Where Do Most Celebrities Live?

By PropertyClub Team
May 27th 2024
In the US, certain states are magnets for celebrities looking for a place to live. This article lists the top states where you're most likely to find famous people, from California to Utah.

Whether it’s the glamour of Hollywood, the bustling vibes of New York City, or the scenic tranquility of Tennessee, each state offers unique attractions that appeal to celebrities. Here’s a detailed look at where stars settle down and why these places attract them.

hash-markStates Where Most Celebrities Live

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. New Jersey
  4. Texas
  5. Florida
  6. Tennessee
  7. Nevada
  8. Georgia
  9. Utah

hash-mark1. California

To absolutely no one’s surprise, California is the state where most celebrities live. Whether you’re in music, film, or even something a little more exotic, California offers the most opportunities for people looking to live a star-studded life. 

The most common city for people in entertainment to live in is Los Angeles, specifically Hollywood. However, there are other places that have also gained a strong celebrity following. San Francisco, San Diego, Malibu, and San Bernadino are also preferred cities for people who want to have a more private lifestyle in America’s most glittery state.

Some of the most famous celebrities that live in California are the Kardashians, Ashton Kutcher, and Eddie Murphy. 

hash-mark2. New York

New York State is the second choice for celebrities and famous people to live in. This state’s biggest pull is New York City, also known as the Big Apple. Why? Well, a lot of it is reputation, and the other part is the amenities the city offers. 

New York City’s pull for celebrities is legendary, and to a point, it’s also an obvious choice. Between the Fashion District’s ties to NYFW, the birthplace of hip-hop, the art galleries, and the many recording studios within city limits, New York City remains a popular choice for celebrities. 

But New York isn’t just about the Big Apple. There are dozens of celebrities that live in the Hamptons, Merrick, and several parts of New York State. 

hash-mark3. New Jersey

To a point, this might take people by surprise. The Garden State doesn’t always have that much of a glitzy veneer, but it still has a fair amount of celebrities that call it home. Its proximity to New York City is a major drawing point, but it has its own celebrity scene.

New Jersey’s pull often comes from Monmouth and Bergen counties in general;—along with smaller, specific towns like Short Hills, Montclair, Alpine, and Fort Lee. Considering how many famous reality TV shows have come out of the Garden State, it’s not surprising celebrities like Snooki call this place home. 

hash-mark4. Texas

Texas, for a while, was known for its growing celebrity scenes—though that may start to change due to the current political scene. Nevertheless, the Lone Star State does offer quite a bit of fun for the right celebrity, including great barbecue, thriving nightlife, and tons of friendly neighbors.

This state tends to attract Hollywood actors who want a break from the public eye, country music stars, and professional athletes. Since Texas is huge on football, it shouldn’t be a shocker.

There are several major cities where you can expect to see celebrities living in Texas. Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth tend to be the biggest hotspots. If you want to get to live among the stars, you might want to check out Sugarland.

hash-mark5. Florida

Florida is another major celebrity state currently embroiled in a lot of political strife, and that very well may change how many A-listers you see here. However, that doesn’t change the fact that many celebrities keep a place in Florida, if only for the winter months. 

Miami, Tampa, and Orlando are the three most common large cities to feature lots of celebrity residents. (We somehow think that Pitbull and Will Smith would agree.) If you want to get into more elite areas, Jupiter Island, Hibiscus Island, and Pinecrest would be great picks. 

hash-mark6. Tennessee

Many people (particularly in blue states) tend to be shocked to hear that Tennessee has its own role of celebrities who call it home. Much like Texas, Tennessee is a hotspot for actors, fundie influencers, country music stars, and reality TV show stars. 

Most of the hubbub and hullabaloo around Tennessee comes from Memphis and Nashville—the two most glitzy nightlife cities in the state. In recent years, there has also been a fair amount of artists that have moved to the suburbs of these two cities. 

So, while Tennessee may have a red state status, it’s still a fairly heavy hitter among artists. Who’d have thought?

hash-mark7. Nevada

If you love the idea of sunny weather and desert skies, then chances are that you’ll understand the allure that Nevada can have on a person. Though it may not attract as many celebrities as other states, this is still one of the more glitterati-friendly in the nation. 

The reason why should be obvious: Las Vegas is here. The City of Sin is always employing celebrities at resorts for residency shows—and with that opportunity occasionally comes someone who truly enjoys living in Vegas.

Some of the more commonly-cited residents of Las Vegas include DJ Pauly D (temporarily), David Copperfield, and Sigfried & Roy. 

hash-mark8. Georgia

In the South, it’s hard to pass up the awesome lifestyle that Georgia offers. Often nicknamed the “Hollywood of the South,” Georgia’s claims to fame include an active movie production industry, a booming fashion industry, as well as being a major hotspot of the rap industry. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the biggest hub of activity is in Atlanta. Here, you can find celebrities like Ludacris and the Real Housewives hanging out at the hottest chic places. 

hash-mark9. Utah

Did you know that Utah has its own surprisingly-active culture? It’s true, especially when it comes to the influencer scene and reality TV scene. More specifically, there are a lot of people and filming companies that now operate out of Salt Lake City. 

So, if you’re a fan of Mormon entertainment or just want to get some plastic surgery, just hit up the SLC. (Or, you know, Provo.) You’re bound to find something interesting there.

Some of the biggest celebrities that live in Utah are Robert Redford, Katherine Heigl, and Kevin Sorbo. 

hash-markStates Where Most Celebrities Takeaways

In conclusion, celebrities choose their homes based on a mix of lifestyle preferences, career opportunities, and personal connections. From the ever-popular California and New York to the surprising celebrity hubs in Tennessee and Utah, each state offers something unique that attracts its share of the limelight. Whether they're seeking the vibrant city life, quiet suburbs, or scenic hideaways, these states prove to be the top choices for those living under the spotlight.