Richest Neighborhoods in Austin

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 24th 2023
While Austin is well known for its live music venues and trendy dining scene, it is also home to many wealthy communities. Here are the eight richest neighborhoods in Austin, Texas so that you can find the most luxurious areas in the city to call home. 

hash-mark8 Richest Neighborhoods in Austin

  1. Old Enfield
  2. Bryker Woods
  3. South River City
  4. Zilker Inner City
  5. Bouldin Creek
  6. Rosedale
  7. Barton Creek
  8. Downtown Austin

hash-mark1. Old Enfield 

Old Enfield is the richest neighborhood in Austin. Situated only 2.7 miles north of Downtown, this area’s unique character is defined by its historic architecture, elegant estates, and well-furnished public parks. Additionally, its top-rated school systems and low crime rates make it popular among Austin families – particularly those who require a short commute to the city center. Local attractions near this neighborhood include the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas at Austin, as well as an abundance of entertaining restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. With home values averaging $1.36 Million, Old Enfield is the most expensive neighborhood in Austin. 

hash-mark2. Bryker Woods 

The second-richest neighborhood in Austin is Bryker Woods. Conveniently located only 3.5 miles from Downtown, this urban area is known for its historic homes and lush, tree-lined streets. Residences here are available in a mix of architectural styles, which range from cozy bungalows and Tudor-style cottages to sweeping, well-manicured estates. Other attractive features about this area include its highly acclaimed school systems, numerous local parks, and relatively low crime rate – all of which make it a highly desirable destination among Austin families. Home values in Bryker Woods consistently average close to $1.32 Million, making it the second-most expensive place to live in Austin. 

hash-mark3. South River City 

South River City is another one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Austin. Situated just south of Lady Bird Lake, this neighborhood is popular for its vibrant commercial and entertainment scenes. The area possesses a highly artistic spirit that is brought to life through its local collection of historic homes, trendy restaurants, independent boutiques, and various art galleries. This bohemian assortment of amenities attracts youthful residents who love and appreciate the neighborhood’s quirky charm. Favorite attractions here include the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail and Riverside Drive Park, both of which provide stunning views of the local skyline. Home values in South River City average $1.11 Million, making it an eclectic option for upscale Austin living. 

hash-mark4. Zilker Inner City

In addition to being one of Austin’s richest neighborhoods, Zilker is also one of the city’s trendiest areas. Located in south-central Austin, this neighborhood was initially established as a highly desirable area for residents and businesses. This intent can still be seen today through the area’s vibrant blend of various architectural styles, lush outdoor greenspaces, and modern cultural amenities. Residents here can also enjoy various fun local events and attractions, including live music festivals, hiking and biking trails, and botanical gardens. Home values in Zilker average $1.04 Million, making it an upbeat addition to the list of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Austin. 

hash-mark5. Bouldin Creek 

Bouldin Creek is an affluent area with a laid-back attitude. Situated about 1.4 miles southwest of the city center, this neighborhood is defined by its quirky assortment of urban amenities. In theme with the “Keep Austin Weird” tagline, this area is home to some of the quirkiest shops, trendiest cafes, and most delicious food trucks in the city. But those who live in Bouldin Creek will also find a beautiful selection of quiet homes tucked away in private subdivisions and other residential spaces. The average cost for one of these homes is $988k, keeping this neighborhood an upscale area for those who prefer an easy-going area with plenty to offer.  

hash-mark6. Rosedale 

Rosedale is one of the richest and most historic neighborhoods in Austin. Located just north of the city’s University of Texas campus, this charming neighborhood was first developed in the 1920s and 1930s, and much of its local architecture reflects this antiquity. But, in addition to its historical significance, the area is also known for its proximity to modern urban amenities, including numerous local businesses, coffee shops, bakeries, boutiques, and eateries. With home values in this area averaging $932k, Rosedale is the perfect spot for wealthy individuals interested in a lovely blend of antique charm and modern comfort.  

hash-mark7. Barton Creek

Barton Creek is one of the richest neighborhoods in Austin for those who prefer to live a little further from the bustle of the city. Located roughly 10.6 miles west of the city center, this neighborhood is considered a suburb of Austin and is situated around the Barton Creek Country Club and Resort. A highly coveted area among the city’s elite, the area is considered desirable for its impressive estates, complete with custom designs, high-end finishes, and expansive lots. Additionally, the neighborhood’s surrounding area is lovely and includes several local parks, greenbelts, and Barton Creek. Home values here average $2.13 Million, making it Austin’s most expensive suburb. 

hash-mark8. Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is the best neighborhood for living at the center of everything the city has to offer. This area has it all – a thriving commercial environment, upscale shopping districts, and world-class dining. Additionally, the neighborhood is also known for its upbeat energy, walkability, music festivals, sporting events, museums, and art galleries. Those who choose Downtown Austin as their home will find a collection of available homes, from high-rise condos to cozy bungalows. Home values in this neighborhood average $744k, making it one of the most expensive places to live in Austin.