Safest Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 23rd 2023
Pittsburgh is a mid-sized city with a lot going for it. It has great sports teams, entertainment, and recreation. Located in western Pennsylvania, it also has close access to large cities, mountains, and beaches. If you are considering relocating or visiting, read on to discover the ten safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. 

hash-mark10 Safest Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

  1. Squirrel Hill
  2. Regent Square
  3. East Carnegie
  4. Point Breeze
  5. Shadyside
  6. Highland Park
  7. Greenfield
  8. Friendship
  9. North Oakland 
  10. Morningside

hash-mark1. Squirrel Hill

The safest neighborhood in Pittsburgh is Squirrel Hil. There's very little violent crime in the neighborhood, with the area being 84% safer than the national average. Squirrel Hill is located near Point Breeze on the east end of Pittsburgh. Squirrel Hill is divided into two areas, north and south, both being almost exclusively residential communities. Squirrel Hills is home to some of Pittsburgh's oldest architecture, with many government buildings and schools being made from stone and brick. Squirrel Hill is also home to Carnegie Mellon University, Chatham University Arboretum, and numerous celebrities and artists. 

hash-mark2. Regent Square 

Another one of the safest places to live in Pittsburgh is Regent Square. The area is known for its tranquil tree-lined streets. Regent Square is a tight-knit community on the east end of Pittsburgh with a population of 928. It was also ranked the #1 place to live in Pittsburgh and the #17 best neighborhood in the country by With plenty of charming shops downtown, residents can enjoy a small-town feel in the middle of Pittsburgh. Many of the homes in Regent Square are well-kept and offer spacious suburban living. 

hash-mark3. East Carnegie 

East Carnegie is another one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. East Carnegie is located on the west end of Pittsburgh and has a population of 607. This small, quiet community is tucked away on the far west end of Pittsburgh has a crime rate that is 78% lower than the national average. East Carnegie contains large pieces of wooded land, making the neighborhood great for biking or walking. Much of East Carnegie is being revitalized, with many new businesses and homes being built in the area. 

hash-mark4. Point Breeze

Point Breeze is a safe residential neighborhood on the eastern side of Pittsburgh. With a population of just under 6,000, Point Breeze's crime rate is 54% below the national average. Point Breeze offers highly rated schools, access to great amenities, and numerous historic stone buildings. Other local sights include Westinghouse Park, Mellon Park, the Henry Clay Frick House, and the historic Homewood Cemetery. 

hash-mark5. Shadyside

Shadyside is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. It is a great neighborhood for young families looking for a mix of great location and character. With a population of just over 13,000, Shadyside's crime rate is 44% below the national average. Shadyside is located on the east side of Pittsburgh and has close access to downtown. Shadyside is home to numerous institutions, such as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Chatham University, and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. 

hash-mark6. Highland Park

Highland Park is a great neighborhood for walking, biking, and recreation. Located just east of downtown Pittsburgh, Highland Park has a population of 6,400 and a crime rate well below the national average. Highland Park is often described as a great place for families as it's extremely safe and home to many parks, fantastic restaurants, and the Pittsburgh Zoo nearby. The neighborhood is known for its character homes and colorful architecture, giving the area a distinct personality. 

hash-mark7. Greenfield 

Greenfield is a quiet, safe suburban community with close access to downtown Pittsburgh. For homeowners and renters alike, Greenfield offers more space and tranquility than living directly in the city center. It's also one of the safest places to live in Pittsburgh. While Greenfield can be described as a bedroom community, the neighborhood's great location makes errands or a night out convenient. Greenfield is home to several parks and bookstores and is considered to be highly walkable. 

hash-mark8. Friendship 

Known for its large Victorian-era homes, Friendship is a safe Pittsburgh neighborhood located on the east end of the city. Friendship is a strictly residential neighborhood that is perfect for families looking for some distance from the city. Most residents work for the nearby University of Pittsburgh, West Penn Hospital, and Carnegie Mellon University. Friendship's most distinct feature is the large, historic Victorian-style homes that shape much of the neighborhood's character. 

hash-mark9. North Oakland 

North Oakland is a neighborhood near downtown Pittsburgh that is one of the city's main cultural centers. North Oakland has a population of 22,210 and a violent crime rate that is 40% below the national average, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Oakland is comprised of multiple wings of the University of Pittsburgh, including several medical centers and the university's iconic Cathedral of Learning. North Oakland is also home to many of Pittsburgh's best parks, restaurants, and clubs, making the area ideal for young professionals. 

hash-mark10. Morningside

Morningside is another one of the safest areas in Pittsburgh. The neighborhood is located in northeastern Pittsburgh and has a population of 3,346. Morningside is a highly walkable community that is connected to the rest of the city by multiple walkways. Morningside is ideal for young families or professionals and offers cheaper rent and home prices than other parts of Pittsburgh.