Richest Neighborhoods in Houston

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 8th 2023
Houston has recently become a popular destination for wealthy homebuyers looking for luxury alternatives to the expensive west coast. This list of the eight richest neighborhoods in Houston will guide you to the most affluent areas in and around the city. 

hash-mark8 Richest Neighborhoods in Houston

  1. River Oaks
  2. West University Place
  3. Southside Place
  4. Woodland Heights
  5. Afton Oaks 
  6. Hyde Park
  7. Timbergrove
  8. Montrose

hash-mark1. River Oaks

The richest neighborhood in Houston is River Oaks. Located on the city’s west side near Memorial Park, this area is known as a wealthy community filled with first-class excellence. From the majestic oak trees lining its streets to the exciting local eateries and social clubs, River Oaks is ideal for luxury living. Other popular local amenities in this area include the Landmark River Oaks Theater, the River Oaks Shopping Center, and the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. Home values in River Oaks average $1.9 Million, making it the premier choice for those who prefer an upscale lifestyle.

hash-mark2. West University Place 

Located only minutes from downtown Houston is West University Place, the second richest neighborhood in Houston. West University Place is an affluent and highly-desirable neighborhood. This area’s unique combination of bustling local businesses, boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars gives it an overall atmosphere of wealth and sophistication. The local resident base is majorly composed of students and young professionals, both of which help to keep the streets alive with commerce and entertainment. The residential architecture of this area ranges from beautiful, colonial-style brick homes to multi-million dollar mansions, keeping average home prices close to $1.6 Million. With a local per capita income of roughly $128k, this area is exclusive to only Houston’s wealthiest individuals and families.

hash-mark3. Southside Place 

Southside Place is also one of the wealthiest and most expensive neighborhoods in Houston. A bedroom community situated in the city’s southwestern quadrant, this neighborhood is considered one of the wealthiest locations in all of Texas. Its small-town charm and peaceful atmosphere attract buyers interested in living near the city but without the hustle and bustle. It is also home to some of the most newly constructed properties in the city, making it a popular option among homebuyers who prefer modern alternatives to historic estates. Home values in Southside Place average $1.5 Million, making it the overall third-most expensive neighborhood to buy a home in Houston. 

hash-mark4. Woodland Heights

Woodland Heights is another one of Houston’s wealthiest neighborhoods. This neighborhood is located just north of downtown Houston and is part of the Greater Heights area. It was initially designed as an affluent neighborhood for the upper middle class, and today that legacy still rings true. Its homes are built along 106 acres of land, with generous setbacks, large front yards, and an abundance of trees, grass, and flowers. Due to its proximity to downtown Houston, Woodland Heights is the perfect destination for commuters and those who want to be close to big-city amenities without the hassle of crowded streets. Home values in this area average $1.46 Million, making this neighborhood one of the most expensive areas for Houston homebuyers. 

hash-mark5. Afton Oaks 

Located just south of River Oaks is Afton Oaks, another one of Houston’s richest neighborhoods. This area is perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, all of whom will enjoy its tree-lined streets and abundant sidewalks. It offers residents the convenience of being located close to central Houston while maintaining the neighborly atmosphere of a more suburban area. The local architecture contains a range of styles, from ranch-style homes to towering new construction. Additionally, residents here can take advantage of the area’s 24/7 patrol services, tree preservation programs, and the Afton Oaks Civic Club. Home values in Afton Oaks average $944k, making it a beautiful addition to Houston’s richest neighborhoods. 

hash-mark6. Hyde Park

In addition to being one of Houston’s richest neighborhoods, Hyde Park is also one of the most historic. Established in 1893, Hyde Park was originally part of Mirabeau Lamar’s estate. Today, the neighborhood is situated within Houston’s Inner Loop and is highly accessible to everything the big city has to offer. The neighborhood is primarily residential, with homes ranging in architectural styles from vintage bungalows to townhomes and condos. It also borders an abundance of business centers, shopping districts, and restaurants, all of which provide plenty of entertainment for residents. Home values in Hyde Park average at $743k, keeping this neighborhood a wealthy area for Houston homebuyers. 

hash-mark7. Timbergrove 

Timbergrove has long been considered one of Houston’s richest and best neighborhoods. Located within Houston’s Inner Loop, this area is easily identified by its combination of urban and suburban atmospheres. Its mid-century, ranch-style homes are surrounded by a wealth of local amenities, including restaurants, shopping centers, and theaters. With its abundance of local parks, hiking trails, and biking paths, Timbergrove is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. And the local civic association makes it a perfect area for those who prefer a neighborhood with a strong sense of community. With so much to offer, it’s a wonder that home prices in this area are only $655k. 

hash-mark8. Montrose

Montrose is another one of Houston’s most expensive neighborhoods. Long known as one of Houston’s cultural epicenters, Montrose is one of the richest places for those who prefer a more artistic lifestyle. Located southwest of Houston’s center, this neighborhood is beloved for its bohemian spirit and unique personality. Aristocratic hotels line the neighborhood’s streets, bringing them to life with a combination of local culture, art, food, and nightlife. Residents of Montrose will appreciate the area’s diverse amenities, which include tattoo parlors, art galleries, cafes, antique malls, thrift shops, and more. Home values in Montrose average at $639k, making it the perfect place to find the bolder side of upscale living.