12 Richest Towns in Massachusetts

By PropertyClub Team
May 6th 2024
In addition to being a popular choice amongst foodies, history buffs, and fall foliage enthusiasts, Massachusetts is also home to some of the wealthiest communities in the United States. This list of the twelve richest towns in MA will help you find the most luxurious areas to live in Massachusetts.

hash-markKey Findings

  • The richest town in Massachusetts is Dover, which boasts a per capita income of over $133,500. Dover also has some of the most expensive real estate in the state with the average home costing $1.6 Million. 
  • Sherborn is the second wealthiest town in Massachusetts, with a per capita income of $110,862 and a median home price of $1,170,000. 
  • The third richest town in Massachusetts is Weston, which has a per capita income of $107,793. Weston is also the most expensive town in Massachusetts, with an median home price of $2.16 Million. 

hash-mark12 Richest Towns in Massachusetts

  1. Dover
  2. Sherborn
  3. Weston
  4. Lexington
  5. Wellesley
  6. Carlisle
  7. Hingham
  8. Winchester
  9. Medfield
  10. Wayland
  11. Sudbury
  12. Hopkinton

hash-mark1. Dover

With a per capita income of $134,000 and a median home price of $1.6 million, the richest town in Massachusetts is Dover. Situated along the southern banks of the Charles River, this city sits about 40 minutes from Boston and is a predominantly residential area. The local community is known for its nationally-ranked school systems, safe streets, and charming atmosphere, all of which help to attract some of the wealthiest families in Massachussets to Dover.  

hash-mark2. Sherborn

Sherborn is another one of the wealthiest towns in Massachusetts. It’s also located in Middlesex County within Boston’s MetroWest Region, about 25 miles west of Boston. It has a population of 4,404 residents and is known to attract older, wealthy residents. The median household income is $242,688 and the per capita income is $110,862. Both are more than double the statewide average. The average home price in Sherborn is $1.17 million, which is 63% higher than the statewide average. 

hash-mark3. Weston

Weston is also one of the richest towns in Massachusetts. Located roughly 15 miles outside of Boston, this affluent area is home to about 11,261 people. Residents of Weston enjoy the town for its nearly 100-mile stretch of outdoor activities, which include horseback riding, golf courses, and cross-country skiing. With a per capita income of roughly $108k, and local home values averaging at $2.16 Million, Weston is not only one of the wealthiest towns in Massachusetts but also in the entire United States. 

hash-mark4. Lexington

Lexington is also one of the richest towns in Massachusetts. Lexington is in Middlesex County. It's a pleasant Boston suburb. The town is about 20 miles outside of downtown. It has 34,454 residents. It’s also known for being one of the wealthiest places in the Boston metro area. The median household income is $206,323, and the per capita income is $102,776. The average home price is over $1.5 million, which is more than double the statewide average. 

hash-mark3. Wellesley

In addition to being one of the wealthiest areas in Massachusetts, Wellesley is also one of the safest. Located just outside of Boston, this city boasts a safety rating of 4.6 – that's about 30% of the state average. Additionally, Wellesley is home to several state universities and is a popular choice among students and young professionals. While this gives the local resident base a youthful spirit, Wellesley's per capita income is roughly $97k, making it a suitable area for wealthy families. 

hash-mark4. Carlisle

Carlisle is another one of the richest towns in Massachusetts. Home to only 5,181 people, this rural community sits northwest of Boston and is well known for its abundance of permanently protected natural spaces. Residents of this charming farm town can enjoy the local woodlands, historic architecture, and a generally easy-going vibe. With a local per capita income of $91k, Carlisle remains one of the most desired areas in all of Massachusetts. 

hash-mark5. Hingham

Located on the Boston Harbor is Hingham, one of Massachusetts' most luxurious towns. This city covers about 21 square miles of beautiful northeastern shoreline, which gives the local community a charming coastal atmosphere. Local attractions include Bare Cove Park, Black River, World's End Peninsula, and the Hingham Harbor. Additionally, Hingham's stunning views of the Boston City skyline keep local home prices around $1.25 million, confirming its status as one of Massachusetts' richest cities. 

hash-mark6. Winchester

Winchester is another rich area for waterfront living. This city is home to several local bodies of water, which include the Mystic Lakes, Wedge Pond, Winter Pond, and the Aberjona River. Located only a few miles from Boston's center, Winchester is accessible to the MBTA Commuter Rail, making it a perfect option for commuters. Local Victorian architecture and highly walkable streets help maintain home prices in the $1.4 Millions, keeping Winchester a luxury part of the Boston landscape. 

hash-mark7. Medfield

Medfield is one of the richest towns for foodies and nature lovers. In addition to a great selection of local restaurants and coffee shops, this area is home to several stunning wildlife reservations. These include the Rocky Woods Reservation, Medfield Rhododendron Reservation, and Medfield Charles River State Reservation, all of which provide family-friendly outdoor adventure. While home prices in this area tend to be slightly lower than others on this list, the per capita income sits at about $88k, making its resident base among the richest in the state.

hash-mark8. Wayland

Wayland is universally considered one of Massachusetts' richest areas. This peaceful community sits between Boston and Worcester and offers its residents a small-town atmosphere while remaining close to big-city amenities. Locals can appreciate an abundance of shopping, dining, sightseeing, and entertainment options, while also enjoying Wayland's beautiful natural scenery. With an abundance of job opportunities and great local school systems, it's no wonder that home prices in this area remain close to $1.0 Million. 

hash-mark9. Sudbury

Sudbury is a town rich with history and natural beauty. With an abundance of natural parks, walking trails, and wildlife reserves, this city is a great place to spot some of the northeastern coast's most stunning landscapes. Other attractions in this area include local artisan markets, the Wayside Grist Mill, ice skating, hockey games, and a wide selection of local eateries. With a per capita income of about $86k, Sudbury is a rich town with plenty to offer. 

hash-mark10. Hopkinton

Not only is Hopkinton one of the richest towns in Massachusetts, but it is also one of the best. Here, residents will find a peaceful, welcoming community equipped with everything needed to raise a family. Its unique combination of low crime rates, acclaimed school systems, and city amenities make it a highly desirable area. Home prices here sit at about $833k and are some of the lowest on this list. However, Hopkinton's local per capita income is $85k, keeping the city one of the highest-earning areas in the state.

hash-markRichest Towns in Massachusetts Comparison



Per Capita Income

Avg. Home Price




$1.6 Million




$1.17 Million




$2.16 Million




$1.53 Million




$1.9 Million




$1.2 Million




$1.25 Million




$1.4 Million








$1.0 Million




$1.04 Million