15 Richest Cities in Missouri

By PropertyClub Team
May 6th 2024
In the heart of the Midwest, Missouri is home to not just the famous Gateway Arch, but also a variety of cities full of wealth and opportunity. From busy cities to peaceful suburbs, the state is rich in prosperity. Join us as we explore the fifteen wealthiest cities in Missouri.

hash-markKey Findings

  • The richest city in Missouri is Huntleigh, which has a median household income of $397,317. The median home price in Huntleigh is also the highest in the state at a whopping $2,156,347. 
  • Ladue is the second richest city in Missouri with a median household income of $342,815. Homes in Ladue are expensive, with a median selling price of $1,171,923. 
  • The third wealthiest city in Missouri is Town and Country, where residents enjoy a median household income of $231,382, which is 310% higher than the national average. 

hash-mark15 Richest Cities in Missouri

  1. Huntleigh
  2. Ladue
  3. Town and Country
  4. Des Peres
  5. Clarkson Valley
  6. Frontenac
  7. Warson Woods
  8. Loch Lloyd
  9. Parkville
  10. Weatherby Lake
  11. Lake Winnebago
  12. Glendale
  13. Lake Lotawana
  14. Wildwood
  15. Crystal Lake Park

hash-mark1. Huntleigh

Huntleigh, Missouri, is the richest city in the state, with a median household income of $397,317. It's a cozy residential community, nestled between Ladue, Frontenac, and Kirkwood, with a population of 351, mostly consisting of just over 100 families. In Huntleigh, there are no big shops or factories; it's all about homes. The median home price here is $2,156,347, reflecting the luxurious lifestyle of its residents.

hash-mark2. Ladue

Ladue is known as another rich city in the state. It became a fourth-class city in 1936. Over four centuries, Ladue has changed from hunting and farming to a fancy residential area. Around 8,905 people live there, with a median household income of $342,815. The median home price is about $1,171,923. Moreover, there are over 249 businesses running within the city limits.

hash-mark3. Town and Country

Ranked third among Missouri's wealthiest cities, Town and Country rests in western St. Louis County, boasting a population of 11,584. With a median household income of $231,382 and a median home price of $1,012,823, it stands as a prosperous community. Notably, it hosts the prestigious Bellerive Country Club, where the 1965 U.S. Open, the 1992 PGA Championship, and the 2018 PGA Championship took place.

hash-mark4. Des Peres

Des Peres is a small city with big financial perks. It's got a median household income of $214,810 and a median home price of $616,537. About 9,126 people call it home, living in 3,161 households. One of its claims to fame is hosting the international headquarters of Edward Jones Investments.

hash-mark5. Clarkson Valley

Clarkson Valley, another rich city in The Lead State, is an affluent suburb of St. Louis. It's home to 2,563 people with a median household income of $202,750 and a median home price of $849,042. With its upscale vibe and luxurious homes, Clarkson Valley is a sought-after community for those seeking an upscale lifestyle in the St. Louis area.

hash-mark6. Frontenac

Frontenac is another wealthy city in The Bullion State, found as a suburb of St. Louis. It's a small place with a population of 3,612 people and about 1,300 homes. Here, the median household income stands high at $200,625, with homes typically priced at $1,096,774. Despite its affluence, Frontenac boasts a per capita crime rate that's less than one-third of the national average, making it a safe and prosperous community.

hash-mark7. Warson Woods

Warson Woods, a city in St. Louis County, ranks number seven among Missouri's wealthiest cities. With a population of 1,989, it's known for its prosperity, boasting a median household income of $194,331 and a median home price of $615,082. Notably, Warson Woods is recognized nationally as a Tree City USA, reflecting its commitment to preserving its natural environment.

hash-mark8. Loch Lloyd

Loch Lloyd, situated in northwestern Cass County, is a private gated community formed in 2003. Named after Harry J. Lloyd, its original real estate developer, it's renowned for its resort-like ambiance. With a population of 600, Loch Lloyd boasts a median household income of $172,969 and a median house price of $1,071,456, making it one of the wealthiest cities in The Ozark State.

hash-mark9. Parkville

Parkville, another affluent city in Missouri, sits in southern Platte County along the Missouri River. With a population of 8,541, it boasts a median household income of $166,563 and a median home price of $587,739. Home to Park University and the National Golf Club, Parkville is a vibrant community known for its innovation and excitement in the heart of the Midwest.

hash-mark10. Weatherby Lake

Weatherby Lake, a charming city nestled in Platte County, is a lovely part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. With a population of 2,100, it boasts a cozy community feel. The residents here enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, with a median household income of $164,165 and a median home price of $548,590.

hash-mark11. Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago, located in Cass County, Missouri, is home to a charming village that was incorporated as a city in 1963. With a population of 1,657, it offers a serene retreat for its residents. The median household income stands at $160,863, reflecting a prosperous community, while the median home price is $729,030, indicating the area's desirability and value.

hash-mark12. Glendale

Glendale, a cozy town in Missouri, is next on our list. With a population of 6,077, it's a small and friendly community. The people here enjoy a good income, with a median household earning around $157,750. If you're looking to settle down, the median home price is about $519,686. In 2019, Glendale was voted the best place to live in Missouri by Movoto, which tells you something about its charm and appeal.

hash-mark13. Lake Lotawana

Lake Lotawana, nestled near Lee's Summit and Blue Springs, is the biggest private lake in the Kansas City region. With a population of 2,310, it offers a peaceful retreat for its residents. The residents here boast a median household income of $149,564 and a median home price of $597,625. Plus, its proximity to Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, and Kansas City makes it a convenient spot for both relaxation and city adventures.

hash-mark14. Wildwood

Wildwood, the second-to-last city on our list, sits snug in the Ozark Mountains' foothills. With around 34,954 people, it's not too crowded. What makes it special is the stunning views it offers, with panoramic scenes all around. People here seem to be doing pretty well, with a median household income of $147,508. Homes don't come cheap though, with a median price of $528,686. Around 12,655 households call this place home.

hash-mark15. Crystal Lake Park

Crystal Lake Park, nestled in St. Louis County, Missouri, is a Class 4 city with a small population of 504 residents. It stands out as 15th richest city in Missouri, boasting a median household income of $147,126 and a median home price of $573,559. The community comprises 180 homes and 45 condos, offering a serene and affluent living environment.