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Clinton Hill is a neighborhood in the north-central part of Brooklyn. Overall, the area can be regarded as a wealthy Brooklyn neighborhood that has, in recent years, attracted upper-middle-class income buyers of all backgrounds, from singles, young professionals, to families. Clinton Hill is distinguished by the grand, late 1900 brownstones and townhouses that grab your attention with their impressive architecture. These historic townhouses and mansions can sell for many millions of dollars and are amongst the most expensive properties in Brooklyn. The most impressive and expensive properties in Clinton Hill are located on or in the vicinity of Clinton Avenue. 
In terms of transportation, Clinton Hill is adequately served by the subway. There are lots of restaurants and cafes that line the tree-lined residential streets of Clinton Hill. Many of the residents of Clinton Hill refer to it as a neighborhood that brims with history, personality, and community. 
For much of the 20th century, Clinton Hill experienced many of the same problems as other neighborhoods in New York City. It was crime-ridden and filled with run-down buildings. Even the Pratt Institute, a very prestigious University, called for a serious makeover at the time. Luckily, the area has experienced a renaissance, and homebuyers have been flocking to the neighborhood.
When it comes to the real estate market, the area has seen its fair share of residential development but is, in many ways, still gentrifying. There are lots of newly renovated apartments for sale in Clinton Hill, which you can buy for prices that are lower than in other parts of brownstone Brooklyn. There are also plenty of stunning Victorian townhouses and brownstones for sale in Clinton Hill. These homes are the most expensive in the neighborhood, selling for very high prices. If you're looking to buy more affordable housing, you can also find some older co-op apartments in the neighborhood.

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