Celebrities That Live In Utah

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 25th 2023
When it comes to star-studded locations, most people don’t assume that Utah is popular with the rich and famous. However, they would be wrong. The state is very popular with A-listers and celebs. Read on to learn about the most famous celebrities that live in Utah. 

The low-key glamour that a Utah home can be quite surprising to people who’ve never visited. Utah actually tops the charts as the plastic surgery capital of America—above the rates of people in Los Angeles! So it’s no surprise that plenty of celebrities live in Utah. 

hash-markCelebrities That Live in Utah

  1. Robert Redford
  2. Katherin Heigl
  3. Will Smith
  4. Kevin Sorbo
  5. Post Malone
  6. Bill Engvall
  7. Michael Jordan
  8. Ty Burrell
  9. Scott Wolf
  10. Tan France

hash-markRobert Redford

Robert Redford is one of the most famous celebrities that lives in Utah, at least part-time. He’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, having a career that started in the Golden Age and spanned 70 years. While Robert Redford is known for having a residence in San Francisco due to family connections, he also owns property in Utah, too. 

Redford’s property is near the Sundance Festival, which makes sense when you think about his involvement. He chose to move to Utah because he loved the way the mountains reminded him of the Swiss Alps. 

hash-markKatherine Heigl

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you might recognize this blonde bombshell’s face. Katherine Heigl did very well for herself in Hollywood, but don’t be fooled by her urbane characters she plays on TV. Heigl’s a country girl!

Heigl has a home in rural Utah, where she loves to live it up with her husband and three kids. If that’s not wholesome, we don’t know what is.

hash-markWill Smith

Everyone’s favorite Fresh Prince has tons of different properties throughout the United States, and he also enjoys spending time in Utah. Will Smith is known for having multiple properties in Florida, but what many people don’t realize is that he also owns a place in Utah. 

If you’re in the Northern Utah region, then be prepared. You might see him in town! Though this hasn’t been confirmed, we’d imagine that Smith uses his Utah home for wintertime sports. After all, it’s hard to turn down skiing and hiking in the Utah snow. It’s just that much fun. 

hash-markKevin Sorbo

Right-wing spokesperson and Hercules actor of the 90s Kevin Sorbo is a popular guy in Utah. He’s one of the most famous celebrities who lives in Utah and has been here for years. Sources note that Sorbo’s interest in Utah came from the state’s amazing array of outdoor activities. 

He can play golf, ski, bike, and hike to his heart’s content here. (I mean, hey, he’s gotta do something to keep up those muscles!)

hash-markPost Malone

Post Malone is another famous celebrity that lives in Utah. Rapper and singer Post Malone always enjoyed living in areas that have tons of space and a relaxed demeanor. Though he does have homes elsewhere, Posty tends to prefer living in Utah with his new baby and wife. 

Sources note that Post Malone currently lives in the Salt Lake City metro area. Where exactly in Utah he has his home remains to be seen. Somehow, we’re willing to bet that he just wants to have a little bit of privacy. 

hash-markBill Engvall

Bill Engvall is a famous actor that lives in Utah. While you may not recognize his name, you’ll certainly remember his face from Blue Collar TV. In this classic TV show, people get to watch four hilarious guys make fun of country living, life as a plumber, and more. Bill Engvall starred in it along with legends like Jeff Foxworthy. 

Engvall has been a fan of Utah for years and owns a home in Park City. You might also spot him at the Glenwild Golf Club. (He’s a member there.)

hash-markMichael Jordan

If you’re shocked to find Michael Jordan’s name here, don’t worry, most of us are. However, we shouldn’t be too surprised. The sports superstar is famous for loving all things athletic, and that includes golf. 

Much like Bill Engvall, Michael Jordan is a member of the Glenwild Golf Club. He also owns a home in Park City. Who knows? Maybe they play golf together. 

hash-markTy Burrell

Most people know Ty Burrell from his time spent in the hit TV show Modern Family. In Utah, Ty Burrell is known for his outspoken adoration of the state. He absolutely fell in love with Utah’s rustic appeal. 

Burrell likes living in Utah so much that he's even invested in his local community and established two different bars in Salt Lake City: Bar X and The Beer Bar. 

hash-markScott Wolf

Scott Wolf is the definition of a Hollywood hunk. He got his start on Party of Five, then quickly moved on to the teen drama known as Everwood. Since his time on Everwood, he took his wife and moved to Utah permanently. 

Wolf now lives in Utah, in an undisclosed location. As it turns out, shooting in the state made him want to stay here. 

hash-markTan France

Whether you know him for his fashion designs or his time spent on the Queer Eye reboot doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you know that Tan France is a major celebrity for people who want to look stylish. 

France is one of those people who may shock you with their choice of living. Contrary to Utah’s conservative veneer, Tan France calls it home. He lives with his husband in Utah with their son.