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Referred to as Bed-Stuy by the residents of the area, Bedford Stuyvesant is one of Brooklyn's up-and-coming residential neighborhoods. Real estate for sale in Bed-Stuy has seen significant price increases in the past decade, thanks in part to the fact that Bed-Stuy is home to the largest collection of intact and, to a high degree, untouched Victorian architecture in the United States. There are at least 8,800 buildings in Bed-Stuy that were built before 1900, and demand for these charming homes is high, with buyers often getting into bid-wars over them. 
This Brooklyn neighborhood is filled with rows of magnificent looking brownstone houses on quaint, tree-lined streets. In particular, the Stuyvesant Heights historic district has some of the most impressive townhouses for sale in Bed-Stuy. Homes in Stuyvesant Heights are amongst the most desirable in the neighborhood. 
Most of the buildings and townhouses in the neighborhood are not more than four or five stories high, as the area lacks an abundance of skyscrapers. Buyers who like architecture will also enjoy the many historical buildings that can be found in Bed-Stuy, including churches and a small and old-fashioned library, known as the Bedford library. 
Another major drawing point for homebuyers is that the brownstones for sale in the neighborhood are some of the cheapest in New York City; this alone makes it a lovely and affordable place for many young New Yorkers to start a family. That being said, Bed-Stuy is also known for its youthful, creative vibe, with many lively bars and hip coffee shops opening their doors in recent years. If this isn’t enough to convince you to consider buying a home in the neighborhood, maybe the potential for price appreciation will. Real estate in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn is a fantastic investment opportunity, as it is expected to continue to appreciate in years to come.

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