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The Crown Heights neighborhood is located in the central portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn that has a booming real estate market with homes for sale in the area commanding ever-rising prices. 
Historically, the area was a small village, but at the end of the 19th century, when the Brooklyn Bridge was built,  the wealthy investors started to buy homes here, and the area became part of Brooklyn. 
The population in present-day Crown Heights is very diverse, with large African American and Caribbean communities, as well as a growing population of caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian American residents. Anyone living in Crown Heights knows that more than anything else, what makes this place attractive is its residents. With a friendly neighborhood vibe and its picturesque tree-lined streets, the neighborhood is highly desirable for homebuyers.
The most attractive aspect of Crown Heights is its unique architecture and the recent residential developments in the neighborhood. With the abundance of transportation options and the incredible architecture that surrounds the residents of Crown Heights, it’s no surprise that Crown Heights has experienced a massive increase in home prices. 
Crown Heights was first settled as a residential community for the elite, with many wealthy New Yorkers building mansions in the area; therefore, many of the homes for sale in Crown Heights consist of historic one-to-three-family brownstones and townhouses. Properties with five or more units are the second most common type of building in Crown Heights. 
The housing units in Crown Heights consist of a mix of low-rise apartments, large and tall mansions, and multi-family apartments. Crown Heights has a house for every type of person as long as they can afford it. With enough cash, you can always find Crown Heights townhouses for sale as these exclusive and historic houses have always been highly desirable.

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