7 Best Connecticut Towns Near NYC

By PropertyClub Team
Oct 29th 2023
If you're planning on moving to Connecticut, but want to be close to NYC, you might be wondering what the best places to live are. Here are the CT commuter towns and suburbs you should check out.

With remote work becoming more popular, thousands of New Yorkers are relocating to the suburbs. While some are heading to Long Island or New Jersey’s Gold Coast, others are heading north to Connecticut. If you’re looking for the best towns in Connecticut with a decent commute to NYC, these are the places you should check out. 

hash-mark7 Connecticut Towns Close to NYC

  1. Darien
  2. Greenwich
  3. Byram
  4. Stamford
  5. New Canaan
  6. Westport
  7. Norwalk

hash-mark1. Darien

The best Connecticut town near NYC is Darien. Darien has become somewhat famous for its upscale housing, upper-class locals, as well as for offering a quick commute to New York City. Known for having excellent schools, luxurious home amenities, as well as a quick public transit system, you can expect your commute to the city to be about an hour in duration. 

If you go to Darien, be prepared. The town is known for bringing in major celebrities as well as investment firm bigwigs regularly. 

hash-mark2. Greenwich

Greenwich is one of the most famous commuter towns in Connecticut, and rightfully so. The place has been a magnet for New York City-based workers for ages thanks to its lightning-fast train system. Though it’s in another state, Greenwich commuters will be able to get to NYC within 45 minutes. 

Along with a fast commute, you can expect to have an easy time raising a family here. This town is noted for having an excellent school system as well as a wide range of family-friendly activity venues nearby. All in all, Greenwich is one of the best towns in Connecticut to live in. 

hash-mark3. Byram

Byram is one of the best places to live in Connecticut, close to NYC. This elegant little neighborhood is right on the outskirts of Greenwich, which means you can expect to have a fast commute. The 28-mile drive from Byram, Connecticut to Midtown Manhattan is only around 50 minutes. 

Unlike Greenwich, it’s possible to find relatively affordable housing in Byram without having to be a homebuyer. This makes Byram one of the best Connecticut suburbs of NYC for up-and-coming professionals to live.

hash-mark4. Stamford

Okay, okay, Stamford technically isn’t a suburb. However, it's the closest city in Connecticut to NYC. You might also recognize it as the city where Maury is filmed. But, don’t judge Stamford on that show. This city is regularly cited as one of the rising stars of the East Coast thanks to its low rent, vibrant arts district, and excellent restaurants. 

The good thing about Stamford is that there’s a little something for everyone, especially if you are looking to link up with people who are fans of arts or into professional networking. If you want a fast commute to New York City but really don’t want to live the suburban life, then this might be one of the better options on your list.

hash-mark5. New Canaan

Though it’s not as well-known as Stamford, New Canaan is iconic in its own right. Why? Because it’s a town that’s basically become synonymous with all the things people love about living in Connecticut. Most people move here for the schools, but it’s not just a school town. It’s the school town.

The school systems are one of the top 10 in the country, the homes are quaint, and you can expect to have a decent commute to New York City, too. Anyone who years for a nice, upscale, yet quiet neighborhood is going to want to check out this suburb.

hash-mark6. Westport

Known as one of the places where society’s elite go to “summer,” Westport is a great place to go as a vacation destination. Of course, it also happens to be one of the Gold Coast towns that gained a reputation for being a top commuter town thanks to its excellent public transit system that offers convenient access to New York City. 

People who are worried about being bored in a Connecticut town won’t need to worry about that if they live in Westport. There are plenty of restaurants, parks, meetups, as well as an aquarium. Everything is just a quick drive away. What’s not to love?

hash-mark7. Norwalk

Norwalk is one of the most affordable towns in Connecticut that's close to NYC. Median real estate prices for homes in Norwalk are $510,000 in 2022, so this Connecticut city of 91,000 people is great for folks that are on a budget. Norwalk is also known for its extensive coastline that offers numerous beaches and some of the best boating in the state. 

Norwalk is located 48 miles from Midtown Manhattan, and driving into NYC can take around an hour and a half due to traffic. However, the best way to commute from Norwalk, Connecticut to Manhattan is by train, which only takes around an hour.

hash-markConnecticut Towns Close to NYC Bottom Line

Connecticut is a small state with a big heart, and that’s why people love to call it home. Truth be told, we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to finding the best Connecticut towns that are close to NYC. Almost every town near the CT-NY border can be a great commuter town, even if it’s not located right on the coast. And many of the best NYC suburbs are in Connecticut. 

Each town that we’ve mentioned has its own local flavor, and it’s important to find one that works with your unique lifestyle. That’s why we strongly suggest that potential moves should be made by spending a couple of days in the state, touring local towns.