12 Safest Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 16th 2024
Las Vegas is no longer just America’s party capital. It has also become a growing city for transplants seeking a lower cost of living and more breathing room. Compared to cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas offers cheaper homes and rent while still having mild winters and a variety of great dining options. Here are the twelve safest neighborhoods to live in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.  

hash-mark12 Safest Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

  1. Anthem 
  2. Paradise Hills
  3. Sun City Summerlin
  4. McCullough Hills
  5. Centennial Hills
  6. Sheep Mountain
  7. Tule Springs 
  8. Green Valley Ranch
  9. Westgate
  10. Sovana
  11. Gibson Springs
  12. Kyle Canyon

hash-mark1. Anthem 

The safest neighborhood in the Las Vegas metro area is Anthem. With a population of 13,035, Anthem is a located just outside Las Vegas, in Henderson. The local crime rate that is 98% safer than the Nevada average. Anthem residents enjoy a spacious yet urban vibe with a median home price of $426,138. Anthem has numerous parks, as well as several country clubs and golf courses. Anthem is known for being a community catering mostly to families and retirees with an above-average school system.

hash-mark2. Paradise Hills 

Paradise Hills is also one of the safest places to live near Las Vegas. With a great view of the mountains and located near Lake Mead, Paradise Hills has a lot to offer residents. With a population of 15,576 people, Paradise Hills has a crime rate that is 90% lower than the Nevada average. Residents in Paradise Hills enjoy a sparse metropolitan vibe, with hiking trails and the Grand Canyon being within a short distance. Paradise Hills is a great community for families and retirees looking for some distance from downtown Las Vegas.  

hash-mark3. Sun City Summerlin

This neighborhood is a safe and exclusive 55+ community of about 13,000 residents that was organized by the city of Las Vegas in 1989. It is often ranked as one of the best adult communities in the nation, offering fantastic views of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding mountains. Residents of Sun City Summerlin have access to quality shopping, top-notch restaurants, casinos, resorts, and spas. In addition, Sun City Summerlin is 89% safer than the rest of the communities around the area. The median purchase price of a property in the area is $228,717, with an average rent of $1,124.

hash-mark4. McCullough Hills

McCullough Hills is located in Clark County and is often ranked as one of the best places to live in Nevada. With a population of 21,482, McCullough Hills has a crime rate that is 88% safer than the Nevada average. There are numerous parks in McCullough Hills with close proximity to the surrounding mountains. McCullough Hills is a nature lover’s ideal location as it offers great parks, local wildlife, and biking trails. 

hash-mark5. Centennial Hills

Centennial Hills is another one of the safest places to live in Las Vegas. It's a family-oriented community that is known for its safety and cleanliness. Formerly known as just northwest Las Vegas, the Centennial Hills community was developed in the early 2000s with a mix of master-planned communities and small subdivisions. As a result, it's one of the newer communities in Las Vegas and offers affordable real estate in a safe environment. It's home to plenty of families and dog owners, and it's safer than 86% of urban neighborhoods in the US.

hash-mark6. Sheep Mountain

Located in the northwest part of Las Vegas, Sheep Mountain is an extremely safe neighborhood, making it an ideal place for families. Sheep Mountain offers access to the interstate system, gorgeous mountain views, and a semi-rural vibe. Sheep Mountain has great schools and affordable home prices, with the median home price being $266,047. Due to its location, traffic is almost nonexistent in Sheep Mountain, while the neighborhood still offers close-by shopping options. The total crime rate of Sheep Mountain is 81% safer than the Nevada average. 

hash-mark7. Tule Springs 

Named after the nearby park of the same name, Tule Spring has a population of 19,000 and a crime rate that is 84% lower than the state average. The nearby Tule Springs park is the largest in the Las Vegas Valley, offering stunning desert mountain views and a nearby lake. Located in North Las Vegas, Tule Springs is 19 miles outside of the city. The nearby Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument is also a popular destination. Tule Springs features many newly built homes that are ideal for families looking for some extra space. The median home price in Tule Springs is $253,160, with an average rent of $1,305.

hash-mark8. Green Valley Ranch 

Green Valley Ranch is a Henderson, Nevada, suburb with a population of 19,956. As with many neighborhoods in Henderson, Green Valley Ranch offers close proximity to many parks and nature trails. The community is ideal for young families and professionals with a highly-rated school system. This neighborhood is 96 percent more livable than neighboring Las Vegas neighborhoods. In addition, Green Valley Ranch is 75 percent safer than the state average. 

hash-mark9. Westgate 

With a population of 65,925 people, Westgate is 74% safer than the Nevada average. Westgate is located in Clark County and is considered one of Nevada’s nicest places to live. Westgate offers a dense-suburban feel, with the community being home to many retirees. There are numerous coffee shops, restaurants, and parks in Westgate, with the neighborhood being very walkable. 

hash-mark10. Sovana 

With a population of 17,042, Sovana has a crime rate 71% lower than the Nevada average. Sovana is located within Las Vegas city limits and offers a dense suburban vibe, with many residents being young professionals. Sovana offers close proximity to downtown Las Vegas while having many local bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The median home price in Sovana is $276,540, with the median rent being $1,143. 

hash-mark11. Gibson Springs 

Out of a population of 20,952, Gibson Springs is safer than 63% of Nevada cities. There are numerous parks in Gibson Springs with above-average public schools. Most residents rent their homes in this neighborhood, with a median rent of $1,160 and a median home price of $196,546. Gibson Springs is conveniently located between Las Vegas and Henderson while still being a short drive to the mountains. 

hash-mark12. Kyle Canton

Kyle Canyon is also one of the safer areas of Las Vegas. Located on the city's northwestern outskirts, Kyle Canyon is a secluded area offering beautiful views and easy access to nature. Mountains, parks, and golf courses surround the community, yet it's only a 20-minute drive into Las Vegas. It's also one of the safest areas in the city and experienced 18% less crime than Las Vegas as a whole. The violent crime rate is also 20% lower than the national average.