of creating listings, taking photos, shipping the item, or meeting with buyers. Some stores may even offer pick-up services. Keep in mind they will likely be reselling the items and, therefore, offering to pay less than what you could potentially get from a buyer directly, especially if they need to repair the item or replace any parts.

hash-mark5. OfferUp

Selling used appliances on OfferUp is a relatively straightforward process that can help you connect with local buyers. OfferUp (which merged with LetGo, a similar platform, in 2020) is a platform accessible through both a website and an app that enables the buying and selling of a plethora of new and pre-owned items. The app is designed for easy listing creation and navigation with an integrated messaging system for easy communication with potential buyers. OfferUp is free to use, but there are premium and additional features you can tap into for added fees.

hash-mark6. Garage/Yard Sales

Hosting a garage or yard sale is a trusted method of selling used appliances, especially bulky ones like washers and dryers. They offer the added advantage of potentially selling other household items you no longer want or need. In-person interaction allows you to answer shoppers' questions and provide additional information, often leading to immediate transactions. Be sure to take advantage of any neighborhood or multi-family yard sales, as these tend to draw more shoppers.

hash-mark7. Craiglist

Craigslist is well-known for offering local classified ads. It has millions of users a month, organizing listings by category and location. This platform allows for direct communication with potential buyers via email or phone, facilitating quick responses to inquiries, and it has an anonymous email option to avoid sharing personal information. Creating listings on Craigslist is simple and quick. It is free to use for this type of listing, allowing you to keep the entirety of your earnings.

hash-markTips for Selling Used Appliances

  1. Advertise on Multiple Platforms
  2. Clean and Test Your Appliances
  3. Take Quality Photos That Showcase Attributes
  4. Create Detailed and Accurate Descriptions
  5. Research and Price Your Appliances
  6. Communicate With Potential Buyers
  7. Prioritize Safety
  8. Wrap up the Sale

1. Advertise on Multiple Platforms

The best way to sell used appliances quickly is to use multiple platforms. Start by familiarizing yourself with the different platforms available and their policies on selling, fees, and returns. Then, consider your goals. Do you want to get the most money you can, or do you prefer convenience? Do you need to sell the appliance quickly? Once you've figured this out, you can decide which platforms will be best for selling your used appliances. We recommend listing on at least 3 different platforms. 

2. Clean and Test Your Appliances

Before listing your appliances, ensure they are clean and in working condition. Collect any paperwork or instruction manuals. If a potential buyer comes to your home, have an extension cord and outlet lined up for testing purposes.

3. Take Quality Photos That Showcase Attributes

Take high-quality photos that show the appliance from various angles. Try to include anything that has a use or sets the item apart from similar models. For example, show labeled knobs or buttons on a washer, dryer, or stove and the control panel on a microwave.

4. Create Detailed and Accurate Descriptions

Write informative and honest descriptions that highlight features, benefits, and any functional or cosmetic issues. Don't oversell or misrepresent the item. Include as much information as possible to help eliminate extraneous questions. Remember to include dimensions, especially for kitchen appliances.

5. Research and Price Your Appliances

Research similar listings to set competitive prices. Clearly price each item and have the lowest price you are willing to accept in mind. This will help during negotiations. Decide which payment methods you'll accept, such as cash, PayPal, or credit cards, depending on what your chosen selling method or platform allows.

6. Communicate With Potential Buyers

It's also important to be straightforward with buyers when selling your used appliances. Honest communication builds trust with potential buyers. Be attentive to messages and comments. Respond quickly to inquiries and be courteous in your interactions.

7. Prioritize Safety

Keep safety in mind when dealing with potential buyers, both in person and online. Consider meeting in a well-lit, public place during daylight hours if possible. If the appliance is large and requires pick-up from your home, make sure to have someone with you during the exchange or let someone know your plans.

8. Wrap Up the Sale

Once an appliance is sold, remember to mark the listing as sold or delete any listings or advertisements. If necessary, be prepared to handle returns or issues that might arise with the transaction. 

hash-markSelling Used Appliances Bottom Line

There are several ways to sell used appliances and platforms to help you with this undertaking. Considering how well most appliances hold their value, selling them will likely be a worthy endeavor. Make the appliances presentable and be detailed, informative, and honest in your descriptions. With a little effort, you can effectively dispose of your unwanted appliances and generate extra income in the process. 

hash-markSelling Used Appliances FAQs

1. Which appliances maintain their value?

Refrigerators offer the greatest return, especially those with French doors and/or water and ice dispensers. Ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers also maintain their value well, with high-end brands depreciating at a lower rate than less expensive, more basic models.

2. Is selling used appliances worth it?

Appliances hold their value extremely well, and the presence and condition of appliances in a home can have a significant impact on their value. Major kitchen appliances, washers, dryers, and other fixtures that can be considered appliances, like air conditioners and hot water heaters, are often thought of as vital elements of a home.

3. Should you sell your used appliances online?

There are several ways to market your appliances online for local pick-up. This gets your listing in front of a large local audience without you having to deal with shipping. If you want to market your appliance to a much larger audience outside of your local area and likely get the best possible price, you can sell the item online and offer shipping. This may be more work on your part or cost an additional fee, but it garners a larger profit in the end.