NYC vs. Toronto

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 4th 2024
New York City is the cultural capital of America, and Toronto is also a major economic and artistic hub for Canada. So, it’s no surprise that the two cities often face comparison. Toronto and NYC have a unique vibe and pace that appeal to different residents. New York is famous for its fast-paced energy and non-stop excitement, while Toronto tends to be safer and more relaxed. To help you decide which city is best for you, here is a side-by-side comparison of New York vs. Toronto.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Cost of Living

The cost of living is higher in New York than in Toronto. Even though Toronto is one of the most expensive cities in Canada, average consumer prices are about 44% higher in NYC. The average rent in NYC is $4768 per month, while in Toronto, it’s about $2,700. The median home price in Manhattan is about $1.6 million and in Toronto it’s about $1.3 million. You would need to make about $14,000 Canadian to afford the same lifestyle in New York that would cost about $8,300 in Toronto.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Weather

New York tends to have better weather than Toronto. Being further south, the average temperature in Toronto tends to be lower, while the summer high is about the same. The temperature in New York typically ranges from 28°F to 85°F and rarely goes below 14°F. The temperature in Toronto typically ranges from 17°F to 85°F but can get as low as 1°F in the winter. Toronto also averages about 77 inches of snowfall per year, while New York gets about 30 inches per year.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Public Transportation

New York has a larger and more expansive public transportation system. New York’s MTA system includes 472 subway stations and 27 lines, which cater to about 5 million residents per day. Toronto’s subway system, in comparison, has about 75 stops and 4 lines and serves about 1.8 million residents per day. New York’s trains also run 24/7, while in Toronto, trains stop running at 2 a.m. However, many say that Toronto’s system is cleaner and less dangerous.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Job Opportunities

New York has a larger and more competitive job market. It has a diverse economy supported by industries like finance, tech, insurance, healthcare, fashion, and media. Toronto’s economy is centered around similar fields, although it doesn’t offer quite as many opportunities at leading companies compared to New York. New York is home to around 50 Fortune 500 Companies and approximately 220,000 businesses. The NYC unemployment rate is also 5.1%, while it’s 7.1% in Toronto.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Cuisine and Lifestyle

While both cities have a unique culture and lifestyle, it’s tough to beat New York City. NYC is home to over 70 Michelin-star restaurants and offers delicious cuisine from virtually every region in the world. It also has unparalleled energy with something for everyone, including shopping, nightclubs, dive bars, theaters, live music venues, professional sports, and more. However, Toronto is also a major cultural and artistic center for Canada, with some of the best Indian and Asian food in North America, along with its fair share of art galleries, museums, entertainment venues, and pro sports.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Crime Rates

Toronto is safer than New York. The total crime rate in NYC is 2,885 crimes per 100,000 residents, which is 24% higher than the rest of the US. The violent crime rate is 101% higher than the national average, and the property crime rate is 10% higher. The crime rate in Toronto is 31% lower than in the rest of Canada, and the violent crime rate is 28% lower. The property crime rate is 32% lower than the rest of the US. Toronto is safer than about 75% of US cities, while New York is safer than about 10%.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto City Culture

New York City has a more intense and globally recognized city culture with a wider variety of attractions. New York is famous for its work-hard, play-hard mentality and is home to some of the most important cultural attractions in the Western Hemisphere, from Broadway to Carnegie Hall. It’s also full of world-class museums, theaters, shopping districts, and over 300 distinct neighborhoods, each offering a unique lifestyle. Toronto is also very multicultural and ethnically diverse, with its own style and attractions, such as the CN Tower and St. Lawrence Market. But it doesn’t offer the same level of energy and excitement as New York City.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Commute Times

The average commute time in NYC is significantly lower than in Toronto. The average New Yorker spends about 31 minutes per day commuting, while the average Toronto resident spends nearly double that, at 56 minutes. Toronto has some of the highest commute times in North America, mainly due to traffic and a congested subway system.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Quality of Life Index

Toronto has a higher quality of life index. The quality-of-life index measures factors that impact the livability of an average resident, such as the cost of living, crime, access to healthcare, traffic, and pollution. Toronto has a score of 152.93, which is considered high, while New York City has a score of 133, which is regarded as moderate. Toronto scores better than New York in areas such as cost of living, safety, pollution, and health care options, giving it a higher overall score.

hash-markNew York vs. Toronto Overall

New York outranks Toronto as a better place to live in 6 out of 9 categories. While both cities have unique advantages and disadvantages, New York offers a more cosmopolitan atmosphere with better public transportation and access to high-paying job opportunities. However, Toronto also features fewer crimes and a lower cost of living, which may appeal to families and young people seeking a more relaxed pace of life. New York is also much larger and offers a wider variety of options when it comes to career opportunities and entertainment. However, Toronto has its own unique flair, so it comes down to whether you prefer non-stop action or diversity and a high quality of life.

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