Billionaires Row in San Francisco

By PropertyClub Team
May 6th 2024
San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood boasts a particularly luxurious stretch known as Billionaire's Row. Here, perched atop a scenic hill, reside some of the world's wealthiest individuals in stunning mansions. Let's explore everything there is to know about Billionaire's Row.

hash-markWhat Is Billionaires Row in San Francisco and Where It Is Located?

Billionaires' Row in San Francisco is an area of ultra-luxury real estate located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood.  It's known for its massive mansions owned by tech titans and business moguls.

Specifically, it refers to a few blocks on Broadway between Lyon and Divisadero Streets.  This prime location puts these mansions on top of one of San Francisco's famous hills, offering stunning views of the city and the bay.

hash-markHistory of Billionaires Row, San Francisco

San Francisco's Billionaires' Row wasn't always a playground for the ultra-wealthy.  The 1906 earthquake and fire left the city in ruins, but also presented an opportunity.  Wealthy residents, accustomed to Nob Hill's grandeur, sought the prime real estate of Pacific Heights with its panoramic views.  This exodus of wealth kickstarted Billionaires' Row, transforming it from simply expensive to a neighborhood defined by opulent estates and iconic residents.

hash-markWho Lives in Billionaires Row, San Francisco?

Billionaires Row boasts a star-studded resident list. Tech giants like David Sacks, co-founder of PayPal, and Mark Pincus, the mind behind Farmville, call this luxurious neighborhood home.  They share the street with titans of industry, with Larry Ellison, the one-time third richest man in America and founder of Oracle, residing in one of the area's many mansions.  

Even literary giants aren't absent, with best-selling novelist Danielle Steele adding a touch of Hollywood glamor to the mix.

hash-markHow To Get To Billionaire’s Row, San Francisco

  1. By Car

Take Broadway Street north from downtown San Francisco. Billionaire's Row stretches roughly from Lyon Street to Divisadero Street.

  1. By Public Transportation

Several Muni bus lines run near Billionaires' Row, including the 1, 3, 12, 22, 24, 43, and 45. The 3 and 45 lines specifically stop near Union Square, which is a popular starting point for exploring the city. Since Billionaire's Row is located on a hill, keep in mind that reaching it by bus will require some walking uphill.

  1. On Foot

If you're feeling up for a challenge, you can walk to Billionaires' Row from Union Square. The walk takes about 40 minutes and involves hills, but it's a great way to see the city and get some exercise. You can also start your walk at the top of the Lyon Street Steps, which offer stunning views of the city.

hash-markPlaces of Interest Near Billionaire’s Row, SF

Billionaires' Row itself is a major attraction, offering a glimpse into the world of the super-rich.  Here are some other interesting spots you can find near Billionaire's Row:

The Spreckels Mansion: This grand mansion was built in 1913 for sugar magnate John Spreckels. It's now a private residence, but you can still admire its exterior from the street.

The Haas-Lilienthal House: This Victorian mansion was built in 1886 and is now a museum that offers tours of the home.

Fillmore Street: This trendy street is lined with high-end shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

Alta Vista Park: This park offers stunning views of the city and the bay, as well as a Japanese Tea Garden.

Lyon Street Steps: A great way to get some exercise and enjoy views of the city is to walk up the Lyon Street Steps. This stairway is a popular tourist destination in its own right.

hash-markHighlights of Billionaires' Row in SF

Mansion-Lined Streets

Billionaires' Row is famous for its picturesque, tree-lined streets adorned with grand mansions and historic homes. These properties often boast stunning architecture and expansive views of the city and the Bay.

Palatial Residences

Some of the most notable residences on Billionaires' Row include the Getty Mansion, owned by the prominent Getty family, and the historic Spreckels Mansion, once home to the sugar baron 

Claus Spreckels.

Scenic Views

Many properties on Billionaires' Row offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the San Francisco skyline. These views contribute significantly to the prestige and allure of the neighborhood.

Exclusive Community

Pacific Heights, where Billionaires' Row is located, is known for its exclusive and affluent community. Residents include tech moguls, business tycoons, and celebrities who value the neighborhood's privacy and luxury.

Proximity to Amenities

Despite its residential tranquility, Billionaires' Row is conveniently located near upscale shopping districts, fine dining establishments, cultural attractions, and recreational areas, making it an ideal blend of luxury and convenience.

Historical Significance

Many of the mansions on Billionaires' Row have rich histories, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries when San Francisco experienced a period of rapid growth and prosperity. These homes often represent the architectural grandeur and opulence of bygone eras.

hash-markWhat Is the Average Price of a Home in Billionaires’ Row in SF?

Due to the ultra-luxury nature of Billionaires' Row, pinpointing an exact average price is tricky.  These mansions are often one-of-a-kind custom estates and can sell for wildly varying prices.

However, to give you an idea, news reports on recent sales in Billionaires' Row mention figures in the tens of millions of dollars, ranging from $25 million to $45 million.